It’s not a surprise anymore that there are online surveys that actually pay! However, not all of them are reliable or worth your time. What about CashCrate then? Can you expect to make dollars here without any fraud or hassle? Also, is it true that the website is willing to pay you on every click? Read the CashCrate review here and find out!

With so many fake online surveys being circulated over the internet, you can never be too safe when it comes to choosing which websites to try out. That does not mean you don’t have any safe options altogether. In fact, there is a number of survey sites that will reward you with cash or points instantly.

Then there is CashCrate! This amazing website will let YOU choose whether you want to earn money or make some points. Continue reading this review about CashCrate to find out how it works.

Did You Know?This website has been around since 2006, paying out over $3,000,000 to its more than five million members.

CashCrate review highlights

CashCrate is another reliable get-paid-to site where you can take surveys online, play games and perform different tasks to earns a few dollars.

The sign-up process is surprisingly easy and luckily also FREE! You can expect to get 2-3 survey invites every day. Furthermore, if you want to take part in more you can always visit their website where there are dozens available.

However, you will not get rich from taking online surveys. They are in no way an alternative to your actual job. You can make enough to enjoy a fancy meal or buy a movie ticket for friends on a Friday night.

CashCrate Alternatives

CashCrate is one of the most popular companies that offer paid surveys. But there are also other companies that offer similar services. If you want to find out more about these alternatives, then keep reading.


Swagbucks is another company that offers paid surveys, but they have a lot more features than CashCrate. For example, they have a loyalty program where you can earn points and redeem them for gift cards or PayPal cash.

You can also use the points on their own website to get free gift cards or coupons. There are also many other ways to earn money with this platform, such as playing games or watching videos online. You can even get paid for doing your shopping online at places like Amazon, Best Buy and Target.

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is another site that offers paid surveys and other ways to earn money online. The best thing about this platform is that it doesn’t require much work on your part because all you need to do is sign up for an account by clicking here (it’s free)!

From there you’ll receive an email every day containing links for new surveys available on their website; however.


MyPoints is a rewards program that lets you earn points for doing things you’re already doing online, like shopping, watching videos, and taking surveys.

You can then redeem those points for gift cards, including Amazon gift cards and PayPal cash!

I’ve been able to use MyPoints to get free products from brands I love like Beauty Counter, Fitbit, and more.

And one of the best things about it is that it’s free to join! So if you want to earn some extra cash or get some free stuff, give it a try!

How To Sign-Up For CashCrate

The first and most important part of the CashCrate review is to let you guys know how to create an account on this website. Here we go!

Visit their official website at and click on the register button. This will direct you to the JOIN FOR FREE page where you only need to provide a valid email ID and a password.

In the next step, you will be asked to fill out a form with your full name, address, country, city, state, zip code, birth date, gender and ethnicity. These are common requirements for most of the survey sites so it’s nothing to worry about.

Don’t overthink that they are asking for an uncomfortably large amount of personal information. They need the addresses to send you the cash that you have very solid chances of winning in the future. One more thing: Your information is completely safe!

Surprisingly Good Ways To Make Money With CashCrate

What are your options here? Let’s dig in to this CashCrate review further and find out what are different ways in which you can make money here.

1. Take profile survey

Interested in easy money? Simply complete their sign-up process to earn $1 instantly! You can also finish the profile survey which will revolve around some personal questions about you. This will let you cash extra $0.5. Cool, right?

2. The Good-Old Online Surveys

This is one of the best ways to make money on CashCrate. Luckily, there are a number of surveys available on this platform at any given time so you will never run out of options to choose from.

However, you need to keep in mind that you will be often disqualified from the survey if you don’t match the demographics they were looking for. This is pretty common with online surveys and a major reason why most people are under the view that such sites are a waste of time.

CashCrate is willing to pay you $0.25- $2 on completing a survey depending on the length of the questionnaire. Typically, a survey that takes 30 minutes to complete will have a better payout rate as compared to those that only take a couple of minutes.

3. Special Offers

Special offers can get you paid in many ways although they don’t come around too often. These can include creating an account on some specific website, signing up to an email list, or even pay pay for a product under testing.

In exchange, CashCrate will award you with a little pocket money you can enjoy. Great!

Special offers like these that are paid are the best and quickest way to earn money online although they have some risk involved. As the offers are not given out to every participant those who do take part in it are required to provide their phone number or email ID.

Quick Tip! To avoid spamming in your email ID, we suggest you create a separate account for the sake of taking online surveys only. This will save you from getting your personal ID filled with useless spams.

There are also other offers that require credit card information. You are right to worry as this is VERY risky and we would never recommend you go ahead with such paid offers. In most cases, the trials are free to take. However, there are chances you could forget to cancel the trial and there is nothing you can do about the deducted money then.

What’s In It For You?

Nonetheless, we can not deny that during the course of writing this CashCrate review we found out that paid offers that require credit card info pay out the highest. In some cases, the reward can be as high as $10-$15. This means if you are sure you will not forget to cancel free trials, this could be the easiest way to make money here!

