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Who is fascinated with the idea of making money in their sleeping pajamas? Count me in! But is it really as simple as it looks?

Here we will give you an InboxDollars review, a place that claims to be worth your time when it comes to building some extra cash online!

InboxDollars made the entry with a bang!

InboxDollars came in to the light making an offer that we just could not say NO to. With minimum effort and in the comfort of your own home, you can make money just with your fingertips. Who can turn away from that?

InboxDollars pays up to $5 just for signing up. Furthermore, you can earn cash (not point! nobody wants that) for every survey you complete. The best part is you don’t have to get bored with surveys only as you can make money watching videos and even with replying to mails.

Here’s what happened when I tried InboxDollars

inboxdollars review

I am a binge watcher when it comes to seasons. With that, I don’t mean “watching back to back episodes for two weeks” kind of binge watching. I mean “finishing the season of Game Of Thrones in a single go” kind of binge watching.

So it doesn’t come as a surprise that I was too excited when I first heard of making money online. I was already spending too much time in front of the laptop screen, why not make some money while you are there?

However, I have to add that the whole task is not as simple as it sounds.

Even though InboxDollars does pay and it actually pays in cash, the site is not free of downsides. First of all, you will not always qualify for all the surveys. Secondly, the payment may not be as high as you expect.

Story of the $5 sign-up bonus: Tried And True

When you get started with the InboxDollars, the first thing you need to do is provide your email ID. Pick a password and confirm your email ID.

So would you get the sign-up bonus as promised? YES!

I got $5 in my account as soon as I was done signing up. But hold your horses right there! You can’t request cash withdrawal until you have reached $30 in your account.

Did You Know? If you wait till you have $40 before withdrawing the cash, the InboxDollars will not charge you $3 transaction fee.

Here’s how I got to $30

InboxDollar Review

My experience with the InboxDollars started on a good note. The first task was to complete a profile survey. Luckily, it was a short one and I instantly received the promised 50 cents. AWESOME!

However, I can’t sugarcoat the truth for you. As the time passes, you will get to know the real hassle of surveys and payments. The first issue is you can never be sure of the value of survey.

It might look like the survey is highly-paid but the amount of time it can take with few surveys can kill all the fun.

The InboxDollars also mostly works as survey aggregator. This means that clicking on a survey you find on the InboxDollars will take you to the third-party site that is actually carrying out the survey.

InboxDollars will pay you around 25 cents just for watching commercials through the app. Cool, right?

So what are the earning options on InboxDollars?

Surveys can be accessed from the main tab of the page. The details for each survey will tell you how much you can earn with it and also how long will it take to complete the survey.

I noticed that most of the surveys offered 25 cents to 50 cents for a survey that takes 10 minutes to half an hour. There are VERY FEW surveys that can offer up to $4-$5.

I had to be very religious in filling out survey to accumulate just $11. Also, one thing I learned on the go way, you can not simply attempt the survey mindlessly. This will affect the type of surveys you can take in future. In short, they won’t trust you with anything important!

If you are keen enough to use the InboxDollars daily, you can easily gather $30 every month. Sounds too good to be true? Take my words here, because there is no exaggeration.

Can you make money while watching videos and TV too?

InboxDollars will let you watch TV and videos separately. Although both of them will get you what you were looking for: those sweet cents.

The clips you have to watch will be from random shows that you might not have heard of before. For example, you might have to spend 2 minutes watching a random video on how to make a smoothie.

You are not at all out of luck, if watching videos seems like a big deal too. This is because with InboxDollars you earn money just with surfing the Web too.

You just have to go ahead make random searches using the InboxDollars search engine. And then what? You earn rewards! The first time I tried this on InboxDollars, I was lucky enough to get my name into sweepstakes and win $25 cash.

You, however, might not have the same luck. The sweepstakes have been replaced with “scratch & win” online tickets. You can earn the ticket by completing different web-related activities on InboxDollars.

Attention! InboxDollars does not offer direct deposits or Paypal. Also, only the US residents are eligible for Merchant eCards and Pre-paid Visa Cash Cards.

When will the payment reach you?

Will the payments reach you at all? Absolutely yes! The process might be a little slow but you will get them nonetheless.

Well, in most cases it will reach you as soon as you are done with the survey. Make sure that you keep your location status and emails updated so the payment reaches you on time.

