Are you a movie lover who like to stick to Friday movie night tradition? Taking online surveys is a great way to build some extra cash so you don’t have to think twice before buying that movie ticket!

With all the amazing streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, does it really leave a room for a theater trip? Surprisingly, a lot of people still hold cinema as the best entertainment option.

Why I Still Love To Spend Money On Movie Tickets

The movie theaters have transformed over the year with more comfort than we can even afford at home.

Pillows, blankets, reclining chairs and what not? From movie dining to option of watching the movie in 3D or even enjoying it at a roof-top, cinema no longer mean one closed room with a popcorn bucket only.

I remember spending the night out watching Avengers in front of a huge screen and surround sound system. Definitely, one of the best days of entertainment I have had in ages.

Imagine sitting on your reserved seat with 3D glasses in a luxurious cinema where you get served with flatbread pizza and craft beer. Who wouldn’t want to spend money on that, right? We are not talking about popcorn and candy anymore!

What To Do About Movie Tickets Before You Go Bankrupt?

The comfortable chairs and fancy food servings have become a norm in cinema culture now. The prices, however, have also shot up much more than any of us were willing to pay. It is a only a movie, after all!

Yes. It is just a movie. Also, it just may just be another movie you can comfortably watch at home tucked in bed. Although we all love to enjoy the upgraded perks of a movie theater, nobody wants to be broke for the rest of the month.

With such cinema halls, movies are no longer a cheap form on entertainment like they once used to be. What needed $5 only now wants you to spend $25!

But when it comes to a true movie-lover (like me!), the heart wants what it wants.

I remember standing in a long queue, outside the cinema all ready to spend the few dollars I had saved up for the movie screening. That’s when I heard about online surveys that will rewards your participation with free movie tickets and vouchers.

Here I am sharing with all of you what I learned about these surveys after that.

A number of different survey sites are willing to offer movie vouchers and gift cards in return of your services. Most of the vouchers include tickets for and cover for snacks and drinks at places including AMC, LAndmark, Cineplex, Regal And Cinemark.

You can redeem movie-related rewards in form of physical gift cards or e-voucher forms. Either way, it is a great option if you really wanted to enjoy a movie night with your friends or loved ones without any hassle of cash.

Surveys Sites That Pay With Movie Vouchers (#6 is a Must-Try)

In this article, I tried to round up some of the best survey sites that will reward you with movie vouchers or movie gift certificates.

All of these panels are well-maintain and highly respected. They are willing to reward you for honest responses only. So refrain from providing rushed answers or you will be disqualified immediately.

1. MySoapBox

With MySoapBox you can earn gift certificates and e-gift cards applicable at AMC Theaters, Regal Entertainment Group and Atom Tickets. All of this just in return for a simple survey participation.

2. YouGov

This survey panel has been around for a long time. It is better known for its political paid surveys. The reward options with YouGov vary from country to country and may include cash payments as well as movie e-vouchers.

3. Ipsos i-Say

The survey site maintains a reward catalog that gives out digital movie tickets in return for taking a survey. The protocol here is simple:

Take the survey> redeem points> get your pin> print out the digital ticket. And you are good to go!

Most of the tickets earned here are applicable to all the theaters nationwide.

4. Toluna Influencers

With Toluna Influencers you can take surveys or go for product testing, diary survey as well as video surveys. They will give you option to choose between cash and gift cards from their reward catalog.

5. Tellwut

Currently consisting of a 700k+ community, the Tellwut will ask you to take online surveys or create polls. They have a handful of other earning options too.

Besides e-gift cards and movie vouchers, the Tellwut survey site offers $10 Cineplex Gift Card to Canadian survey takers.

6. Pinecone Research

With Pinecone Research online surveys, you will not run out of rewarding options. You can choose between cash, movie vouchers and also earn a $2/ completed survey.

You can also cash out the rewards as soon as you earn them or wait for the balance to build up a little. Any way you like it!