SurveySpot claims to be a competitive entity in the survey panel market, however, the million dollar question that is to be answered is, if it is really a super survey site or just another fraud on the internet? The SurveySpot Review would explore this for you and give you the answers you need.

Since the internet is swarming with paid survey sites, it becomes only imperative that you shortlist and opt for those that actually pay rather than wasting your time.

It’s now SurveySpot’s turn to be endorsed or be rejected in this SurveySpot Review.

Let’s get to business folks!

SurveySpot Review: A quick introduction

People asked question that ‘is surveyspot legitimate ‘, Yes! SurveySpot is an online entity that can be accessed on, providing users a golden chance to make money online in exchange for their honest feedback.

Did You Know? SurveySpot was established in 2000 and runs its operation under the Survey Sampling International company.

The milestone that SurveySpot intends to achieve is to assist major companies in launching fresh ideas and products and consumer input in this regard is crucial.

Big giant companies or even the newly launched small entities use customer feedback and opinions to generate ideas however, nothing in life comes for free.

Hence, the users are rewarded in terms of benefits or a financial compensation for sharing their feedback and investing their valuable time.

So what does Survey Spot do? SurveySpot takes your information and invites you to the surveys that fit your criteria. Once you successfully answer them, you get paid! Sounds fun and simple? Read ahead and keep yourself informed on all the nitty gritty details before jumping into the cause.

Ask Yourself? Our SurveySpot Review can assure you that SurveySpot is legitimate. However, what you need to ask yourself is that is it worth your time? Keep reading and make the judgement yourself.

Beware! Getting paid from online surveys is not a substitute for your day time job neither should you expect to become millionaire over a few weeks. They can indeed help you enjoy a lavish meal once in a blue moon but they certainly are not going to help you pay your bills.

How to Become a Mmber of SurveySpot?

Becoming a member at SurveySpot is no rocket science. Simply go on to and complete the registration in a few easy, simple steps. Tap on the sign-up page and get done in few steps:

  1. Choose your gender,
  2. Type in your First and Last Name,
  3. Enter your functional email address,
  4. Agree to the terms and policy,
  5. Tap on ” Join for Free”,

You will then be sent a confirmation email on your registered email ID. Visit your inbox, tap on the sent link and voila you have confirmed yourself.

However, the story does not end here, you have to make a little extra effort before you can begin earning! You must complete the validation of your membership by entering your the following credentials when prompted:

  1. Residential Address,
  2. Birth Date,
  3. Level of your Education,

Remember! No one is stealing your personal information, this is a standard protocol that all survey panel sites follow. Once you have entered all the required information, you have done your part!

Who is eligible?

Count this as a drawback or bad luck or bad timing but SurveySpot is only accessible to the residents of United States who are at least 18 years of age or older.

How to Get Started With SurveySpot?

If anything that our SurveySpot Review can endorse it would be the fact that SurveySpot has only one source for its users to earn, that is paid surveys!

Even though this decreases the diversity of the service, but it definitely is not a factor which should set you back. Pure survey sites like SurveySpot are always convenient to use and get a hang of.

When you have successfully registered yourself as a member, the site will begin sending you invites to surveys that you qualify for and then you have the sole liberty to choose the ones you wish to answer.

Attention! SurveySpot does not create an immediate login access for you. You must first register yourself, then confirm your email ID then complete the verification before setting up an account. Once the verification is complete of your email address, only then you will be eligible to answer surveys.

Let’s be real, you should not keep your expectations too high when it comes to the number of surveys being sent to you. You will be sent a good amount of surveys but not too many.

Quick Tip If are really serious is earning from daily surveys, you must register for multiple survey panels and try your luck daily!

How Does SurveySpot Pays You?

Our exclusive SurveySpot Review has already endorsed the legitimacy of the service. Yes, SurveySpot does pay you for answering surveys however, the next question is how do you get paid?

Like other survey panels, SurveySpot also operates on a reward points system. You answer surveys, you get points! When the point threshold reaches to a minimum value they can be redeemed for the following prizes:

  1. PayPal Funds,
  2. Amazon gift cards,
  3. iTunes gift cards,
  4. Airmiles,

However, in all honesty, only 4 reward options provides a narrow choice for the users. But the 4 options that are presented are indeed good ones providing an ample opportunity to get a quick payout for your time and effort.

In fact, for those who only wish to get their rewards as cash PayPal is a great option.

Total Earnings From SurveySpot

How does the reward system works? When your account has accumulated at least a 100 points they will contribute to $1. In order to get your hands on Amazon Gift Card you need at least 500 points while you need to gather $10 to cash through PayPal.

For an average survey taking 15-20 minutes of your time, you get somewhere in between 50 to 100 points. Yes! We know this a low payout for your valuable invested time but it is still better than nothing. Imagine, spending minutes on a survey and going offline empty handed?

It is safe to conclude that SurveySpot does not have a lot of opportunities for making money. The only way to make the most is by answering a greater number of surveys that too is possible if you qualify.