The payment is generally processed 2 weeks after the payout request if it is your first time receiving money from the InboxDollars. Once the first payment is complete, you are automatically ranked as a Gold member.

If you are a gold member who opted for ePayment option, you will receive the mail as soon as the payment is processed. This is usually done before 3 p.m. Central Time.

InboxDollars also makes things super easy for you! All the ePayments options you have will be listed on the same page when you go to the redeem the payment.

As a Gold member, you can also create an account that will allow for additional benefits. This includes cashing out a higher merchant amount or sharing the earned cash with family, friends or giving it out as a donation.

Did you know? The InboxDollars eCards do not charge any extra fee!

If you are not the one who relies on online transactions, you can opt for cheques too. However, this might take up to 2 weeks and you still need an active online account to process the payout.

Furthermore, the payout processing time does not include mailing time so you will have to prepare yourself for a long wait!

Pro-tip: watch out for the promotions you are not comfortable with!

All that shines is not gold and everything that pop-ups on the internet is not worth trying!

There were couple of instances when the InboxDollars took me to exclusive offers rather than proceeding straight to the survey. Some pages required me to fill out a form with details such as the address, phone number and birth dates.

I never felt comfortable giving out my contact information so i chose to skip the surveys with third-parties that had any such demands. If you are concerned with privacy issues too, I suggest you click out of these promotions.

Always be ready for disqualification

As a part of my InboxDollars review I would suggest that you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself if you get kicked out, this is just part of the business! Try aiming for surveys that you are more qualified for.

When you are just starting to earn online, keep in mind that you will not always qualify for every survey you wish to take.

The chances of qualification depend on different factors such as your experience with the item under survey, demographics and others.

Let me make it simple for you: Let’s consider you are a 25 year old girl with no mortgage experience. The chances of you giving out any valuable feed back on debt-related or estate property surveys are very low. So you might not qualify for them at all. It’s nothing personal.

In this aspect, my experience with InboxDollars was not smooth either. Out of 42 surveys I clicked, I could only qualify for 11 of them. That is just 26% success rate! Not to mention all the surveys that were rude enough to send a disqualification notice before I even started.

The payoff? It’s there but it’s not what you expected

It’s just an online survey! If you came here expecting big cash, please get the Uber to your office. That place might actually pay you enough.

I remember I once spent almost an hour filling out a survey on InboxDollars only to receive $1.95. With that rate (considering I have $5 of sign-up bonus too), I would atleast need to fill out 10-12 more surveys.

That almost sounds like spending the whole day just so you reach the bare minimum to request for a payout.

I know that most of you might not be impressed but remember that you are not really putting in anything except time!

With such surveys you can’t expect to earn enough to run the apartment on your own. But! you can always rely on them to provide some extra pocket money so you don’t have think twice before spending some dollars on movie tickets with friends.

Easy money is less money

Like the wise used to say “as you sow, so shall you reap”. So if your commitment to making money goes out only as far as staying in PJs to attempt online surveys, don’t expect to build millions overnight!

No matter what the site tells you, the yield at the end of the day will not be much. So I will not completely discourage looking for other ways to make money.

However, a survey is an easy work. You can always do it in your free time and earn some extra cents. For this goal, the InboxDollars is not entirely a bad choice. The best part is that it is giving our cash, not points and the payment is completely guaranteed!

InboxDollars review: 3 reasons why you should give it a try

Before you get into any bad InboxDollars review, here are some reasons why you might want to give it a try.

First thing first, you will not get bored here. I know sticking to the laptop screen filling out monotonous surveys might sound boring. But InboxDollars gives out other options through which you can make money. Cool!

Furthermore, there is no hassle of earning here. You can work conveniently on your own pace and earn on the speed you want to. Also, the site is reliable so you can be sure that as soon as you reach the minimum, you will get the pay on time.

Earning easy money would have been no fun if the site itself looked like a maze you had to cross without any map-guide. InboxDollars realizes that well! It has an easy navigation desgined to help you move around without any problems.

My final verdict

I will end my InboxDollars review by concluding that the the site indeed PAYS! Although you need a minimum threshold amount in your account to redeem the cash.

No wonder the site is trusted by as many as 10 million members and so far, it hasn’t been a disappointment to anyone.

Besides the scant amount of ups and downs mentioned above, I was more than happy to receive my first payment from the InboxDollars. They pay little but they pay on time so it is a good place to spend your free hours on. Give it a try!