Did you end up combing the internet in search for legit paying survey sites? Or are you desperately in need of secondary income sources? If yes, you have landed on the right page; this article will scrutinize in detail the iPanelonline service.

In fact, by the end of the page you will be better able to gauge for yourself the legitimacy and authenticity of the paying survey panel. Is it really legit or just another scam minting your personal information for money?

Hold your horses…we will analyze it all.

iPanelonline: A Quick Introduction

Following the footsteps of all giant survey panels, iPanelonline identifies and filters out its respondents from the web inviting them to become participants in their market research based surveys.

The obvious question any user would ask here would be, what would I get in return for investing my time filling out a boring survey? Yes, we know nothing in this world comes for free, you will be compensated with cash based rewards and much more for sharing your insight.

Did You Know? By now you must be used to of hearing that every major survey panel is either based in United States or Canada. Surprisingly, iPanelonline is located in Shanghai. It was established back in 2004.

The world of market research is getting competitive day by day and even though iPanelonline is still in its early stages as compared to other giants, it has developed its name in Asia as one of the top survey panels.

How Does It WorksiPanelonline

ipanelonline is a cloud-based software platform that enables you to manage the entire lifecycle of your IP assets. From initial creation and filing through to maintenance, ipanelonline helps you keep track of all your intellectual property.

ipanelonline is an easy-to-use tool that can be accessed from any device, including desktop computers, phones, tablets and even smart watches. This means you don’t have to worry about how you access your information; it’s always available when you need it.

With ipanelonline, you can:

-Create new assets quickly and easily with our intuitive interface

-Search for existing assets using keywords or phrases

-Generate reports on the status of your assets at any time

-Manage relationships with external parties such as patent attorneys or other third parties

Who Is Eligible?

It has expanded so much so that it is offering its services to 20 countries including the following:

iPanel Online offers free paid surveys to members in more than 20 countries:

  1. Australia,
  2. Indonesia,
  3. Malaysia,
  4. China,
  5. Hong Kong,
  6. New Zealand,
  7. Japan,
  8. Korea,
  9. Singapore,
  10. Thailand,
  11. Philippines,
  12. South Africa,
  13. Taiwan,
  14. United States,
  15. Vietnam.
  16. United Arab Emirate,

iPanelonline can be answered in Chinese as well as in English. And residents of all eligible countries who are at least 13 years of age can participate in their surveys.

Fun Fact! iPanel Online has not been rated by BBB yet however it has te creditation by Council for Marketing and Opinion Research (CMOR), China Market Research Association, ESOMAR, and Market Research Quality Control Center. So we can fully endorse that this service is totally legit and not a scam at all.

Earn Money With iPanelonline

Since we have already mentioned that you can join iPanelonline service absolutely for free so all you need to do is sign in to the website according to your respective country.

What is the sign up process? It is pretty simple. Enter your full name and your functional email ID. Once you get the confirmation in your email ID with a link from iPanelonline. You need to complete the verification and activation of your account to get started.

Once your account has been activated, you will be taken to a page where you have to enter your asked credentials. Make sure you thoroughly answer all the questions on this page.

Quick Tip! Answer the questions asked on the personal profile page in detail. This information will be used to shortlist you for surveys, the ones which you will qualify for. A detailed information on personal profile will also lessen your chances of being disqualified from surveys at iPanelonline.

Beware! All the information you add on the personal profile page should be authentic and legit. Many members have had their membership taken away for making profiles with fake details. iPanelonline takes the legitimacy and authenticity very seriously and conduct frequent verification. Hence, it is in your best interest to be honest.

The Earning Opportunities At iPanelonline

You can avail four different opportunities to make money with iPanelonline. So, if you get bored with a monotonous routine of filling surveys all day, there is a little surprise in here for you. Keep reading…

Online survey

iPanelonline, being a company in the market research field, offers online surveys as a basic opportunity to make money. However they also offer interviews on telephone and surveys via mobile.

Let us give you a million dollar secret, if you are really eager to make money online, surveys should be your go to tool.

However, you need to be completely honest and genuine in your feedback which must correspond to the personal information you have entered in your profile. If you just randomly fill out the surveys then you may have to face penalties by iPanelonline.

The trick is that more surveys you accept to participate in, more offers will find way to your inbox. So if you are an inactive members, your accounts can be ceased after a certain time of inactivity.

Disclaimer! If you think you can resign from your boring 9 am to 5 pm job and sit at home, complete online surveys and your life will be good because all you would have to do is watch Netflix. Then you are sadly mistaken. Even though the legit sites like iPanelonline will pay you indeed but you will not become rich overnight. You maybe able to buy your favorite dress or have a dine out once in a blue moon but that’s it. Don’t quit your job, that is what pays your bills.

Weekly Prize Draws

You are You can also become a participant in the weekly draws and who knows your lucky stars may act in your favor.

The Referral Program

The members of iPanelonline if successfully get their family and friends to sign up at iPanelonline will get amazing rewards. However these rewards will only be justified if the registered members’ information passes the stage of verification.

