Are you ready to put your wasted online time to good use? Here’s how. Read the Survey Club reviews and avail its opportunity to respond to a handful of surveys online and win cash prizes or gift-cards for your effort.

Hold your horses!

Does this sound like a trap to you? May be another snap website where you will just waste a couple of hours with nothing in return? What if they sell out your information to third parties? It is internet after all! How secure do you think you are?

Find out that and much more about this survey panel in our Survey Club reviews. Who knows, may be this will be your new favorite earning spot by the time you finish.

Survey Club Reviews Highlights

In today’s busy world do you think companies do not have enough time to cater to what their users and customers are thinking about them?

You are wrong. No matter how much a business grows, the customers are always the base it relies on. Therefore, even today their opinion are bread and butter for a company’s growth and development.

So how do they reach out to large number of audience with minimal investment of resources? That is where online surveys and market research comes in. Gone are the days when you needed to rely on paper, pen and manual distribution to gather feedback. Now all you need is an internet connection!

One such survey panel is that of Survey Club. They carry out online surveys and have something amazing to offer in exchange of your time and input. What’s that? If you are ready to win cash prizes and gift-cards, continue reading to find out how the Survey Club works.

Did you know? “Survey Club was founded back in 2005, which makes it one of the older market research companies out there. Based in Denver, Colorado, they accept respondents from US, Canada, Australia, and UK. They boast 16 million users worldwide, though the active user number is likely much smaller than that.”

Currently Survey Club claims to have 16 million members across 6 continents. Also, it owns a sister website with the name Survey Club Research. Want to find out more? Continue reading.

Survey Club Features

Survey Club has a lot to offer you. Ready to take a quick tour around all its features? Here we go.

Qualifier Filter

This is for all those who don’t want to waste even a second of their busy lives. With this feature you don’t have to click from one survey to another trying to find out which you can qualify for. Instead, it will filter surveys automatically connect you to the one that you need to take.

Disclaimer! “This does not mean that you can qualify for all the 100% it takes you too. However, it will save you from the hassle of going through hundreds to find the 10 you qualify for.”

Focus Groups

Survey Club is pretty famous for its focus group studies. There are a number of different groups that you can take part in. Their income is also much better as compared to taking individual surveys. Some of these groups are:

  • Teleconference focus groups that will require you to participate via call or webcam.
  • Mini focus group with only a couple of people.
  • Two-way focus group that revolve around different groups observing each other and providing comments on behavior etc.
Attention! “Studies or group studies don’t usually come often, and Survey Club is highly-selective in that you have to be on a exact demographic to get in. Also things change. Just because you don’t save and make a lot of money with it right now doesn’t mean you won’t make money later on.”

Reward Programs

Not in mood to take surveys? That is okay because Survey Club has another offer in stock for you and this Survey Club reviews will tell you how that tip works right here!

You can try their referral program and get to the threshold payout value quicker. How does that work? You simply need to refer the Survey Club website to your family members and friends. Whenever somebody joins the platform through your referral, you will be rewarded $1.

How to Take Surveys With Survey Club

Here’s how signing-up works.

First of all, go to their official website.

Here, you will be able to see a section with tag “Participants“. Locate it and then click on “Take Surveys“.

There’s also a 4-digit code they ask you to enter, to verify that you’re not a robot (but that’s it). All that’s left to do is agree to the terms and conditions and join.

Just like other reliable survey panels, Survey Club is FREE to join. Yes! There is no membership fee at all. The sign up process itself is easy and swift. You will not feel like you have been left in a maze with no road-map.

You just need to provide your basic information and complete a profile survey to complete signing up. The employment and total income information also needs to be filled out.

There might also be a small questionnaire regarding your health and lifestyle at the end of the profile survey.

Now we will move on to a little tricky part.

The Survey Club does not operate independently. Rather it relies on third-party websites for the supply of surveys. If you want to double your income while taking surveys with the Survey Club, we suggest you also sign up for other legitimate surveys sites like InboxDollars, Swagbucks and Survey Junkie.

Why are we asking you to sign up there? This is because even if you don’t, there are high chances you will be directed to them anyways. Like we mentioned, Survey Club relies on third-party apps so it will be a mediator moving you to other legitimate sites like the ones we mentioned above.

