There is a huge chunk of internet out there flooded with “paying surveys”, fresh out of the scam market with ridiculously low paying rates. In such an era, finding a genuine paying survey site, like our OneOpinion Review would endorse, is nothing short of pleasure.

OneOpinion can rightly be named as an all-rounder service; they generously pay all their survey participants according to the number of surveys they complete in a day. have their exclusive program of product testing while their cash payment methods are prompt and quick.

Even though OneOpinion’s service may seem a product of a fairy tale but our exclusive OneOpinion Review will sketch out in detail the procedures opted by this market research panel. In the end, you would yourself be able to better judge the reliability and legitimacy of this survey panel site.

Did You Know? OneOpinion was established back in 2011 and runs under the ownership of Critical Mix as an organization which hosts surveys for leading market research companies.

OneOpinion Review: A Complete Introduction

No introduction would ever be complete without a certain chunk of background information so let’s begin at that. OneOpinion is an online service that runs its operation under Critical Mix which is a huge market research company.

However, now OneOpinion has been absorbed by Dynata which is the global firm of first party data providers. What the company does is get data from business men and consumers and build up their data base.

In fact, the famous MyView, is its brother site of survey panels however unfortunately, it is not accepting any new registration. Our best guess is that MyView has been overshadowed by OneOpinion.

Even though MyView and OneOpinion both may seem inter-related, they do not have a lot in common. In fact the way these two entities operate is a poles apart.

OneOpinion is a paying survey panel site that conducts testing of products as well. If you are at least 13 years of age, you can register for the site.

Eligible Countries

  1. Australia,
  2. Canada
  3. France,
  4. Germany,
  5. Italy,
  6. Netherlands,
  7. UK.
  8. United States,

Yes! You may count this as a drawback that the site does not extend its services to countries further from United States and Europe. However, the good news is for the eligible countries because it takes less than a few minutes to get the membership. All you have to do is following

  1. fill out a quick registration form,
  2. give confirmation for your email ID,
  3. state your demographic details,
  4. take a quick questionnaire,
  5. get ready to fill out your first survey,
Fact to Remember: OneOpinion allows you to take the surveys through three ways:
1. You will be sent survey invitations on your registered email address,
2. You can sign in to your account and comb through available surveys,
3. You can access exclusive surveys using the mobile phone app by OneOpinion,

You, on the other hand, need to be aware of the fact that there is a limit to the amount of surveys you can complete in a day which will be solely dependent upon the credentials you have entered during registration.

Disclaimer! Online surveys cannot and will not make you a millionaire overnight in fact not even in months so it is prudent to not keep your expectations high. However, they can help you earn enough dollars to enjoy a night out with your friends or family once in a while. Never consider filling online surveys as a substitute for your full time job.

Eligibility To Qualify For Surveys

The litmus test for survey eligibility? If there is a study available and you deem fit with its population criteria then you will be sent many surveys during the tenure of a week. However, if you do not match any available study’s criteria then it can take some time before you are sent any surveys.

However, you do no have to panic if you do not receive any survey invitations, there are numerous new surveys registered each day and you will indeed qualify for any one of them.

The eligible members will have quite a fun time filling OneOpinion’s surveys. For each completed survey, the participant will get a certain amount of points which will get deposited to the rewards account. Once the rewards account of any member reaches a certain limit or a threshold, they can be redeemed in the form of prizes that the user has liberty to choose.

Fact! Each survey, on average, at OneOpinion pays in between the range of $1-$5 and on your lucky days you may even come across a $15 survey but it would be lengthy. But the amount of cash you can earn for a survey will be proportional to the length of the survey regardless of the topics.

Make Money Via Product Testing

Apart from taking online surveys, there is another way that you can use on OneOpinion to take surveys which is through product testing.

This is another fun way to earn money; the company will deliver certain products to your home for testing which have not been shelved on the market and you will be paid for sharing your honest opinions on the sent product.

Remember! This method of earning money is not readily made accessible to the newly registered members however if you are loyal as a member of OneOpinion you can soon qualify for product testing as well. You can earn around $50 per testing.

Rewards Program

OneOpinion works on the point based system for their rewards. When a user completes answering the survey, the reward account will be updated instantly.

In fact, this is what makes OneOpinion stand out among the rest of its competitors because many survey panels take weeks and some even months before crediting reward points to your account.

For every survey you complete, your points will keep on accumulating in your rewards account and once you reach the threshold limit you will be able to redeem them for the prizes of your choice.

Quick Tip! If you remain patient and wait for some time you will be able to redeem better rewards of your choice but reaching that limit of points will require time.

Points Conversion

For every 1000 points you make you will earn $1 and when you have collected at least 25,000 points you can redeem them for $25 through your debit card. In terms of debit card, the amount of dollar can be more but once again it totally depends on the number of points you have collected in your account.

This debit card will directly be delivered on your residential address and you can make use of it just like a normal debit card. This card however, can take 10 days for delivery so if you cannot hold your horses till then you can alternately choose a virtual gift card which will be instantly delivered. Remember, cash is not the only way to be rewarded through survey panels.

It is imperative that in our OneOpinion Review we mention of the recently launched payment method which is through PayPal. It has been recently introduced by OneOpinion, when you have the funds in your PayPal account you can credit them you your normal bank account.

Furthermore, our OneOpinion Review confirms that they have a “One Rewards Program” as well which allows the registered users to convert your earned points to other amazing rewards. This gives the survey panel a diverse edge over others.

