The Swagbucks has been in the limelight for many years although there is still a confusion about its legitimacy, safety and security.

  • Here, I will round up an elaborate Swagbucks Review so you know what you are into when you start taking online surveys here.

It’s hardly likely that you have been in the business of filling out online surveys and not heard the name “Swagbucks”. This sites offers you rewards and points in exchange of surveys, shopping, playing games or simply watching videos!

The points earned here can be redeemed for cash, vouchers or gift cards. However, the rates of disqualification is much more than other survey sites so don’t expect easy money from Swagbucks.

Swagbucks review: here’s everything you should keep in mind

The Swagbucks will pay you in Swagbucks!

They are a sort of points that you can redeem in many different ways. The survey site is available as both website as well mobile applications. It has been nominated as one of the most trusted survey site for many years.

Did You Know? “The Swagbucks is a rewarding survey panel operated in California under the oversight of Prodege LLC”.

The surveys present on the Swagbucks sites are a sort of aggregation from other survey sites. Therefore, you can expect a dense volume of surveys here.

However, the site is very strict when it comes to disqualification based on demographic specifications. Initially, when I started taking surveys with Swagbucks, I could only qualify for few of them. Although the compensation was good enough!

However, nothing good comes easy! So in this Swagbucks review I will highlight few things you should keep in mind while you are using the website for taking online surveys.

There can be rejections

Swagbucks gave me tough time when it came to survey qualification. I could only qualify for 10 surveys out of 55 that I tried my hands on.

Sometimes Swagbucks will just move you to a third-party app that is actually carrying out the survey. You will have to go through a separate qualification process there. In most cases, you just might be kicked back to Swagbucks with not a penny earned.

The worst part is; with Swagbucks you can never tell why you were disqualified. Sometimes all it takes is JUST A CLICK.

In most cases, your demographics might have a lot to do with disqualifications. The surveyors want honest replies from people who can relate to the nature of the survey.

If you are a teenager with no mortgage experience, you might not be what the real-estate surveyors were looking for.

The key here is to only aim at the surveys you think you are best match for. The problem can be solved better by filling out profile surveys which ensure you are only sent the questionnaires that suit your interests and description.

Don’t expect too much in return!

The Swagbucks you earn here can be converted to cash, gift cards and vouchers. Most of them can be redeemed at the mainstream platforms such as Hulu, Amazon and Target.

What’s more? You can also donate the earned points/cash to charity programs. Currently, Swagbucks has 600+ rewarding options.

The conversion rate varies from one reward to another . In most cases, 1 SB= 1 cent. Although this might not seem like much but if you are patient and consistent enough, Swagbucks can be an opportunity to accumulate enough as pocket-money.

The survey site also generously gives out discounts on different rewards. This means the value can go up to as much as 10 cents/point.

During the first month that I spent tirelessly on Swagbucks, I was able to gather around 480 points that meant around 90 cents! I happily redeemed the earned points as Amazon gift cards that were delivered to me in less than a week!

The rewards are nice if you are lucky enough to get them

By now we can conclude that Swagbucks offers a good compensation for your time and effort, although you have to be lucky enough to qualify for the survey which might take more tries than you had expected.

In fact, Swagbucks has the highest disqualification rates as compared to other competitive survey sites. In addition to this, third-party surveys have also caused a great deal of confusion.

Nonetheless, Swagbucks offers the best range of rewards so far. So if you don’t mind a little hassle and a lot of disqualifications, Swagbucks is an attractive choice among other sites that allow users to take surveys for money.

All the more ways to make money with swagbucks

So you want to take surveys online? Easy!

You aim at making a lot of money from it? Not that easy!

Keep in mind that a lot of hours on the sites does not mean a lot of money in your pocket. You might only get to enjoy a little reward in return.

If you want to keep things interesting, try looking for websites that offer money/ rewards in exchange of more than just surveys. The more options you have, the less bored you will feel from the monotonous activities.

So what are your earning options with Swagbucks?

1. Cash back rewards

All you need to do is shop through Swagbucks! Sign in to the Swagbuck’s platform and purchase from partner stores to avail cash back rewards.