Did you know? The Survey Club also issue trick questions to make sure you are reading the questions and paying attention. Make sure that you read the questions in their entirety so that you don’t get disqualified.


  • Are you a legal resident in the US, UK or Canada?
  • Are you of 18 years or older?
  • Do you have a PayPal account?

If the answer is YES, lets move forward to talking about your favorite part. That is…

How Much Can You Earn With The Survey Club?

This has to be the most important question users ask when they are thinking of signing up to survey sites. How much will we earn? How long will it take to build enough cash with surveys? And so on…

With the Survey Club, you can expect to make anywhere between 50 cents to $5. This depends on the length of the survey you take ans also how many surveys you can complete in a matter of weeks or month.

Disclaimer! Taking surveys will not make you rich. However, you can earn enough to treat yourself to a good meal or enjoy a movie with friends. Just keep in mind that they are in no way an alternative to your actual job.

Unfortunately, it is very rare that you receive long surveys with this website so don’t expect you will be able to pay your bills with your earnings here.

The best part is that Survey Club is also offering you the opportunity to take part in focus group studies. Participation in such studies can be one of the most reliable way to maximize your earnings with online surveys.

With focus groups you can expect to make a dozen dollars and sometimes even a couple of hundred bucks. The threshold amount that you need before you withdraw money is set at $25. This might not sound like much but still take a couple of weeks before you get there (that too if you are lucky enough!).

“There are reports of Survey Club carrying out complex research studies that people took in exchange of as much as $1000.”

We have talked much about earning without bringing your notice to another important issue. What’s that?


If you think you will be able to qualify for all the surveys that come your way on Survey Club platform, you are unfortunately wrong. Most surveys panels have strict eligibility criteria and will not hesitate disqualifying you if you don’t stand up to their mark.

Did you know? As with any survey site, it is best to respond to survey invitations as soon as possible. Completing surveys before they meet the maximum number of participants for your demographic can help ensure that you aren’t phased out for surveys for which you qualify.

How will The Survey Club Pay You?

Like other survey panels, Survey Club mostly relies on PayPal account for cash transfer. However, the options of redeeming cash through check or getting a gift-card instead are also open.

Also keep in mind that it does not matter which method of payment you go for, it will always take 3-4 weeks of waiting period for your payment to be processed. We also have a good news for you! Survey Club won’t make you wait much when it comes to transferring the credit to your account. This will be done almost immediately after you complete the survey.

Here’s how much you can make! A quick look at Survey Club’s home page shows that, while some surveys only pay $1 to $3 for 15 minutes (in itself a good payout), some special niche surveys can pay as much as $115 for only 5 minutes.

Is There a Downside?

How can we say no. Isn’t there always a downside?

First thing that most people don’t “admire” about Survey Club is that it is just a mediator. You can think of it as a traffic hub that will direct you to the original sites carrying out the surveys and earn via commission whenever someone uses their link to take a survey.

That is the issue! Why would you waste time signing up for a survey panel that is just going to redirect you to other panels. Most people would prefer to skip the mediator and sign up with original survey sites directly. This makes sense!

The worst part is some “special” survey sites will even ask you to pay handsome amount of fee just so you can take part in their “exclusive survey opportunities”. Now, we all know THAT is not happening.

Secondly, if you have taken enough surveys here you would know that it is very difficult to qualify for them. Most of the time you just find yourself answering initial questions only to be disqualified right after. Bummer!

It may seem unfair, but when companies want to find out information, it’s always for sales purposes. If they’re marketing to moms between ages 25-34, for example, you’ve got to fit into that key demographic to qualify.

We have already clarified that online surveys don’t pay much but when it comes to Survey Club the pay rates are even lower. This means even if you went through all the hassle of qualifying for the survey and finally did, it might not be very fruitful in the end.

Quick Tip! Another issue many users complain about is that the email ID is flooded with mails when you sign up with any such survey site. In this case, it would be best to register with an email address that you don’t use for any other purposes.

Here’s How Users Review Survey Club

Are people not satisfied with the Survey Club or they are scared of online surveys in general? Let’s find out.

Brandom Roat leaves a comment on Quora saying:

“If I’m being completely honest I’m not exactly sure , I know when it comes to surveys it can be tricky to make money but you are able to if you have the correct system. I think a better alternative is to test out apps for money, one because it’s fun and easy work and two because payout is normally a little better.”

