What is better than staying in your PJs at home and earning enough to cater for weekly beer fund, your favorite dresses and all the other luxuries you want to enjoy just by filling out online surveys?

That is a good thought. However, that is just a thought!

How much they say you can make from online surveys and how much you can ACTUALLY earn are two completely different stories. Although there are tons of sites out there portraying otherwise.

Call it a click-bait or a promise far from reality, a number of websites want you to believe that you can make up to $20 just in an hour only by sharing your opinion online.

It’s not entirely wrong; brands do consider your valuable feedback for future plans and products but obviously they don’t have any plan of giving up all their earnings to you just because you decided to fill a questionnaire.

On the other hand, there are also a number of authentic websites that will ACTUALLY pay you as much as they promised and you will not be disappointed by their offers.

Now, we are left wondering, is the hassle of going through online surveys actually worth it? If yes, how much should you expect to make from something so effortless?

You should definitely ask yourself these questions before you register yourself with any paid survey sites. After all, it is very frustrating to spend hours completing a survey only to find out that the payment was not as good as you expected.

So before you feel robbed of your right, I suggest you go through this article so you have a better idea of what you “should” and “should not” expect from online surveys!

Earnings From Online Surveys: Don’t Set The Bar Too High

What is the earning?

This is the first question that crosses your mind as soon as you start taking the survey. However, the answer to this can not be black and white.

Sometimes you can make as much from the surveys as the time you put in. That is why most of the sites will give you an estimate of how much you can make.

The key here to look for legitimate survey panels such as the InboxDollars, Survey Junkie, Swagbucks, OneOpinion and others that will compensate enough for your endeavor.

There is one more thing!

If you are not making enough from the surveys even though you are putting in a lot of time, it’s not always the website’s fault.

Spending hours taking online surveys does not always mean you are doing it effectively. Your rate of earning will be better when you learn to use your time more efficiently.

The websites will be giving you an estimate of the time it will take to COMPLETE the survey. That does not include the time wasted due to technical issues, glitches on the website or simply because you could not complete the survey for any other reason.

Technical issues vary from site to site and some of the websites are more prone to them than others. If you frequently experience such delays, take in to account that your earnings might fall as much as $1-2/hour.

Therefore I suggest that you do a thorough analysis of which websites are rated the best when it comes to most pay-rate and least technical issues.

How To Improve Your Income?

Did you fret a little too much when you read that the earning can drop as much as $1-2/hour?

It wouldn’t come as a surprise if you did. Well, it was already obvious that you will not make A LOT from the surveys. Now add to that all the rewards and time you will lose when the luck is just not by your side.


But there are always ways through which you can boost your earnings from online surveys.

You can start by looking for sites that have the highest-paid surveys. Also I suggest you go for survey panels that offer vouchers and gift cards instead of cash. They are most likely to make better offers in compensating your time.

Did you know? Vouchers and gift cards are a more reliable compensation for online surveys as you will not be shocked to find out that “hidden cash transfer fee” when you redeem the payment.

There is also another trick! To boost up your morale from the very start, try looking for sites that have a good sign-up bonus. In this way you will have a reward before you start putting in any effort. It will also be a nice way for judging the authenticity of the website.

MySoapBox, Branded Surveys, and PointClub are just few survey sites that offer sign-up bonus as good as $5. Although you might not be able to cash it out until you have reached the minimum threshold value.

Still not enough? Here is yet another thing you can try!

Make use of your superpower

There are some websites that carry out profession-specific surveys. If you have a career or an experience that can be helpful for the surveyor, you can expect to make much more than what a general survey panel would pay you.

Completing Online Surveys: Not As Easy As It Looks

Although majority of online surveys are quite easy to fill out, there can be countless reasons why you might not be able to complete the survey you were so religiously working on.

You are here for money but the surveyors are here for something important too! That is, they want a reliable feedback, from people of their interest and in the most honest manner.

Therefore, while filling out surveys online you can expect anything from technical issues to sudden disqualification and sometimes something as petty as internet downtime.

Yet, taking online surveys is not a long-term commitment. They will not drain you of your mental peace longer than an hour. They won’t even demand that you dress up in a suit before taking them. You can be in Uber or in bed while taking the surveys. Cool!

If somebody asks for least hassle-filled activity to make money, I would say online surveys without thinking twice.

There are people out there arguing about how “less” fruitful these would be BUT if you can binge-watch Netflix the whole weekend, you can spend few hours making extra dollars too. Priorities!

Final Verdict

Now it will not be justified to say that the online surveys are not worth your time.

As long as you don’t end up believing in all the eye-catching yet far-from-reality promises that some websites tend to make, you are good to make some extra money from hassle-free online surveys.

They are millions of people out there making money from online surveys and they are happy with what they are getting. Why?

Because they never expected to pay their rents from it. However, earning enough to buy a movie ticket or go on a fancy date are not unreasonably high aims. So may be you should give it a try too and see how it works out for you!