What is the first thing that comes to your mind when we say “Yes! You can make money online!“? The first response would be “What a joke”?. Let us clear this misconception, if you the right buttons to push you can indeed learn from legit paying sites. Today we will scrutinize the legitimacy and authenticity of BzzAgent in our detailed Review.

BzzAgent is a reward platform that has numerous perks if you are in search of some secondary earning sources online. Hence, if you are confused about this site whether it is a scam or legit then let our BzzAgent Review do the ob for you. Our job is to inform you of all the details and then you can make a solid judgement yourself.

BzzAgent Review: A Quick Introduction

BzzAgent’s business perspective is more inclined towards being a media network than a market research entity. You can become a part of their online community known as “BzzAgents” where you can voice your feedback and opinions on services, items and products.

Essentially, it is a social media inspired platform so you must be a member on at least one of the following social media platforms:

  1. Twitter,
  2. YouTube,
  3. Facebook,
  4. Instagram,
Did You Know? In the year 2017, BzzAgent enjoyed a community of more than 1 million satisfied members across the globe and should be given credit for establishing a smooth communication using the already present social media platforms providing easy access to marketers and brands to the voice of their customers.

If we be completely honest, BzzAgent has a revolutionized source of marketing and in fact their platform is equally innovation and easy to navigate through. So brownie points for that.

The major perks? If you wish to become an agent at BzzAgent, you do’t need to be a legal resident residing in United States but their campaigns are accessible in UK, Germany, Brazil, France and Canada. In fact their reward system is quiet impressive.

How Does BuzzAgent Works?

First and foremost, it is absolutely free of cost and if you live in eligible countries you can easily register for an account at anytime you want.

Once you have joined the platform, you will need to answer a few questions so that the platform can gauge the kind of products you would use. This would even help the company send products to you for reviewing.

Furthermore, the moment you become a member here your collection of Bzz will begin which will in turn get accumulated to BzzScore.

How To Increase Your BzzScore?

Multiple tasks can increase your BzzScore. You can start earning this score by linking your Facebook and Twitter account to BzzAgent account. When you do this you will be sent invitation for a campaign that matches your account and very soon a BzzKit will be delivered to your doorstep.

This kit will comprise of complete sample of products that you would have to use and review. This will contain small size samples, coupons and further details on the item to be used. This is all sent free of cost for your use.

The kind of packages sent to you will depend on the information you have entered while signing up for membership and will be relevant to your interests and likes.

For your BzzScore, you will be ranked in the following manner:

  • Tier 1 – Solitary Bee,
  • Tier 2 – Carpenter Bee,
  • Tier 3 – Busy Bee,
  • Tier 4 – Honey Bee,
  • Tier 5 – Social Bee,
  • Tier 6 – Sweet Bee,

Once the products are delivered to your home, you will be required to complete the assigned activities as well which includes coming up with a product review report, adding pictures and videos and posting them on social media platforms.

You must remember that when you use BzzAgent, the entire concept is to come up with a healthy discussion on a product. So simply posting images on your Instagram page will not do the job, you have to give a review as well.

Quick Tip! In addition to these activities, you will also have the chance to create BzzReports, which is basically telling the story of how you talked in person to your friends about the product you got.

Furthermore, to add a cherry on top of the cake, BzzAgent rewards their members with points in exchange for their reviews. So you are not only getting free products to test out but you are also getting rewarded for your shared opinions.

You can maximize your rewards earning by sending images, making videos and posting links on your blogs if have one telling how you got a newly launched free product and details regarding its usage.

Did You Know? You will also get invites to surveys every now and then and once filled successfully you will get points for it.

Perks You Will Get With BzzAgent

The main perk about BzzAgent is that you get tons of free stuff in the form of products that you will have to review later.

Are you getting under the impression that you will get the low end, cheap, discarded stuff because it is for free? Well, naturally everyone has a right to make that assumption.

But let us tell you that BzzAgent only works with giant names such as Nestle, L’Oreal, Purina, Proctor & Gamble and much more. So even if you receive products from low end brands in the beginning eventually as your score builds up with BzzScore you will be eligible for high end products.

In addition to the free stuff, your points will get accumulated at MyPoints.com, which is a website that operates under BzzAgent and offers users the chance to earn rewards that can then be exchanged for gift cards, cash and much more.