SurveySpot Quarterly Prize Draw

Okay! So we may have been a little too harsh on SurveySpot. There is another tiny way through which you can earn through SurveySpot, their quarterly prize draw! In this draw one lucky winner will generously win a good load of $10,000.

If you have registered yourself a new member, you will be automatically entered into the quarterly prize draw. Apart from this, you can also enter by answering surveys.

How does this work? Each time you complete a survey, you get one additional entry into this prize draw. Hence the more surveys you answer, the greater chance you have at winning.

A major perk! Even if you are disqualified from a surveys you will get an entry into this prize draw. Isn’t it sweet on their part?

Nevertheless, It is indeed one of those prize draws that are held at a larger scale however you also need to have all lucky gods and stars in your favor to win!

Disclaimer! The quarterly prize draw is a great game of chance and a nice change from the constant surveys, However, you must not become a member of SurveySpot just to win the prize. This is a simply lottery win; you can either win it or you don’t!

SurveySpot on Mobile Devices

There is nothing more convenient than being able to take surveys on your cell phones while on the go, during your lunch break or while waiting for your ride at the bus stop.

As we have already mentioned in the SurveySpot Review, that there is no log in process involved to participate in the surveys in fact you only can answer those for which the invitation is sent to your email, hence you can use the service on your mobile devices given you have access to internet.

Even though there would be a chunk of surveys in the middle which will not show on completely on the mobile phone screen but constant scrolling and screen adjustment can serve the purpose.

In fact, even if you have to log in to the site and find surveys you can do it since the site is fully optimized to be browsed on cell phones as well.

Survey Spot Review: Customer Support

In case you come under the need for any support or help, SurveySpot has an email reserved for users where they can place their query. In fact they even have a helpline number which many survey panel sites do not offer.

Furthermore, SurveySpot has a Facebook page for customer support as well but it is not active at all. So your safe bet would be to email your query to them instead.

We cannot say for sure the time they take to get back to your queries because even though their Facebook page is flooded with negative comments and questions, none of them have been answered by the company.

SurveySpot Review: Hear It In The Actual Words

Cantor from United States updating his rating to 5/5 stars to SurveySpot said,

UPDATE 06/13/19: I finally received my Amazon payment from Surveyspot, so I am updating my rating back to 5 stars. My thanks to their member support team.

I submitted a valid payout request for an amazon card on 04/30/19. However, the status showed as “Failed” and I did not get paid. I have contacted support many times to try to get this reset so I could get paid, but nothing has been done about it. Still shows “Failed” as of this date, 05/29. It appears the site is going to close down still owing me money.

Terri from United States reviewed SurveySpot 5/5 and had following words to share,

I get a lot of invites, but don’t qualify often enough and that can be frustrating. I’ve never put regular attention to my balance, but always just let it build up to eventually be surprised and just looked to see they are shutting down . . . Wow, good thing I saw this, because I have not gotten notice of this via email and might not have been able to cash out to get my 15 bucks! Sorry to see them go, but there are a lot of survey sites out there and I guess it’s hard to manage both ends – keeping companies happy along with getting the right target survey takers. This company seemed to mostly work hard at offering surveys with some worthy points and I’m gonna miss them, but oh well.

Sandy gave 1/5 stars and had the following complaint which was catered to,

I tried to redeem a reward and decided to check the status after the date it was supposed to be honored had passed and was overdue. I went to the Reward History section and to my surprise under Claim Status it said “Failed.” What the heck!!! I don’t even know what this is supposed to mean. Not only did they take my points (4100), they also didn’t send the egift card I ordered. I am hoping they correct this, but am not too hopeful as I recently learned that Survey Spot is closing. If they honor my reward, I will definitely update this review. What a terrible way to treat a loyal survey taker!!!

UPDATE: I have now received my reward and am hopeful that this survey site continues to correct oversights such as the one I experienced. Thank you Survey Spot!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is SurveySpot a legit service?

SurveySpot is 100% legit and our SurveySpot Review endorses its legitimacy.

Who can join SurveySpot?

SurveySpot is only accessible to the residents of United States who are at least 18 years of age or older.

How will I be paid?

SurveySpot works on the point rewards system. For every survey you complete, you are given some reward points which can be cashed in form of PayPal funds, Amazon Gift cards, iTunes Gift Cards and Airmiles.

What sort of surveys will I have to participate in?

The type of surveys you will be sent invitation for depends on the information you give while signing up.

Final Words

Our SurveySpot review can easily endorse the legitimacy of SurveySpot since a well established entity is looking after its operations. However, still this is not the best fish in the market.

Few of the pros include the fact it is free to join, operated by a reputable firm and has a fair number of reward options but the cons can also not be ignored. They offer only a handful of survey opportunities, it is only accessible to USA residents and they hardly cater to any complaints ever.

Hence all in all, SurveySpot has mixed reviews. It is a good side way to earn some extra cash but one must not solely get dependent on it. Furthermore, you need to be patient before you can cash out that money.

Our final verdict would be that you must opt for various survey sites rather than being reliant on one to at least get some thing in your hand at the end of the day.