In case you invite a member and they do not participate in any survey then you will not get any reward for it.

The Quick Surveys

Quick surveys are that sort of surveys which are conducted before a complete survey is launched. It is put forth with the purpose of letting clients conduct a feasibility test on the survey.

According to the responses of this quick survey, iPanel will analyze what to do in future.

How Will I Be Paid? 

Each time you complete a survey you are awarded a certain set of points which get accumulated in your account. The art is to redeem those points.

You can cash your points in the following ways, not to mention iPanelonline has offers diverse option for redeeming points. A trait that many other survey panels lack.

  1. Get cash via PayPal,
  2. Use points for recharging,
  3. Avail e-vouchers,
  4. Get gift cards,
  5. Buy virtual game credits,
  6. Get magazine,
  7. Avail the book reading points,

Further iPanelonline is extremely vocal and open about the processing time for your rewards and they always pay well in time. In fact, most of their payments are processed and transferred in no less than a week. However, this is only true for those who have had their account verified.

Once again we cannot emphasize enough the authenticity of your personal information. Of course, we do not want our users to loose a legit paying survey site over minor mistakes!

iPanle Mobile App

All there was left was the need of a mobile app and iPanel has catered to this as well. You can now enjoy taking surveys with utmost convenience by downloading and using the mobile app developed by iPanel for both Android and iOS users.

Having to complete day to day tasks on your handheld device simply makes everything in life a tad bit easier.

iPanelonline Review: The Pros

Let’s take a quick glances into some of the upsides of iPanelonline, after all there is something that they are doing super right that it has become so famous indeed.

Firstly, the survey panel understands the concept of a regular routine that users crave to opt while making money online hence they make sure to send out the invitations to participate in surveys regularly.

Furthermore, they also very well know the eagerness of getting rewarded for hard work so iPanelonline makes sure they pay well in time. Not to reinforce the fact enough that the site has maintained a top repute in terms of authenticity and reliability in Asia Pacific. Some brownie points for this!

Lastly, the service is stringent on privacy of the users. They are not here to mint money in exchange for selling or distributing your information to third parties like many other fraud and scam sites do. So you can stay rest assured that your information is not going anywhere.

On The Other Side Of The Coin

We have rampantly been highlighting all the positives and goods of iPanelonline, you must be wondering are there any negatives or a downside? Well, of course there is, nothing comes without a downside.

First of all, even though they send multiple survey invites, every survey only has a handful of seats. So users need to be prompt when it comes to answering surveys, a tad bit late and you will lose your chance and your invite will go to waste.

Quick Tip! You can set up notifications on text messages to get notified each time there is a survey available. Mobile phones are always in hand and that way you will never be able to miss out on the opportunity.

…But then there is is, many country members have complained that iPanelonline does not have enough surveys and they have waited more than a week for an invite. That’s not cool when it comes to consistency.

Also, if you remain inactive on your account for six months then your points will go redundant and if your account shows inactivity for a year then you will be terminated for iPanelonline in general.

Hear It In The Actual Words

Harrison from Philippines gave 5/5 stars to iPanel on SurveyPolice, and share his experience in following words,

I had no problem with it.
I can still get point even if I am not qualified in the survey.
Can actually get big points sometimes when you qualify for a survey.
I also got point for logging daily posting comments on opinion side.
Had redeemed 9 times with the site with a total redemption of 2900 PHP for a total of 5,800 points through paypal.
They had other payment method but I use paypal mainly.
Been using it for years and never got any problem.
Thank you very much for giving a great service.

Ramji from India, another happy user rating 5/5 on Survey Police summed up his experience,

Great rewards and cash through paypal…….Liked it very much

Chetan from India had no issues with iPanel apart from PayPal charges,

Amazing website with an average of 4-5 surveys per week, of which one clears at least 2. Very fast payment system as well. But paypal charges around 0.5$ more than its usual fees, if we get money from this site.

Let’s close user reviews by adding the experience of Teo from Singapore,

Although you may screen out from most of the surveys, but you will still get a consolation rewards – 3-5 points. Because this panel has many surveys daily, I was able to earn quickly even with disqualified surveys. Payments are processed in 1-3 days.

The Final Verdict

If you read this review seeking answers regarding legitimacy of iPanelonline, then let us at least assure you that the survey is totally legit and authentic. In fact, if you are a resident from the eligible country you are one of the few lucky ones to have this in your arsenal.

Also, iPanelonline is further working towards making their service available in Spain, Argentina, Brazil and South Africa. So their future goals are as optimistic as their service currently is.

We would definitely rate iPanelonline on the higher edge for it legit service, straightforward terms, stringent privacy policy and on time payments. Even the giant survey panels do not give all these benefits in one.

However, we still recommend our users to participate in surveys from more than one panels so they do have a daily source of earning at hand in case they are not getting invites from one, there are always others to rely on.

To keep it in a nutshell, iPanelonline would remain on top recommendations if they keep their consistent services up and running.