Ipsos, being a research company since 1975 has an online branch that goes by the name of Ipsos i Say, giving an opportunity to anyone who is looking to earn money online through surveys. Read the Ipsos i Say Review and learn how can you make money daily simply by completing surveys.

Did You Know? i-Say is a 3 million member community offering survey rewards and runs under the operations of Ipsos. Ipsos holds 70 million+ interviews across the globe catering to 5000+ clients in almost 100 countries.

To date, the number of registered members on the Ipsos I Say service count in thousands and are earning their side cash online. Now it’s time that you become one of them as well.

Ipsos i-Say is a legitimate online survey platform where users can earn rewards by sharing their opinions on various topics.

It’s not a scam; it’s owned by Ipsos, a well-established market research company. Users participate in surveys and accumulate points that can be exchanged for gift cards or other rewards.

However, like any online platform, it’s important to be cautious of potential phishing or imitation sites that may try to steal personal information.

  • To ensure safety, always access the official i-Say website directly. In essence, i-Say is a legitimate way to voice your opinions and earn rewards through reputable market research participation.

In addition to completing online surveys, users can participate in polls in fact come up with their own polls as well. This will first help users collect points which accumulate to dollars that can then be redeemed.

This Ipsos i Say Review will teach you all the reasons as to why one must opt for using this money-making site. So stay tuned. It is definitely not a fake site or a scam like million other on the internet.

Ipsos i Say Rewards

Let’s take a quick sneak peek into the payments and rewards that Ipsos i Say will offer you at the end:

Share Your Voice, Make Your Choice & Earn Rewards

It is only imperative that in our Ipsos i-Say Review, we mention the fact that you as a consumer have an immense power to make or break the brands you choose to shop or eat from.

Simply share your honest opinions, influence the brands’ services and get rewarded as well.

The kinds of Rewards Up for Grabs

The i-Say points are up for grabs through surveys. However, the number of points you will get will differ according to the surveys you are taking.

Fact! The major factor determining the number of points you will get would be the length of the survey.

Then when you are finished with the survey, your earned points will be added to your account that can then later be redeemed.

How to Convert Earned Points to Dollars

When your account has accumulated at least 500 points from i-Say, you will be eligible to redeem them. Now there are multiple ways in which these points can be redeemed, some of which we have listed below:

  1. PayPal funds,
  2. Visa Pre-Paid cards,
  3. Amazon.com gift certificates,
  4. iTunes codes,
  5. Starbucks e-gift cards,
Did You Know? For the Visa Gift Cards Ipsos has increased the value of points by a 100 while 2% point value has been increased for PayPal funds.

Then come to the e-gift cards which are instantly sent on your registered email ID that you have given on your Ipsos i Say account. While the funds via PayPal will be sent within a month.

However, for other rewards to be delivered such as the visa cards you will have to show good patience of 1-2 months because they are to be delivered on your address.

Furthermore, users can also view the GCodes catalogue for merchandise based rewards which include household items, sports, makeup products among other things.

Tip! If you really want a product from the merchandise catalog and you do not own sufficient points then you can compensate your missing points through PayPal as well.

You must remember that your points earned remain viable if you remain active on your i-Say account. Any inactivity for 45 days will automatically deactivate your account so beware users!

Disclaimer! Online surveys cannot and will not make you a millionaire overnight in fact not even in months so it is prudent to not keep your expectations high. However, they can help you earn enough dollars to enjoy a night out with your friends once in a blue moon. Never consider earning from online surveys as a substitute for your full-time job. It not going to pay your bills!

How to Get Started With Ipsos i Say?

Let’s first talk about the eligibility? Any citizen from Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom, who has attained the age of 18 is eligible to become a part of Ipsos i Say.

However, if you wish to become a panelist on i-Say then the residents of following countries are eligible:

  • Belgium,
  • Canada,
  • Denmark,
  • Egypt,
  • Finland,
  • France,
  • Germany,
  • Hungary,
  • Italy,
  • Netherlands,
  • Norway,
  • Poland,
  • Romania,
  • Russia,
  • Saudi Arabia,
  • Spain,
  • Sweden,
  • Turkey,
  • UAE,

Account set up? The i-Say account configuration is simple and straightforward and can be done in a matter of moments. You will have to answer a few simple questions first which can be named as sort of “pre-survey questions“.

