Who doesn’t love the idea of sitting at home and making money online? Read our Panda Research review and find out what this amazing platform has in stock for you. You will not be disappointed!

There are many ways to make money online but the trick question is “how legit are they?”. It’s internet after all so you always have to worry about landing into scams and frauds.

What about Panda Research then? Is it a scam or a legit site? Can you hope to make a reasonable amount of money here? If yes, how long will it take for you to get there? Continue reading the Panda Research review to find all of this out.

Panda Research Highlights

Panda Research is one of the most popular options among those who want to make money online. If you have done some internet reading, there are think chances you have already heard this name once or twice.

In this Panda Research review, you can find the different openings for people to get money from online surveys and other lucrative paid offers and trial offers. But does that prove its legitimacy? Let’s have a look here!

Did you know? Panda Research was established in 2005, which makes them one of the older programs on the market. They are under A&A marking, Inc. which is a marketing company based in Illinois. A&A also owns other survey sites, like MindsPay and InboxPays.

So far, Panda Research has gathered great reviews from the customers. Not only that, it also has a great rating when it comes to Better Business Bureau. We know that BBB grades companies considering a number of factors such s reliability and security.

Perks and Features

So, what are the positive things about this survey site? There’s a lot we can say here because Panda Research does have some features that sets it apart from other websites. Here are few you can consider.

Amazing sign-Up Bonus

Initially on the Panda Research, you will be asked to respond to a short survey that will decide whether you are eligible for the site or not. If yes, you get to take another survey and earn $3 right away. Only a seconds delay!

The only problem is that not everybody can take the $3 survey so you might end up earning nothing when you sign-up with the site. Nonetheless, it is definitely worth the try!

Refer to Earn More Money!

Do you have a lot of friends and family members who might also be interested in such survey sites? That is great! You simply need to refer the website to other and earn cash when they start using it.

If your friend gets $25 from offers, $15 from surveys, and $10 from paid emails and then cashes out his first $50, you’ll earn $4 when he cashes out (10% of his $40 earnings from surveys and offers).

Special Discount Offers

If you are a frequent Panda Research user you can also avail special promotions and discounts when you complete surveys with this website. However, you need to be a participating member to make use of these special offers.

These discounts can help you save money on the things you were already going to buy anyways. They also give you a chance to enter into sweepstakes and receive giveaways. Nice!

No Spamming!

They want you to refer the website to other people but they DON’T want you to spam their emails. Panda Research stands strongly against spamming and even clarifies that in their stated Terms and Conditions as well as their Anti-spam policy.

We suggest you go through the policy before you start referring the website to other friends and relatives so you can do it in a proper manner.

How to Make Money With Panda Research

First of all you need to visit their official website www.PandaResearch.com. Here, it might look like you have landed on a very old site. This is because the website’s design has not been updated in many years.

Don’t judge the authenticity of this site based on the bad design. The site, in fact, is very simple and clear. The navigation is also quite straightforward so even if you have not taken surveys on other sites before, you are in very safe hands.

You can also effortlessly sign-up for the program. You will finish setting up the account in lest than few minutes. Just click the Sign-up button after which you will be asked to provide some basic information and confirm your e-mail ID to continue. The sign-up process is FREE. You don’t have to spend a dime!

Fun Fact! Panda Research page claims it has paid $2,218,359 to its customers.

Panda Research offers you several ways to make money. Have a look at the box on their site to find out more about the ways in which you can get paid.

One of the ways is obviously by taking surveys online. Besides that, you can also participate in different offers, refer the site to friends to earn bonuses or also simply read emails. Here are all the options you can try:

  • Read e-mail for getting paid.
  • Complete paid offers.
  • Refer the site to close friends or family members.
  • Make use of different promotions and special discounts.
  • Take part in sweepstakes and giveaways when you complete surveys.

Survey Quality

We have to let you all know that the site does not offer A LOT of surveys. Also, even if you do get a lot of survey in you email inbox does not mean you will be able to qualify for all of them.

Most of the survey have low pay out and those who can pay up to $40 are sometimes too out of reach. This can be one way of making sure that only the people who are best suited for such a highly-paid survey can qualify for it.

Note! The surveys you complete must also have an “Approved” status or you won’t get paid for them. If the survey is stuck at “Viewed”, it’s likely that you might have missed a question, so make sure to go back and check.

