Privacy Policy

This page lists down InternSushi’s Privacy Policy. We recommend our users to thoroughly go through this before proceeding to use our site.  

When you choose to visit or use the services of InternSushi (also referred to as “Site”), you are bound to automatically give consent to the entire policies described in this document. The Site’s Privacy Policy, in addition to the Terms of Use, list down all the factors that can potentially influence or effect the offerings in the generated content of the Site the personal data collected from our Site, the procedures implemented to collect the personal data, how the data is used and the sort of third parties that will be allowed to access it.

The Site operated under the sole ownership of Dot360 Technologies (“Company”, “us,” “we” or “our”). When you visit or use the site you are openly accepting without any hesitation, restrictions or limitations our procedures to collect user personally identifying information, the use and sharing of the collected information in the exact manner as stated in this document of Privacy Policy. In any case, if you fail to agree to this Privacy Policy or any of the term listed here, you are requested to log off the Site and stop browsing.

We strongly advise our users to go through the Privacy Policy each time they visit or open the Site to stay updated on the practices used to collect personal data and the measures used to safeguard your privacy.

Collection of Personal Information

The Site can collect personally identifying information from the users when they visit the Site. The sort of information assembled may comprise of the following:

  • The data user directly gives to the Site,
  • The data automatically assembled when you visit the Site,
  • Other details which may include your device information used to access the site, demographic details and data collected from the social networking services or from other third party entities.

The data assembled by us can be used as it is or may be mixed with other data to recognize you as an individual. The collected personal information may comprise of the following (but not restricted to):

  • Name,
  • Mailing Address,
  • Email Address,
  • Date of Birth,

You must make a note that this privacy policy will be implemented even when you choose to make use of private features for browsing on your web browser.

Information You Give to Us

Account Data or The Registration

The Site can also choose to collect data from the user if the user chooses to complete the registration with our Site in order to access certain features. To be able to do this, the following data may be collected from the user:

  • Name,
  • Date of Birth,
  • Mailing Address,
  • Username,
  • Password (where applicable),
  • Contact Number,

When any user uses or visit our Site, we might assemble information that the user choose to give to us on their discretion which includes post comments. We might also assemble data about you using other means which may include voluntary survey submissions, social media, data services and other public forums. This data may be added to your registration data to update your profile.

Email ID

InternSushi can gather your email ID as well only if the user agrees to do so. This can be deemed necessary under the circumstances, such as when you register to receive newsletters via email or choose to participate in a promotion. InternSushi will make use of your email ID for the intents and reasons that you are providing this to us and also timely to send you any relevant emails related to the site or its services that can be of potential interest or use to the user.

You may choose to sign out of such emails by choosing to “unsubscribe” present in the form of a button below every email. The Site may choose to share your email ID with the technology provider that is used by the Site only to fulfill the purposes for which the user provided the email ID for. The technology provider may get in touch with you time and again if any privacy or security issue presents itself.

Automated Data Collection Technologies Acquiring Information

The Site, from time to time, may make use of certain Our Site may, third-party Data Processors to help link your personally identifying data with your profiles set up on the respective third-party sites such as Facebook Pixel. Even though we will not be granted access to your personal details but we may make use of certain advertising arenas to market our content to the users whenever necessary.

Moreover, as you go through the site and complete your interaction with us, we, being the third-party Data Processors or as Advertisers may utilize the auto data collection technologies to assemble the following:

  • Details regarding visits to our website, traffic details, demographic details and data logs,
  • Details regarding your Internet Service Provider, Connection, Web Browser, IP Address and Device,
  • Details regarding the user interaction through email messaging including when the user click on the link or when the messages are accessed and forwarded by the user,
  • Demographic details,

The Site may them combine the auto assembled data along with the personal details of the user collected in other ways to support the user experience.

The technologies used for the auto assembled data includes the following (not restricted to):  

  • cookies,
  • flash cookies,
  • web beacons,
  • Google Analytics,

Use of Cookies

A cookie is basically a file comprising of an identifier which can be a mix of letters and numbers which is delivered by a web server to a web browser and is then saved by the browser. This identifier is delivered back to the server every time the browser sends a page request using the server. These cookies can be of types, “persistent” cookies or “session” cookies.

The persistent cookie will be saved by the web browser and will remain viable until it expires unless the user removes it before its expiry. While a session cookie, will end once the session of the user ends such as when the browser is closed by the user.

Even though the cookies do not have their own capacity to save personal information of the user but the personal data stored regarding the user might be attached to data stored or collected from cookies. The cookies are utilized for the following reasons:

  • For Authentication- to recognize the user when they visit and browse our website,
  • To assist in determining if the user is logged onto our site,
  • To secure details regarding user preferences and then customize the site experience accordingly,
  • To safeguard the user accounts and prevent unauthorized use of login data and to safeguard the site in general,
  • To show ads that are relevant to the user and their preferences,
  • To help read the performance of our services and the entire Site,

Furthermore, we make use of Google Analytics to conduct analysis on the use of our Site; this assembles information also by the use of cookies. The collected data is then used to generate Site Use reports. You can access the privacy policy of Google from here:

Many browsers permit the users to deny the cookies or to remove cookies. This can be different from browser to browser or according to the version. You must look into your browser details for instructions on removal or blocking of cookies. However, you must know that blocking cookies can adversely impact some of the site’s functions and certain features may not be accessible to you anymore.

