Online Survey For Seniors

If you are a senior member of the society who just got disqualified from an online survey, don’t fret! This article will highlight 9 ways in which you can maximize your earnings from online surveys without worrying about the age.

1. Provide a Detailed and Accurate Profile

Are you an 80 years old trying to fill out a survey about high-school education? No wonder you got kicked out.

Don’t rush the part where you are supposed to complete profile information before you start taking surveys. I get it, we are all eager to make money but the better your profile is, the more chances you have of qualifying for the surveys.

Don’t omit any necessary detail from the profile as it help the surveyors to send out the surveys you are most compatible for. This means less chances of disqualification!

Give out your exact age, location, background and finances to get to most appropriate surveys. You can fill out these profile surveys from the survey panel account any time you wish to.

2. Tell Them About Your Career Background

One special quality you have as a senior is EXPERIENCE! The teenagers of the society will not know much about careers and industries as your number of years have taught you. Cash that out!

Remember to give out the detailed career background in your personal information section. In this way you have higher chances of being eligible for surveys that value your experience and input.

3. Include Details of Medical History

Many seniors might be hesitant to include their medical history in the personal information section especially if they have been through a major ailment or surgery.

However, contrary to popular belief, most surveyors want to know the details of medical history and if you are taking any medications or following prescriptions.

If you are comfortable providing such details, they will improve your chances of qualifying for health-related surveys.

4. Share Your Political Beliefs

Political perspectives are more valuable when coming from senior members of the society. Therefore, some surveys might especially ask you for political views and comments on critical issues that the state or government is facing.

Provide the insights in as much detail as possible. You don’t have to worry about privacy issues as your identity will be kept anonymous. You will then be able to participate in examining political data.

Here are some of political survey providers you can try your luck with:

YouGov: For the US, UK, CA and EU residents, YouGov provide the opportunity to share your political views. Their studies are also put out on social media and they are always on the hunt for new members that can give out valuable feedback.

Springboard America: This is for the US residents only! They carry out surveys on behalf of political bodies or media. They are a very popular choice nowadays.

5. Share Information About Your Purchases

What you say about the products as a senior member of the society is of extreme interest to many research companies. That is why they frequently ask you about the things you buy.

Provide details of your shopping habits and product reviews so the brands can work on providing what population is looking for.

National Consumer Panel is a survey site available in the US. They work by sending you a handheld scanner that you can use to scan the purchases you make in exchange for points. These points can then be used to win rewards.

6. Take Different Types of Surveys

If you want to improve your chances of winning through online surveys, try participating in as many different types of surveys as possible.

If you not tech-savy and don’t feel comfortable taking online surveys, you can also opt for postal surveys and focus groups.

Consumer Opinion Institute is a famous option for postal surveys that will reach you in form of a paper. After you are done, you will have to post the form back. The postage is prepaid. In exchange, you will will receive dollar bills or a check.

LEO is a survey site that offers focus groups both in-person and online. You just have to sign up for the surveys and will be automatically considered a part of their group studies.

Go2Crowd is another survey site giving out the opportunity to participate in group studies. They offer up to $150 with a discussion of up to 1.5 hours.

7. Don’t Hesitate in Ask for Help

Majority of the surveys are carried out online and it’s totally okay if you are not comfortable navigating online. Don’t hesitate asking a family member or a friend for help.

8. Try Steering Clear of Disqualifications

Provide all the necessary details on the profile to avoid disqualifications. The better profile you have, the better are the chances or earning money and other rewards.

9. Complete The Surveys You Take

Make sure that you complete the survey that you take up. This will improve your parameters and reputation in front of research companies that are interested in carrying out surveys.

This will also increase your chances of getting to larger number of surveys.

Final note

It’s pretty normal for sites to disqualify you due to your age. This is because all of them have a qualification criteria to ensure the surveys are only carried out by those who are best fit for it.

Don’t be disheartened due to a mere disqualification. Just forget about it and move on. Better opportunities are waiting for you!