The gaming industry – iGaming included – has been one of the most interesting fields of the economy in the last two decades. 

The development of tech solutions and the growth of demand for new workers in this niche have inspired people of all generations to make a career shift. It happens as we speak, as the workforce from other professions is running toward gaming. Gaming businesses of all sizes have opened their gates, granting internships and potential employment afterward. 

This article delves into the eight exciting internships to try for positions in the (i)gaming industry. 

Visual Artists

To start, every game, from the famous snake on old Nokia mobile phones to NBA2K24, to online casino games, needs someone who will draw things. These people are visual artists. They use a pencil and a piece of paper to come up with sketches, wireframes, and other relevant images. Internships for these positions let young people choose whether they’ll pursue a career in this field or move closer toward game design. 

Also, there are many available online internships, where you don’t have to leave your home to get educated. Simply put, if you decide to specialize in iGaming design, you’ll learn what features make the best websites. For instance, short load time, user-friendly visuals, smooth navigation, and well-incorporated gaming elements are the vital aspects of every great (i)gaming website. From there,  knowing what games and website features are best for North Carolina makes you capable of creating stunning website visuals meant for other states, say West Virginia or New Jersey. 

Game Designers

The design and looks of video games have become incredibly realistic. In some modern sports games, you can easily get tricked, not knowing whether it’s a real match on the screen or a video game. 

The people behind these amazing graphics are game designers. They’re in charge of characters, level difficulty, interaction between the characters and the setting, etc. It takes the vertical knowledge of 3D animation, UI/UX design, and proper tools to become a well-versed game designer. 

Sound Designers

Imagine gaming without sound effects. Even worse: picture gaming without appropriate sound effects. When you think of it, applying the right sound at the right time is a sort of art. 

Sound engineers do that. They learn the specifics of acoustics, train their ear, and gain experience through their internships to become full-fledged sound designers. 

Interestingly enough, they’re needed in the iGaming industry, as well. 

Software Developers

Software development is the driving force behind the gaming industry. If you’re good at math and inclined more toward logic than humanities, software development could be your cup of tea. 

As this is the golden age of information technology, you can go for virtual softdev internships. In the case you stand out from the crowd, you might even get an offer to relocate to the company headquarters, or simply continue working remotely once the internship is over. Who knows, maybe you even get a USA internship as an international student.

Important note: don’t let your age stop you from entering a new field, software development in gaming included. The only thing that matters is whether you’re good at what you’ve taken up. If you know what you’re doing, the sky’s the limit, and your future manager, of course. 

Internships for Game Testers

Video games need to be tested before the launch, just like any other digital product. 

Being a game tester can mean several things, so pay attention to the following details. 

One way to test a video game is part of the software development process. Also known as quality assurance (QA), this kind of testers search for bugs and glitches in the code and game engine itself.

The other group of game testers is those who play a game at its early stage, say, when it’s the minimum viable product (MVP) – an early version of the game, aimed at gathering user feedback for further improvements. 

Becoming a software tester is definitely a safer way of landing an internship because all relevant tech companies need testers. Also, it’s the least difficult way of entering the world of software development. 

There are fewer positions and internships for game testing in the MVP stage but if you’re a devoted gamer, you might want to try your luck. 

Internships For Video Game Writers

If you want to join the (i)gaming industry but you’re more of a language person than a tech guy, don’t worry. Every single video game needs one or more writers.

There are several types of writers needed in the gaming industry. Obviously, video games need scripts, created by scriptwriters. The dialogues between the characters within a game, the narrator’s words (if any), the story itself – it’s all produced by these writers. 

The gaming industry also requires UX writers. These people write content for apps and games that make the user experience more comfortable and easier. You might want to learn more about it from Mario Ferrer of King, in one of the Apple podcasts.

Copywriters are also needed because every gaming company needs a marketing team. These guys know how to promote your games in as few and effective words as possible. 

To top it all off: you can switch from one writing career to another, with or without an internship. 

Internships For Project Managers

Each of the jobs depicted above covers one or two aspects of game production. No matter what internship you opt for, you’ll be a cog in a mechanism that must function perfectly to do business. 

But there’s also a job that monitors all those cogs and helps them work together as smoothly as possible. 

It’s the position of project manager. This person helps everyone involved in game development give their best in the workplace. They overlook the game development project from day one, collaborate with in-house team leads, and communicate with all the relevant stakeholders. 

You can but don’t have to possess the coding or programming knowledge for this position. Still, you do need to understand and gain vertical knowledge of the specific tech domain you’re working in. This is something your internship program will hopefully teach you. 

Also, you should grasp the general managerial traits to become as good as possible. 

Gaming Producers

Producers in any media-related industry – gaming, TV, movies, music – are the people who govern the entire business process, handle teams, raise funds, manage budgets, etc. 

Of all the positions described in this guide, this one requires the highest level of relevant business and niche experience. 

Logically, if you want to apply for a game producer internship, it’s more likely you’ll get it if you already have some experience or at least theoretical knowledge. For instance, a software engineer at a gaming company will probably sooner become a game production intern than a history graduate with no gaming experience. 

As video game production – both regular gaming and iGaming – includes asset management, be aware the recruiter in charge would probably check your basic knowledge of finance and economy. 

Still, once you get on board, you’re guaranteed a hectic and exciting business ride.