MyPoints is a renowned go to service for online income-seekers. In addition to paying online surveys, they offer multiple arenas to make money. However, users need to keep their eyes wide open for legit survey sites since the internet has become a breeding hub for frauds. Let’s find out how legit MyPoints site is in this exclusive MyPoints Review.

Even though the economy is on the rise, still people are always in search of secondary earning sources to amp up their lifestyle. One famous source is through online surveys.

However, do not get your hopes too high, not all survey sites are reliable and worth your time. Learn to filter them out correctly and today we will scrutinize MyPoints in the detailed MyPoints review.

MyPoints Review: A quick Introduction

MyPoints is a survey panel site that has made its mark since 1996 which is a pretty long stretch of time. Even longer than everyone’s favorite, InboxDollars. They have been here for decades which means they are indeed doing something meaningful.

Did You Know? MyPoints has been taken over by the famous Swagbucks. This has created a doubt among its loyal members that the service may not be able to maintain its standards and quality but keep reading the MyPoints Review. Let’s find out ahead.

Their absolutely free membership is accessible to residents of United States and Canada. There is a workaround where you can register for MyPoints even if you reside outside United States but you will not be able to acquire all the rewards and prizes up for grabs.

In fact, the moment you sign up you can begin gaining your reward points and this is what makes MyPoints so special; firstly it offers instant points up for grabs and secondly there are diverse arenas you can explore for some point mustering and later redeem them for air miles, cash or gift cards! Totally at your discretion.

Once again, the real question that every review should cater to is that whether MyPoints is a legit business deal or just another racket scam perfectly laid out to steal your information and money? Keep reading ahead to check if your insecurities are even warranted.

Reward Points Option

Gone are the olden days where a company based its services solely on one perspective which in this case would have been surveys. However, MyPoints has added diversity to its reward points system.

Here is how you can earn points from MyPoints. Make sure you avail the complete worth of your time and efforts:

1. Answering Surveys

MyPoints has a market research program hence your valuable opinions are of great worth. In return you get points in your account too.

2. Online Shopping

MyPoints has more than 2000 retailers for online shopping. If you do end up shopping from any of these using the MyPoints platform you have a great chances of earning points.

3. Reading Emails

When you register for MyPoints, you will begin receiving what is referred as BonusMail in your inbox where you will earn points simply for clicking and opening the email. How convenient could it get?

4. Avail Local Deals

Local deals which involves purchasing vouchers, Groupon, LivingSocial goods are also up for grabs when it comes to earning points.

5. Watch Online Videos

MyPoints also allows you to select a playlist for yourself which if you watch daily can help you earn plus redeem points.

Quick Tip! These videos can be watched on the go on your hand held devices. So make it your daily routine to watch them on your phone during your lunch break or while waiting for your ride at the bus stop.

6. Web Searching

Get some points randomly by using MyPoints Yahoo web search engine.

7. Coupon Printing

If you buy and print coupons from your local store they can also be a source of earning points.

8. Online Games

If you play famous games you can win and redeem points through MyPoints platform.

9. Invite Friends

Each time you bring a new member to MyPoints from your reference, you will earn 10% of their points. So get ready to bring all your friends and family.

Convert Points To Cash

When you have reached a minimum threshold of points which is set around 480 points and constitute $3. These points can also be redeem for gift cards of various top notch retail shops and restaurants.

You can also redeem the points for travel miles to get added on to your United MileagePlus account or you can simply choose to make a direct deposit on your prepaid card in fact can even transfer funds to your PayPal account.

MyPoints versatility and diversity is exemplary; it also provides users a chance to shop in store and redeem their points on qualifying purchases by simply submitting the receipt on the website.

How To Get Started With MyPoints?

To mint money from market research panels, filling as many surveys as possible is the golden rule. Similarly, you can use MyPoints to earn some real dollars in exchange for your valuable feedback.

The first thing you need to do is register or sign up at MyPoints. You will have to state your valid credentials which will help the service analyze the kind of surveys you can qualify for. You will then be sent invitations accordingly.

What about the points? Once you set up your MyPoints account, you will be able to earn points after you have successfully answered at least 10 questions for the profile.

Attention! Just like all famous survey panels do, MyPoints also has this edge of disqualifying or screening you out from a survey before you are finished. The site will not inform you if you fit their criteria until you have begun answering a few questions in the start of the survey.

…But our MyPoints Review can assure you of the fact that the survey panel knows the value and worth of your invested time plus efforts so even if you end up disqualifying MyPoints will add 1 point to your account. This can add up to 5 points if you do not qualify at all in a day.

It would hardly take a few seconds to find out if you fit the population criteria for a survey or not.

How much will I be paid? The money you will earn will depend on how long the survey is. This is a rule of thumb followed almost everywhere. However, you must not keep your hopes too high because the highest you can earn from a survey would be $10.

What makes MyPoints stand out in the market research competition is that your earned points can instantly be used. There are sites that make you wait for a good 12 weeks before you can redeem your points.