OneOpinion Review: The Advantages And Perks

User-Friendly Interface

Any site that has an easy to navigate through interface already has a major perk. The layout of OneOpinion is simplistic yet user-friendly. The site is always updated and highlights their team behind the scenes with their full credentials.

We must applaud them for keeping their website fresh and updated, many survey panels or sites in general fail to do so.

Option to Send Invites

OneOpinion also gives this great option allowing users to send invitation to their family and friends so that they can also be apart of this community and earn some money online.

Their earned money can even add up to your account and the great thing is your members only need to be 13 years of age so invite everyone in your family folks.

Diverse Rewards

The rewards offered by OneOpinion are diverse and amazing. If you do not wish to wait all those days to get your debit card you can always send funds to PayPal, redeem rewards or get a gift card.

Furthermore, your hard earned points are immediately added to your rewards account and you do not have to wait months for your rewards.

It is Legitimate

Our OneOpinion review can endorse the absolute legitimacy of the service and can assure you that it is free from all the scams and frauds that otherwise the internet is filled with.

Before you begin answering any survey you will be asked to answer a quick pre-survey which will allow the company to gauge of your authenticity. This is crucial for running a valuable survey panel site and also helps company establish reputation.

OneOpinion Values Your Time

What other survey sites do is that they do not pay you a penny for investing your time in a survey in case you do not qualify. However. OneOpinion on the other hand knows the value of your time and efforts and even if you have been filtered out of a survey you still would be rewarded 50 points.

No fee For Product Testing

If you are selected or choose to opt for the product testing program then you will not be charged any fee. Even though other product testing services charge you the cost of the product being sent which is later reimbursed but takes time. On OneOpinion the products are sent for free.

Reliable Customer Support

OneOpinion has a top notch, trained team for customer support. The team is fully trained to cater to the queries of people and are available 24/7 and in today’s world this is a perk that many would be grateful for.

The Drawbacks

Let’s be real, OneOpinion does not have many drawbacks that our OneOpinion Review can highlight. Even if you do your own online research you will see that a major chunk at least 90% of the site’s members are happy members who have been loyal to the site for a long time.

Disqualification is one drawback that can be mentioned here. Many users have complained that they get frequently disqualified from surveys but this is more linked with the demographic analysis then the site’s own criteria.

Once again there are numerous surveys which get registered on a daily basis so this drawback is sort of counteracted. Do not panic! You will get surveys!

OneOpinion Reviews: Hear it in The Actual Words

Ann from United States giving 5/5 stars to OneOpinion said,

This site remains in my top five of about 25 or so sites I have tried out over the past year and a half..I have not noticed the Dynata problem being referenced, but I will watch for it…just received a $10 payment for an easy toe nail fungus home study I completed last week. I get to keep the useful product and had no delay in payment for this study or other surveys they send me regularly…for now I will continue to favor this company for its better pay and more interesting surveys and hope for the best.

Cheryl from United States giving 3/5 stars to OneOpinion said,

Takes a long while to reach the reward but they have some very interesting surveys and I like the layout of their site. If you are knocked out of the survey (disqualified), you still get 50 points!

Omar from United States giving 5/5 stars to OneOpinion shared his experience in the following words,

I really liked this survey site, but now I don’t know what is going on for 5 days I haven’t been getting any emails to do surveys. And I only need a few more points to cash out, every time I get close to cashing out, this happens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is OneOpinion a legit service?

OneOpinion is 100% legit and our OneOpinion Review endorses its legitimacy. Their service is regarding market research and they instantly add reward points to your account.

Who can become a member of OneOpinion?

Citizens of eligible countries mentioned above can register for OneOpinion. Any citizen of the eligible country if is at least 13 years of age or older can apply for OneOpinion.

Will I be instantly paid for the surveys I complete?

No! OneOpinion operates on a reward points system. Once you complete a survey, your points get added to your rewards account. For 1000 points you get $1 however you cannot cash it instantly, when your account has gathered 25,000 points that is when you can redeem it.

What kind of surveys will I have to answer?

The type of surveys you will be sent for answering will depend on the information you state during the registration process. You can qualify or be disqualified from a survey according to the demographic requirements of the study being conducted.

What happens if I get disqualified from a survey?

Unlike other sites, OneOpinion values your time so even if you get disqualified from a survey you have invested your time and effort in you will still be rewarded 50 points.

How can I qualify for product testing?

The new members cannot apply for product testing. You have to be an active member of the OneOpinion survey panel for a while to be able to test products.

How can I sign up for OneOpinion?

The sign up process for OneOpinion is fairly simple. It requires you to complete a small registration form and keep following the prompts on the screen. Then confirm your email address and you are good to go.

How soon can I start taking surveys after registration?

The moment you confirm your email address during registration, you can start taking surveys and earn points instantly.

How can I use the OneOpinion Mobile App?

The mobile app of OneOpinion does have extra surveys to offer but new members cannot use it. The invitation to download and use the app will be sent by OneOpinion itself to their loyal members.

Our final Say

It can rightly be concluded that if you are in search of legit, honest and reliable ways to make money online then completing surveys or testing products is your best bet. For this, we totally endorse the reliability and legitimacy of OneOpinion service online.

In addition to our OneOpinion Review you can read the users’ personal experiences as well to get assured that this survey is indeed legit and reliable.

OneOpinion is totally recommended by us to all our users. If you register with them you can easily expect rewards simply for stating your feedback and opinions. The rewards are also diverse, prompt and instantly made available to the users. In all honesty. Is there anything else that a user who is looking for ways to earn online can ask for?