Make sure that you always read the details of the survey before starting as there are a number of questionnaires that don’t have any incentive at all. We are sure you don’t want to waste your minutes there!

Some users have also claimed that the duration they highlight for the completing of the survey is often false. It mostly takes longer to complete the survey than stated. So if you are starting a survey that says it will take 15 minutes, get ready to spend an hour here!

How Much Can You Make Here?

Oh, the most important question! How much can you make with Panda Research?

The answer to this question depends on which program you opt for. Obviously, the most extensive one is that of taking online surveys. If you are lucky enough, you can find some really good surveys here willing to pay as much as $40 when you complete it.

However, you need to keep in mind that the higher the pay , the longer will be the survey. Therefore, it might take you more than just a couple of minutes to complete such questionnaires.

Need to focus on easy money, instead? Then we suggest you stick to short surveys that pay $1.5-$3 on completion. Although the pay out is low, it is still worth it since you only need 5-10 minutes to finish. However, remember that you will ONLY get paid when you have completed the survey.

You also need to qualify for the survey first. This consists of a short questionnaire to determine whether you are suited to take the survey or not. It’s okay if you can’t qualify for every survey you opt for. That’s just part of the game!

Currently, having a PayPal account is the only way you can receive the rewards from the website. Also, make sure that you have provided the correct PayPal email address or you will not be able to receive the payments.

Keep a check on your account at all times especially after you complete the survey. Normally, it takes 24 hours to have the payment accredited to the PayPal account. Panda Research pays out to their members on the 1st and 15th of every month through PayPal.

You have to accumulate up to $50 before you are eligible to receive the pay out. Yes, you are right if you are thinking that this is much higher as compared to other competitive sites. This means it can take you a couple of weeks to finally get your hands on the oh-so-sweet money.

Just one more thing! The withdrawal is also subject to a verification call. This means the authorities will call you and confirm your identity before sending out the payment. They are trying their best to prevent any fraud.

The site pays out in multiples of $50, you can’t say… cash out the entire $52.50 in single withdrawal – you will only get $50 in your PayPal and the remaining $2.50 will stay in your Panda Research account until your next $50 withdrawal.

Is There a Downside?

Duh! We can’t sugar-coat the truth for you. There are always downsides when it comes to online businesses. In fact, a mere internet survey will show you that a couple of members are quite unhappy with their Panda Research experience. Why is that? Let’s find out.

Most of the users are disappointed when it comes to their payment process and pay-out. Some of them claim that they never received the money even after they have completed a dozen of surveys and reached the required threshold.

However, the website does clarify that the verification and waiting process during payment days can take a while. In some cases, you might even have to wait for 90 days before you get the money. So, be patient! The Panda Research also has a mandatory 30 day wait period after requesting the payment.

The Terms and Conditions of the website clearly states ” Panda Research does NOT guarantee that a member will receive credit for a completed survey and offer. Panda Research will make reasonable efforts to track and report your signing up for offers but does not guarantee the precision of the process. We reserves the right to refuse the credit to members for offers for variety of reasons, including, but not limited to , Lack of appropriate information, Improper signup, Improper browser settings, Errors in third party reporting, and / or any other reason.’ What? No!

Is there more? Sadly, yes! With Panda Research you can never rely on the customer support service. That is one of the biggest issues with the site. Mostly, when people reach out to the company for the assistance, they never hear back from them. Red flag!

Another problem is that of fake “special offers“. As attractive as it may look in the start, most of the offers here will ask you for more than just basic personal information such as credit card details etc. We understand that many people are not comfortable giving out such information.

Most of the people have also been disappointed on finding out that there is only one payment method. What if you can’t have a PayPal account? This would mean the Panda Research is a NO for you since there is no other way you can receive the cash.

Frequently Asked Questions About Panda Research

1. Is there a restriction on who can join the Panda Research?

Ans. Yes. You need to be 18+ and a legal resident in the US if you want to create an account with Panda Research. Also, you need to join as yourself. You can not create an account on behalf of other businesses.

There are also certain checks on the authenticity of the email-ID you provide. If the website finds out that the email is not valid or you have multiple accounts, they can terminate the earnings immediately.