When you are done answering these questions, you have to visit your inbox and tap on the link sent to you to activate your account.

This will finish the account configuration procedure and you can begin your journey of earning online. Our Ipsos i-Say Review ensures you that you will have an exhilarating experience with this service!

What is The Procedure to Earn iSay Points?

Everything on i-Say is about surveys and opinions. The million-dollar question that pops up in everyone’s mind is, what kind of surveys will I have to answer? This is dependent upon the credentials and details you give to Ipsos during your account registration. Then accordingly you will be sent emails to the surveys you are eligible to answer.

Alternately, you can simply sign in to your account and select the surveys available on the main page of site.

How will I earn i-Say Points? While you are completing the account registration you will have a chance to get points simply by answering the questions which “qualify”. However, those candidates who in the case are not qualified for questions are awarded 5 points for their participation.

On the other hand if you complete the qualifying surveys you have a great shot at earning points somewhere between 45 to 90.

What about the polls? As we have mentioned above in our Ipsos i-Say Review that you can also answer polls to earn rewards, let us tell you that polls mostly comprise of “yes” and “no” questions.

Fun-Fact! Poll Predictor is an interesting point earning service by i-Say. The site invites you to play the Poll Predictor where you have to guess the percentage of individuals likely to pick an option. If your guessed percentage is correct or even close to the answer you will be entered into amazing prize Ipsos draws.

Beware! Even though taking polls and poll predictors is a fun way other than surveys, these do not assist you in earning points. So if you wish to earn points and make some money take surveys!

Ipsos i-Say Review: Hear It In the Actual Words

Janet from United States giving 4/5 stars to i-Say said,

“A friend of mine recommended that I joined i-Say. I have been taking their surveys for about 2 years and so far I enjoy it. I have redeemed 3 Amazon gift cards. i-Say is legit. “

Amanda from United States giving 5/5 stars to i-Say said,

“I joined I-Say about 2 years ago, and I’ve gotten enough points to get Amazon gift cards multiple times. There are always plenty of surveys there whenever I have time to take one. This is my favorite survey site for sure! “

Kimberly from United States happily rating 5/5 to i-Say said,

“I am an active member of I-say.com and therefore can attest that this community is Absolutely Legitimate as I have just recently received some products to test & review. It’s a great online community to complete surveys & receive products in exchange for reviews if you are qualified. “

Darrel from United States happily rating 5/5 to i-Say said,

” Website sends plenty of surveys, rewards are generous, payout is fast and easy to redeem, this company is very reliable. “

Ipsos i Say Offered Services

When you have registered your account at Ipsos i-Say, the following services will be sent to you that you can avail to earn and enjoy rewards:

1. Paying Online Surveys

If asked about what is the best way to make money online? Our answer would always be surveys! The kind of returns you can avail will not stand at par with anything else around. Once again, your earning will be directly proportional to the number of surveys you complete.

2. The Loyalty Programs

Yes Ipsos i-Say has loyalty programs as well and every registered member can participate in it. To put it simply, the more surveys you take the more bonuses you get.

Points to Remember!
5 Surveys will give you 25 Points.
15 surveys will give you 50 points.
200 surveys will give you 600 points

3. Draws & Contests

i-Say also provides the opportunity to become part of many contests. Firstly, a welcome draw awaits all the new members. This can provide you a golden chance to win $100 after every four months since your joining.

Then there will be a click draw where you have a chance to get 10,000 points. So keep yourself updated on your account and see if there is anything worth qualifying.

4. Invite Your Friends

If you invite your friends to register for Ipsos i-Say, even then you will be rewarded. Simply log in to i-Say and invite your friends.

Any of your friends as a result if joins i-Say and lives in your country, you will get 100 points for it.

5. Shared Community

Ipsos i-Say will also attach you to a community of people that share a common mindset. So in addition to creating your own polls you can participate in the ones posted by others as well and like our Ipsos i-Say Review told you earlier polls can help you win amazing draws.

Make some Cash on Ipsos i Say

i-Say will provide you with surveys that can pay a minimum of $0.45 and a maximum of $2. Then there might be other surveys that pay somewhere in between the mentioned range such as $0.90.