How The Information is Secured?

We have come up with certain stringent measures to protect your personal data from any fraudulent access or loss. All the personally identifying information that you choose to share with us is secured on our servers protected by heavy firewalls and is then encrypted through the advanced technology of the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). This encryption is implemented to keep the data secure when it is transferred between the user and the server or vice versa.  

However, it is our duty to inform you that communication and transfer of data across the internet is not always completely protected. Although the site does its best to secure the persona data, we still cannot assure the complete protection of your personal details sent through the site. Any transfer of personal details is at your own risk.

How The Assembled Information Is Used?

The personally identifying data that we get from our users is crucial for the functioning of the Site in the following manner:

  • The personal information you provide to use in addition to the auto collected data is used for operation, maintenance, enhancement of the Site and to give access to all the features, also to assist third parties in providing customized content, services and goods.  
  • The personal information given to us is also used to assess and comprehend the user’s Site usage preferences. This assists the Site in enhancing the user experience on multiple devices, generate latest features and improve the functioning, also to enhance deducing frauds and information theft.
  • The Site can also uses your email ID and other details for the following intents and purposes:
  • To get in touch with the user for administrative reasons,
  • To cater to intellectual property related issues on the User Generated Content,
  • To deliver promotional messages to the user such as offers of third party sites that InternSushi is affiliated with. However, you can choose to unsubscribe from these promotional messages at any point in time.
  • The Site can also use Cookies or the Auto Data Collection for the following purposes and intents:
  • To customize the services or recommended uses, such as remembering user details so that the user do not need to re type it each time he visits the site,
  • Show customized advertisements or content on your device,
  • Assess the Site’s reach and effectiveness,
  • To see the collected site metrics which includes the visitor percentage viewed pages, duration of stay etc,
  • To monitor the entries and viewed promotions or campaigns of the user,

When The Information is Shared?

The Site can also make use of third parties such as the WordPress plugins to give an added functionality feature letting the user complete his registration or to simply enhance the user experience in our Site; in the later case third party will be given access to your details. However, in no circumstance, whatsoever, the Site takes responsibility or liability of third party sites neither do we have any control on how these third party sites operate or utilize the data.

InternSushi operates with third-party social media sites in order to provide the users with the services of social networking during their visit on our Site. If you end up using the third-party social networking services on the Site to share our content then these sites can assemble data on you. These social networking sites will then use your data according to their privacy policies.

Even though we link to these third party sites, we in no way endorse their procedures or content published. We just advise our users to stay updated on any third party links and to go through their respective privacy policies. For any queries or concerns on the content and terms of these third party sites, we encourage you to directly get in touch with them.

In any other case we do not share our users’ personal data with any third parties unless stated by the law.

Your Choice on the Information

The user can also deny sharing their personal information with us however, if you choose to do so then we may not be able to give you certain features or added functionality available of the Site.

If you wish to that you do not get any offer messages or newsletters from the Site, you can unsubscribe from them by clicking the relevant button at the bottom of the email. Your discretion to opt out of such offers and emails is shown in our user database, we still might need to keep certain information on you for various reasons which includes “archives” and to stop any further emails from reaching your inbox.  

You can ask your browser to deny all or certain cookies or to send you a notification when cookies are being delivered. To know how you can manage your cookies, you can access the Help section of your browser. If you turn off the cookies, you must know that some parts of the Site will be unavailable to you.

Additional Details

International Users

The hosting of the Site is done from the United States of America and is intended to provide content only for the users based in within the United States. The data we show and the products of third party sites advertised are customized for the market requirements of the users in United States solely. When you use the Site, you accept the analyzing and transfer of your data in the United States as stated in this document of Privacy Policy.

You should know that all the rules and regulations of the data protection laws will be applied to your personal information gathered but can be different according to your country’s laws where you are residing.

Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) Compliance

The Site is operating in accordance with the COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act).  We never deliberately assemble any data from anyone who falls below the age of 13 years of age. The Site, its content, services are all intended for individuals who have attained the age of 13.We advice that any individual below the age of 18 should make use of our site only with parental supervision or consent.

We also have no intention or purpose of assembling data on children who fall below the age of 18. If a parent or elder of the kid has given us such details then it would be removed from our database and the concerned individual must inform us on our contact details. Then any such information will be deleted from our database.

Do Not Track

Many web browsers present the option for “Do Not Track” to safeguard consumers as they browse through the web. However, there is no standard set on how the websites must act to this DNT. Because no standards exist, the Site does not respond to the Do Not Track consumer browser settings.

Business Sale or Merger

InternSushi has the right to transmit or give details assembled from the users to a corporate transaction such as in the event of a consolidation, merger or bankruptcy.

Modifications to our Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy page can be updated, changed, added, deleted and/or modified from time to time. However the most recent and upgraded form of Privacy Policy will be available on the site along with the date since it would be effective.

We may also revisit or revise our Privacy Policy in case any practices change or any of the services are upgraded; we will modify the existing services or create content according to the new ones.

In the event that we end up making any such changes to the Privacy Policy or we choose to handle your personal data or we make a choice to make use of any of the personal data in a manner different from the one listed in our Privacy Policy, we will try our best to send a prior notice to our users before any such action. If you continue to use our Site even after the modifications have been made, then you are once again automatically bound by our current policies.