2. Is my information safe?

Ans. The information you provide to the website is used for market research purposes. It will directly to transferred to the company who was carrying out the survey to help them shape their business.

Your personal information is in safe hands! The Panda Research will not share or sell your information to others unless you have permitted to do so.

Did you know? Unless you click a checkbox during the signup process that gives your consent for your name, address, email address, and other information to be shared with other companies, Panda Research keeps your personal information safe.

3. Why should you choose Panda Research over other survey sites?

Ans. The site is different from others in the market mostly because it offers more than just one way of making money. Bored of taking online surveys? No worries! Try out reading emails or other promotions to earn cash.

Panda Research has also been liked by many because of the fact that it gives out cash instead of points. Points may seem like a lot in the start but the moment you convert them to actual money, you will see that you are not left with much.

4. Can we cancel our membership with Panda Research anytime we wish to?

Ans. Yes. You can cancel any time. Also, the registration is free of cost so you don’t have to worry about losing a dime! Furthermore, all the personal information that you have provided to the site will be instantly removed once you cancel out the membership.

5. Has there been any reported cases of bad practices when it comes to Panda Research?

Ans. A number of users have complained that sometimes the offers on Panda Research would ask you to make hefty payments to avail or join. Others force users to pay for their partners offers in order to complete a survey. Panda Research is not free from its share of downsides!

Here’s How Users review Panda Research

Many users have a lot to say about the Panda Research online. However, we had no luck finding out anything about the site on Consumer Reports or Trustpilot. There were comments on other sites though. Let’s hear them out.

Maxine R. remarks on Sitejabber:

“The surveys range from one to five dollars, which is more generous than the fifty cents offered by Cashcrate and InboxDollars, but every one of these surveys is attached to a free trial offer that must be completed with credit card details.”

There were also a lot of conversations happening on the Reddit when we did out research. Here’s what most users had to say. Jjharkan comments:

“it isn’t a scam. it pays. BUT you have to reach the $50 minimum. Daily mails cannot account for more than half of that and many of the tasks are difficult to do, not worth the time, or just too scammy.”

Another user leaves a comment on Surveycool proclaiming:

“So after completing a handful of surveys, the total balance in our account reached $57. It took us about 28 days to get here. At this moment, it looked highly doubtful that we would even reach a three figure since the surveys were drying up. Anyways, after crossing $50, there was a ‘Get Paid’ button showing on my account. After withdrawing the money, we had to follow up with a verification process. All things went smoothly. However, we had to wait for 2 months before getting the money!”

Oh, we are just glad you got it! We will sum it up with this last comment from Reddit:

“I had a really different experience with the Panda Research. This was my first time using such survey sites and I have to say that I had a great time. The only downside that I felt was that the pay out took a little longer than I had expected. Over all the service is a must try!”

Since you are not going to spend any dollar of your own here and it would only take a while to figure out if the site is legit or scam, we don’t see any harm in trying it out!

Panda Research Final Verdict: Scam or legit?

If scam means a place that will sell your information to third parties or not pay you when they promised that they would, then we have to clarify that Panda Research is NOT A SCAM.

The site will pay you for the surveys you take. However, the pay out is low and it can take months before you get your hands on the money. If you still don’t feel comfortable then there are other reliable survey sites you can try to earn cash.

There are solid chances that you will land on $40 whopping survey! If so, that is a good start and in this way you you can quickly touch the $50 threshold. Therefore, we suggest you give it a shot! The site is free and easy to join so you won’t be losing anything if you decide to try it out.

Do You Have Other Options?

Should you consider other options? As the paidsurvey guru remarks, “The site seems to revel in forcing people to read the fine print where many disappointing secrets seem to reside. Earning money on this site can also feel like trying to navigate a maze with deadly hidden traps where a single mistake can cost you your pay.”

In the light of such comments, may be it is not a bad thing if you choose to look around for other available choices.

Fortunately, the internet is full of options. There are many other websites that you can try out if you have your doubts about Panda Research.

The real trick of making money online relies on how good you are in choosing legit sites over fake ones. Only in this way can you successfully land on a trustworthy and stable platform that will actually pay you.

Some other options to explore are InboxDollars and Survey Junkie where you can as many as $50 everyday. You can also read the reviews about other survey sites such as Ebates and OneOpinion to decide if they stand a better chance of being reliable sites.