Disclaimer! If you think you can just quit your job and sit at home, complete surveys and you are good to go with life. Then you are cent percent wrong. Yes! The legit paying survey panels will help you make cash but only to assist you enough to afford a night out with your friends. This is not going to pay your bills or run your groceries!

Perks Of Using MyPoints

Functional Mobile App: MyPoints also has an easy to use mobile app available for on iOS as well as Android. Simply download and install the app from your respective Play Store and earn a 100 points instantly.

Exclusive MyPoints Internet Browser: MyPoints also has its own exclusive web browser, Score. You can use this browser for online shopping and get points.

Quick Tip! People forget that they can earn points by shopping online through MyPoints so what the company has done is made its own browser with various deals and coupons so the users never have to miss a chance that can help them fetch those extra points.

Earn Points In Diverse Ways: MyPoints knows how boring and monotonous completing surveys all day can get. So they have multiple ways that users can opt for to earn points. This includes online shopping, watching videos, playing games and much more. In fact some of them come with big wins!

Instant Payment Instantly Added to Points: The payments of surveys are added almost instantly to your points account letting users redeem them for a quick gift card or add funds to PayPal in moments. Yes! This essentially means you can get real cash in your bank account within 7 days and won’t have to wait months before you can reap off the perks.

Earn Points Through Web Browser: You can also earn points by simply using MyPoints web browser. For every 41 searches you can mint 100 points!

MyPoints Review: The Drawbacks

Eligibility to Limited Countries: MyPoints is only accessible to the residents of Canada or United States. Its true that the eligibility circle is quite narrow which is a major drawback for people residing in other countries.

Minimum Points Payout: In order to be able to transfer funds to your PayPal account you must have accumulated points worth $25. Even though this amount is not a lot but gathering enough points does take time.

Imagine if filling one survey can give 75 points then you need to make at least 4,000 points to earn enough money to be cashed via PayPal. Then you can calculate how long would that take!

Inconsistent Trade-off: The trade off is not consistent, in fact it depends on the kind of rewards you select for yourself. If you need around 3,500 points to get an AMC Gift Card you need around 4000 points to get one from Amazon. Pretty inconsistent!

MyPoints Review: Hear It In The Actual Words

Leigh from United States gave 4/5 stars to MyPoints in the following words,

I have been a member since 2001. I have earned 128,423 points! That is enough points for 16 $50 gift cards! I do not like the surveys. You can spend 20 minutes or more on one survey and still get disqualified! That means you wasted your time for nothing! Plus the coupons do not always print. And you cannot print some of them again! Plus you try to watch the videos for points. And sometimes, the videos do not play!

Though Taira from United States is an unhappy member,

I’ve been a mypoints user for over 10years and I used to enjoy the site. In August I did two offers they advertised. One was to become door dash driver. After my first delivery I was supposed to get 23,000 points. I’m on my 144 delivery still no points. And yes I contacted them about it. Another offer I did was feeding america. I contribute monthly and I was supposed to receive a total of 6500 points spread out over 4 month period. When I contacted them I got 500 points. Very disappointed with this because I’m missing a lot of money from these points.

However, Mary from United States summed up her happy experience in these words,

I’ve been a member for years and enjoy the site and all the stuff you can do and the layout is great, BUT recently when I cash out, I’m supposed to get a gift card claim code in my email and I do not receive anything. Happened once a few months ago and I had to send a ticket in but they sent me a code to redeem pretty quickly and has recently happened yet again… no response from them yet and it’s been a month. This really shouldnt be an issue and it’s upsetting because i no longer want to go do stuff there… and yes, I’ve checked my spam mail and also try to resend a code over and over and nothing. I’d give this site 5 stars if it was not for this issue.

March 2019… Welp, customer service ignored my tickets the last time I tried to cash out. Even though I’m cashing out for a low amount giftcard, they simply do not respond or help. I gave them another chance and went for another card and ended up sending another ticket. They simply dont respond to me.This is really a shame, loved this site for years.

Update… yeah, I’m done. They don’t respond, gave them a second chance and NOTHING. This is such a shame, really loved this site. I’m fuming that they cant get in touch with me and get me the giftcards ive earned!!! I wouldn’t join this site.

Update-9/19..they fixed the issue and I am awarded instantly. Happy.

Final Words

Our MyPoints Review can assure you that this survey panel site is not a scam or a fraud; they provide a legit platform where you can earn points and make some real cash by watching videos, playing games, using the web browser and of course answering surveys.

In fact, many people, instead of getting cash, make use of their points earned through MyPoints to get travel miles or gift cards. For PayPal funds, the minimum required threshold amount is although not a lot but the amount of points required is a lot which take time to gather up in your account.

At times, the survey panel can miss out on your points which can get annoying but if you access their customer support you can sort out your issues in a heartbeat and get your account credited there and then.

All in all, MyPoints is a great and free of cost platform for Canadians and Americans providing multiple ways to help you earn points, rewards and money. If you are indeed in search for secondary income sources then do not waste any time and register for MyPoints now.

We saved the best for the last! Register for MyPoints, complete 5 surveys and get your $5 Amazon Gift Card there and then.