Have you ever filled an Online Survey? Do you know much your opinions add value to the product being delivered to you? Your valuable feedback shared is part of what we technically term as “Market Research”.

Online Surveys are possibly the stress-free and time-saving method to collect relevant information online, concerning the quality of future products.

Most of the American companies are spending billions of dollars annually on Market Research. It includes, connecting with their focus groups, conducting interviews and surveys and products testing etc. So that a company can find out the customer preference to attractive logos, addictive taste of chips, chocolates and organic juices.

The acquired data helps the company to decipher its customers’ needs. On the grounds of these responses, a company will get a clear picture of where its products lie in the market.

Online Surveys have gradually become more prevalent now-a-days. They provide companies an ease of data distribution. Since the data is already present in digital form, the results are thus easier to analyse.

In fact for further ease most of the companies are using mobile surveys as their data collection method. Mobile surveys are concise and brief. They can simply be carried out on your mobile devices and spread to a wide range of potential customers.

Online Surveys-How They Operate?

Are you questioning yourself, what are Online Surveys like and how they operate? This segment will help you answer your queries.

Understand Better Through An Example

A company is thinking to ‘revamp its product’ to increase sales. Instead of striking its customers with an extreme revulsion, a company plays it safe. Therefore, it publishes an Online Survey in which they might put-up its proposal in conjunction with pictorial demonstration of its product. The respondents will have to rate that image/short clip through a series of questions. The resultant data will demonstrate the forthcoming scenarios regarding respondent reactions. In this way, Online Surveys help the companies to mitigate any future risk!

Legitimacy of Paid Surveys: Exploring Real and Scam

Paid surveys have emerged as a tempting avenue to make some extra bucks, but the looming question persists: are they genuinely trustworthy? Delve into the realm of paid surveys, differentiating between authentic opportunities and potential pitfalls.

Navigating the Landscape

Paid surveys involve expressing your viewpoints on products, services, or general trends, with compensation as the incentive. Reputable survey platforms collaborate with businesses seeking valuable consumer insights.

Signs of Authenticity

  1. Reputable Names: Established platforms like Swagbucks, Pinecone Research, and Toluna carry a solid reputation for fair dealings.
  2. Privacy Guard: Legitimate sites prioritize safeguarding your data and avoid soliciting sensitive information.
  3. Reasonable Rewards: While you won’t amass a fortune, legitimate platforms offer tangible rewards proportionate to your efforts.

Warning Bells

  1. Payment Upfront: Authentic survey opportunities don’t demand joining fees.
  2. Too-Good-to-Be-True Promises: Scams lure with extravagant earnings that seldom materialize.
  3. Data Overload: Be cautious when surveys excessively pry into your personal information.

Smart Survey Engagement

  1. Research Rigor: Prioritize platforms backed by positive user reviews and ratings.
  2. Dedicated Email: Employ a separate email address for survey engagements to avoid clutter.
  3. Steady Persistence: Patiently participating over time yields more substantial rewards.

Advantages of Participating in Online Surveys

Below are the benefits you can avail from Online Surveys:

  • These are the cheapest and time-saving method to communicate directly to your customers.
  • They have high incident rate than any other conventional survey methods.

* Incident rate: Percentage of actual respondents*

  • Online Surveys are a powerful promotion tool for the products in question.
  • Company can gauge employee satisfaction within no time.
  • A company can create its own website for Online Surveys. Once the customers sign-up those websites, it becomes easy for the company to be in touch with them, even for future assistance.

Tired Of Scam Sites?

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Out-Of-The-Box Ways To Attract Customer Attention

Have you ever come across question-based short clips, while watching your favorite videos on YouTube? Or you may have encountered polling questionnaires on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook? This is how companies now-a-days are utilizing different mode of approaches to publish their Online Surveys.

To gain maximum crowd attention, most of the companies are spicing up their surveys through appealing incentives. For example, after filling a particular survey, a spinning wheel pops-up on your mobile screen. You just need to hit off the “Spin” button and bless yourself with a gift hamper, money and other rewards.

Approaches To Design Online Surveys

There are various styles a company should keep in mind while designing an Online Survey.  As, different companies has different requirements, so, the questionnaires are customized accordingly. The most common styles on which Online Survey are designed are under-mention.

1. Choose What Suits!

In this type of Online Surveys, customers are provided with questions along-with multiple choices presented as answers. They just have to choose the best, suited to them.

Consider an example of Curly Fries

Do You Prefer Curly Fries Over Finger Fries?

  • Absolutely
  • Never
  • Can give it a chance


  • A company would get radically distinctive reactions from its customers.


  • It would be difficult for the company to find usable information from the unparalleled reactions of its respondents.

2. How would you rank?

Ranking products on a numbered scale is another approach to design Online Surveys. In this style, respondents are provided with a scale typically ranges from one to five. Rating 5 on a scale shows the highly positive respond from the customers. However, 1 on the other hand indicates the poor negative reaction.


  • This method provides a uniform response form the respondents.
  • Data from ranking scale is easy to aggregate.

3. Fill What You Are Looking Forward To

The companies usually don’t prefer this type of Online Survey. It includes questions followed by blanks. Respondents have to fill those blanks to communicate, what they actually are looking forward to. Customarily, a single blank at the end of other surveys are left for customers to consider further suggestions.


  • It proves quite beneficial for the companies who prefer precise details regarding their products.


  • It consumes a lot of time for the customers and the company itself.
  • Blanks must be filled manually. So, customers lose their interest very quickly.

4. Select What You Saw?

Image type questions are more like multiple choices but with the image provided. By looking at the question at hand, respondents have to select the most appropriate figure. Image selection options usually come in different flavors i.e. single-selection and multiple-selection.


  • It is good for getting feedback on logos, designs and photography.
  • Participants can zoom in and zoom out the image for a closer look.

Final Words

Online Surveys is the trend of this century; it not only allows companies to gather data and feedback but at the same time lets users enjoy benefits, rewards and perks from the ease of their home.