BzzAgent Review: The Pros And Perks

User-Friendly Interface: The platform designed by BzzAgent is nothing short of user-friendly and innovative. It has a design that is easy to navigate through and filled with fun since they operate with social media accounts.

Since they work in close vicinity of social media platforms, their community pages are always updated with latest information which is a rare thing to see on market research based businesses.

Prompt Customer Support: BzzAgent has great customer support as well and are extremely prompt when it comes to answering user queries and questions on their products, campaigns or on any technical glitches.

Supports Honest Reviews: BzzAgent will not deduct points simply because you gave a negative review on any product. In fact the company encourages you to be honest on products; because what the company is looking after is the discussion you generate on the product than your review itself.

No Judgement If You Refuse: If you do not wish to become a part of any campaign that you have received invitation for you will not be punished for it. Simply let BzzAgent of your decision and another invitation of some other campaign will be sent to you.

BzzAgent Values Honesty: BzzAgent does not go after the quantity or number of posts you make on Instagram or Facebook regarding a product neither will it give you higher scores. Instead they look for honesty and standards of review that a user can establish.

Fun Filled Campaign: BzzAgent keeps everything light and fun filled for their users. They have unique features like “achievement” offering a little something extra for those who achieve a level of unlocking these features.

Did You Know? You can enjoy further perks like “1st BzzReport,” “10th Tweet,” “Exceptional Photo,” for a further fun filled experience.

Opportunity To Make Points: As we have already mentioned above, you can also earn points from BzzAgent platform that will be added to MyPoints site for completing surveys, give reviews, participating in campaigns and much more. The said points can then be exchanged for gift cards, cash rewards and much more.

Social Networking: BzzAgent operates on social networking so if you are a social world freak then you will be amazed to keep your Facebook, Twitter and Inagrafram linked and updated with all the exciting campaigns.

BzzAgent Review: The Other Side Of The Coin

Is there a bad side to BzzAgent? Of course there is, everything comes with its drawbacks and no review will be complete without it. Same is the case with BzzAgent Review.

First things first, with BzzAgent you will need some time to get a hang of the site. You need to get all your social media accounts connected using your registered membership with BzzAgent then you need to be prompt and active fior a while to reach a higher Tier level and gain better campaign invitations.

Also, there have been complaints by many users that they get low end campaigns initially. In fact with passing times the number of campaign invitations sent are decreasing and previously the products that were sent were quality based which is not the case now.

In the end, if you do get to receive points for your MyPoints account, you will have to stay updated on both sites so that you are eligible to get rewards at the end of the day. This can get tiring at times.

Hear It In The Actual Words Of The Users

Cheryl from United States summed up her experience with BzzAgent in the following words,

BzzAgent is a great site for trying new products, getting the 411 (in the know) about all kinds of new products. You have to complete your survey profile so that they will know how to match you and then you just keep an eye on your emails for great products to try, and not just to try for yourself, but to share! Sharing is caring! Thanks BzzAgent, I’m a proud member for a long time.

Megan on the other hand was an unhappy user and had the following words to share,

I was with them for a good while before there new design and I had gotten quite a few product tests. I completed all my tasks and had a high buzz score and then they did whatever they did… I haven’t gotten an invite one, I never hear from them and the only products I have applied for are ones I see on my freebies sites and I get denied for every one of them. Then if you say something to them about it then they act like they are shocked to hear this but I read thru comments and more people are displeased with this new format then the few that like it. It makes me mad because all the hard work I did previously to keep my account in high standing was for nothing. That shows me they could care less about loyalty and long term members. That tells me all I want to know about it. As of today I am still a member, I’m kind of curious to see if I’ll get an invite to any product tests. I think they ruined a great testing platform and I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone.

Kaitlyn from United States gave a quick review in the following words,

I live the idea of being able to try out new products and give my honest opinion! I just don’t like that I cannot complete screener surveys so I can get product tests that match my lifestyle more. But for what it is worth, it is excellent.

Summing It All Up

It is crucial that you know BzzAgent is legit and definitely not a scam. In fact it is one of those sites which can be trusted for real to send you free stuff that you have to use and review. Sounds like fun? Moreover, you have a chance to maintain your social media life side by side as well.

However, you must know there is no real cash you can make with BzzAgent instead you are compensaed with the product samples that you are sent. Even though you can make money by adding your points at MyPoints where they can be exchanged for getting funds through PayPal.

If you are someone who is looking for a legit strong source of earning online then you must try out other sites that pay for filling surveys and doing other activities online.