Every i-Say point you make will constitute to a worth of $0.01. Then if you wish to redeem these points, you can easily do it from the reward page of Ipsos i-Say.

Furthermore you can also choose to avail your points via PayPal. However before you decide to opt for PayPal option, you must have at least a 1000 points in your account which will then constitute to a worth of $10. Then stay patient from 1-3 weeks before you can get your cash.

Our exclusive Ipsos i-Say Review can give you guarantee of the service’s loyalty program. If you answer a particular number of polls you can get extra points.

Points to Remember!
5 Surveys will give you 25 Points.
15 surveys will give you 50 points.
200 surveys will give you 600 points

Perks of Using Ipsos i-Say

Simple user interface: The Ipsos i-Say has a simple and easy to navigate through interface. All that you need to do is complete surveys. With the completion of each survey you will get to know the amount of points that you can redeem.

You will also be given a fair idea on the time it takes to complete a survey and its length. In fact, then you yourself can gauge how much you can earn from a survey simply by its length.

Avail better rewards: Ipsos has much better rewards to offer to its consumers than other competitions online. Their rewards are exclusive and one of a kind so that users can have a great experience. Who gives amazing rewards like coffee at Starbucks pr a shopping card for Target? No one but Ipsos i-Say.

You can even get a gift card from Amazon and use it for online shopping. Even the cash lovers can get it through Amazon. To be able to earn $100 you require a good load of 9,600 points.

Easy Registration: The account set up procedure for Ipsos i Say is fairly simple and quick. You just have to answer a few simple questions then confirm your email. Your account will then be configured in a matter of moments. Then all you have to do is finish answering surveys which is the actual purpose of your Ipsos i-Say account.

Exclusive Loyalty Program: As mentioned above in our Ipsos i-Say Review that the service has a loyalty program designed for their loyal members. This will award you 25 points for filling 5 surveys, 50 for 10 surveys and a generous 600 points for 200 surveys.

Mobile App: Ipsos i Say have their own app. However, as a user, you have to wait for some time until the company sends you an invitation to use the app. The app comprises of a tool allowing you to be a participant in the surveys on your handheld devices.

Customer Support: Ipsos i-Say has a dedicated team of technical support to help users if they face any issue with the service. They respond to your queries promptly and the representatives are friendly.

Cellphone Friendly Site: The website of Ipsos i-Say can easily be browsed on your mobile phone web browser meaning you can complete surveys while fidgeting with your mobile. This version is equally responsive as the version on your laptop or PC hence there are hardly any issues that you would face.

A Reliable Service (Not a scam!): Ipsos i-Say service is operated by a well established company. It runs under the ownership of Ipsos Insight that is a reputable market research company who has managed to complete six million surveys across 100 countries. Hence this survey company has made its mark in the market and is definitely not a scam like million others flooding the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ipsos i-Say a legit service?

Yes, i-Say is a legit paying survey site that operates under the ownership of Ipsos. Definitely not a scam.

How can I earn from Ipsos i-Say?

The reward system of Ipsos is based on the i-Say points that gather in your account each time you complete a survey. These points when they reach a threshold can be redeemed into PayPal funds, visa gift cards or pre-paid cards.

How can I register for Ipsos i-Say?

It is easy and simple to register with Ipsos i-Say, you have to complete a quick registration form. Then confirm your email address that you have registered with. Once you complete the confirmation process you can begin answering the surveys and earning points.

Summing it All Up

Without a doubt, in today’s world where internet is filled with frauds and scams, it is not easy to locate a site that genuinely pays and that too as much as Ipsos does. All in all, our Ipsos i-Say review can conclude one thing which is that the service is totally legitimate. In addition to all the fun filled polls and arenas to make some cash online, our sole suggestion would be that you become a part of the Ipsos i-Say community.

Ipsos i-Say is a legit service that allows registered users to make money by being a participant in the suggested surveys. However, you must make a note of the fact that this will not make your a millionaire and you should never consider it as an alternative to your actual job.

Users must show some patience before they can enjoy the perks of Ipsos i-Say. It all begins with filling surveys, earning points and reaching a minimum threshold for redeeming those points. Do not hustle, be patient!

We wish you a happy and smooth experience with Ipsos i-Say, become their member today and make that extra cash. Even if you do not get millions in your hand , it is quite fun indeed folks!