Seems like he has not had a good experience with taking surveys online. What’s more.

Another user on the platform remarks:

“Like any other complete market survey sites or survey panels, you either get a lot of from Survey Club or not and there’s no in-between. I’ve read some people getting $115/survey, some getting $3/survey, and some none. Your success is related to your demographics. If you’re looking for a side hustle or one of the few membership-based websites that pay out on your own time and want to easily qualify, this is it.”

Yep! This is it. If the only issue is low pay rate then we don’t see any harm in trying the site out as a side hustle.

Workwithwallace on Reddit comments on payment method of Survey Club by saying:

“It usually take almost 2 weeks on average depending on the type of commission you want to get.”

Elaine rates the Survey cub site 5/5 on Opportunitychecker and also remarks:

“It works. Go to their site to see real time live payment proofs from the surveys and studies I completed personally.”

As you can see, there’s a lot you can find out about the Survey Club on the internet. However, we think it’s better to leave the topic be with this concise comment of a use on what Survey Club can actually do for you:

“The good news is that Survey Club is a legit platform and it’s possible for you to make some money. But it’s seriously NOT WORTH your time at all! If you want to pay your bills or have a side income, finding a local part-time job or do some freelance work is even more effective.”

Millennialmoney: 9.2/10.

Surveypolice: 4.2/5.

Survey Club Reviews frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there an age restriction on joining Survey Club?

Ans. Most of the sites say that you need to be 13+ to join the survey site. However, terms and conditions state that the users must be 18+ to create an account here. You need to keep these rules and regulations in mind or you will not be able to receive the payout.

Survey Club is concerned about the safety and privacy of all its users, particularly children. For this reason, you must be at least 18 years old to create a Survey Club account.

2. Is Survey Club safe to use?

Ans. Everybody who has joined this platform is concerned about how secure it is. Although Survey Club asks you for some personal information, it is not shared with any of their partners or other members. You are safe!

However, you can also keep yourself safe by not giving out any information that you are not comfortable to share. The site will show you what personal information is required before you start the survey so you can pick and choose if you want to continue or not.

Survey Club use cookies to track your activity on their site, but you can always disable browser cookies if you are uncomfortable with that. They are pretty forthright about how they use your information, and you can learn more by reading their privacy policy.

3. Can you contact their customer support in case you need any help?

Ans. It is quite easy to get in touch with Survey Club representatives. All you need to do is click on “Contact Us” button present at the bottom of their homepage.

This will direct you to a link of their support desk site. Here you can submit a ticket. You can also use their telephone number to drop a call. How authentic of them! A user on Quora comments:

“Support is good but it takes a couple of days sometimes to get a response to your issue or question.”

4. Is Survey club BBB accredited?

Ans. Not Yet. The Survey Club is not accredited with Better Business Bureau The BBB is currently rating the survey site with a C although we are hopeful that this would improve in a little while.

Not many people nowadays bother with BBB ratings. Why? This is because they have been known to have manipulated ratings from 3rd party service companies that anyone can purchase to better or worsen the ratings and reviews.

5. Is Survey Club available in countries other than the US?

Ans. Yes. The survey panel is available in many countries other the US. That is why it has been able to win so much following. If you are a legal resident in the UK. Australia or Canada, you can still use the Survey Club website and all its perks.

Survey Club Reviews – final Verdict

So what is the bottom line of our Survey Club reviews?

One thing is for sure, you can’t raise a finger at the legitimacy of this site. However, you need to keep in mind that most of the surveys here are just worth a dime. If you really want to make the most of your experience with the Survey Club, try taking part in their focus group as much as possible.

Quick Tip! Depending on who Survey Club is looking for, you can either save and make a lot of money or little with it. That search depends on what company or companies are looking for as of this moment. But they sure are worth a try.

However, if you are one of those people who are looking for a full-time income through survey sites, who quickly need money or you don’t like to share your opinions with others, we suggest you steer clear of Survey Club.

There are many proofs that the site actually pays out to its members. On top of that, it is available internationally so there is no reason why you should not give it a try. If you have free time to earn some extra cash, come here!

Who knows may be at the end of the day you will be recommending it to other friends too!