Groupon, Amozon, Kohl and other 1500+ stores are currently supported by Swagbuck’s cash back program. You can earn up to 20% cash back per dollar spent while you are shopping through Swagbucks.

2. Web surfing

Web surfing using the website’s search engine (powered by Yahoo) is yet another easy way to make Swagbucks.

However, in this case, you might not be able to guess how many points you can earn through random web surfing. Still, little cash on regular basis is guaranteed!

Pro-Tip: Instead of making it a separate event, develop a habit of using the Swagbuck’s search engine instead of the other default engine to make sure you earn something every time you browse.

I won’t promise that it will bring in a lot of cash but why use the search engines that are not giving you anything in return?

3. Spend a minute watching videos

Who doesn’t like to watch videos? Even better, who wouldn’t love the idea of making some money out of it.

With Swagbucks, you can earn 1-4 points just by watching short videos on entertainment, politics, health and much more.

Maybe the idea of sticking to the laptop screen just for a making a couple of points doesn’t seem attractive enough. Here’s the catch! Who said you actually have to watch the videos?

Pro-Tip: Simply leave the videos playing at the background. Hit the mute button as you do work.

4. Surveys

Although Swagbucks have a lot of rewarding options, taking surveys still stands out as one of the best highest-paid method. The surveys are easy, short and you can even fill them up while waiting for the bus to arrive or while watching a movie.

As soon as you wish making the Swagbucks account, you will be asked to fill out demographic information so that the surveyor only sends you questionnaire that are a best match for you.

The earning rate depends on the length of the survey. You can earn make anything from just 1 to 1,000 Swagbucks!

5. Make money playing games

Do you like to play games in your free time? With Swagbucks you can play your favorite ones and make Swagbucks while doing so. What’s better than getting paid when you were just goofing around?

Solitaire and Bingo are popular choices of users who opted for building some extra cents while playing games.

Pro-Tip: If you have a couple of kids running around the house, it’s time to put them to good use. Let them play the games on Swagbucks while you enjoy the rewards.

6. Gift cards!

Gift cards are a very reliable way to get paid on Swagbucks. Enjoy a percentage of gift card value whenever you purchase electronic gift card. Secondly, you can use the same gift card to make a purchase through Swagbucks and earn points in return.

Pro-Tip: If you want to enjoy perks of a gift card, choose a store and purchase its card. Then make purchases using the same card to double the points.

All the more points you can earn!

Here’s everything you need to know about the rewarding system on Swagbucks.

  • 6 videos=1 SB (more during promotions)
  • 6 videos= 2 SB (during promotions)
  • daily poll= 1 SB
  • surfing 2-3 websites= 1 SB

Know your maths! 100 SB= $1.

Bursting myths about Swagbucks

Have you still not tried your hands on Swagbucks?

I just might know WHY!

In this Swagbucks review I will take you over some reasons why you might not have “good vibes” about Swagbucks and why you should not worry about these misconceptions.

The site is not safe or legit?

Swagbucks has paid out atleast $241 million to its members and about 7,000 gift cards so far. The survey site has also maintained an A-rating in the list of most reliable sites for taking online surveys (Better Business Bureau, 2019).

Thus we can safely say that the site is secure and 100% legit to use. You just have to keep in mind that it will not make you rich but you will have enough extra cash on your side.

Swagbucks is more difficult to use as compared to other survey panels?

What does my Swagbucks review have to say about how friendly the website is?

I believe that contrary to popular belief, Swagbucks is easy and simple to use. You can earn cash back or points in form of Swagbucks. The points can then be used to redeem prizes like gift cards which can be used at Amazon, Target, Walmart and a number of other stores.

You can also cash out the Swagbucks earned in $5 increments through Paypal account. Another option is to give out the earned rewards in charity programs.

Swagbucks review: final verdict

Swagbucks is free survey panel that is offering you something if not much, in return of your time and effort. Here, you can make money in several different ways by just aligning some of your shopping and browsing habits with the survey site.

As the Swagbucks review highlights over and over again, taking surveys might not be an immediate answer to your bank problems. In fact, you might have to spend a lot of time here just to make some “visible” amount of cash.

Currently, Swagbucks is not available worldwide. Luckily, the US residents in almost all the territories can make use of the site without any issues. It is also available in UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, France, Portugal and India.