We can take some advice from a CashCrate user that left a comment on workfromhomejourney saying:

“I only ever do offers that I have a genuine interest in, and ones that only require minimal information – such as just my email address. I created a dedicated spam email for these types of things, so my main one stays spam-free.”

4. Enjoy Videos Online

How cool does the idea of watching videos to make money sound to you? Amazing, right? With CashCrate you can do just that and earn some dollars without any hassle. However, the payout is not so great as you would expect with online surveys and special offers.

In fact, in some cases, the reward is only a few cents/hour. Also, keep in mind that this section of the CashCrate website is available to the legal residents in the US only.

5. Cashback!

CashCrate is in partnership with a number of different stores such as Macy’s and Walmart. If you have signed up with the website then you can enjoy cashback on purchase of different objects.

How good is the earning in this case? A user who has comments on Reddit:

“From what I saw, the cashback percentage was in the less than 5% bracket for the most part, although there were a few offering up to 9% back.”

6. Get Paid To Check-In

This one is another easy alternative provided by CashCrate. You simply need to click on a link that will direct you to offers or surveys within CashCrate. This check-in can help you earn up to 3 cents.

The best part is that you don’t even need to complete the survey that you were taken to!

7. Referral System

CashCrate understands the basics of multi-level marketing well. That is why it encourages you to refer the website to other friends and family members and win rewards in exchange!

In the first level of the referral system, you can earn 20% of whatever your direct referral is earning. Also, you can enjoy 10% off everything their referral earns.

That is just the beginning. In total, there are 5 levels you can take part in with CashCrate. We have explained below how each works.

First level: Bronze

Every use starts out at this point.

  • No active referrals needed.
  • 20% first level referral earnings.
  • 10% second level referral earnings.

You will also get a $3 bonus as soon as your referral gets to their $10 earnings. There’s more! Get ready to enjoy 5 cents for every survey that your referral completes.

Second level: Silver

  • 50 active referrals needed.
  • 25% first level referral earnings.
  • 10% second level referral earnings.

If you achieve the second level on the referral system you will be paid on 1st of each month instead of 15th. Also, you can get to choose between check or direct deposit for your payment method.

Note! In some cases, the second level also offers the options of getting $1 for every active referral instead of the usual $3 bonus.

Third level: Gold

  • 150 active referrals needed.
  • 25% first level referral earnings.
  • 15% second level referral earnings.

Fourth level: Platinum

  • 300 active referrals needed.
  • 30% first level referral earnings.
  • 15% second level referrals earnings.

Fifth level: Elite

  • 500 active referrals needed.
  • 30% first level referral earnings.
  • 20% second level referral earnings.

Another amazing benefit of being at the elite level is that weekly payments become available. Also, you can choose to get paid by direct deposit or check.

CashCrate Point System

Like we mentioned at the start of this CashCrate review, it is one of the few sites that offer payment in both US Dollars and points!

Points are offered on completion of certain offers only. These may also include some surveys, online videos or simply playing games. The only downside is that only a few points are awarded so it can take a pretty long time to reach the threshold required to opt for payout.

How Can You Redeem Points On CashCrate?

One obvious way of earning points on this website is to play the “Crates” game. Although you need to keep in mind that the game is pure luck so you can never be sure if you will get anything out of it or not. In case you win, the points will be added instantly to your account.

Here’s how you can play the game:

1. Visit their official website and click on the Green Cash Crate Play option.

2. Next you have to click on the little green crate on the screen.

3. That’s it! The click is all you have to do. If you win, there will be fireworks on the screen.

4. If not, you can choose to play again by clicking on “Click here to pick again” option.

Note! Every time you play the game, it will cost you 5 points.

You can also use the points on Amazon, Starbucks and iTunes gift cards. Although you need a large number of points to avail the prizes. Good-luck!

How Much Can You Make With CashCrate?

The section of the CashCrate review where we highlighted the different ways in which you can earn here would have given you a good idea of how much you can make here. In a nutshell, your earning depends on how active you are on this platform.

You can earn as much as $50 on the very first day if you are keen enough to complete free trials or receive a number of referrals. However, if you are only as active as to spending a few minutes to complete surveys or other offers, then you can only expect to make a few dollars a month.

The CashCrate authorities will make the first payment through check. After that, all the next payments will be made via PayPal or through direct deposits.

An interesting feature is that of “payment wall”. This would show you the images of checks or PayPal emails as a proof that different users have received payments from CashCrate. That is a good way to build trust with new-comers!

Is there a downside?

It wouldn’t come as a surprise when we say that CashCrate has gathered a number of complaints. Some of which you need to consider are:

$20 is a high threshold!

You are right to worry if you think it can take forever to reach $20.This is one of the most major con of the website. Most people can not take highly-paying offers because they think providing credit card information is a big risk.

Other earning methods have a low pay-out and therefore the website overall offers limited earning potential. It can take as much as several months to reach enough to cash out.

High disqualification rate

You have to be very lucky to qualify for a survey. The chances you will be disqualified are, unfortunately, very high! A user commented:

“I tried three but wasn’t a match for a single one of them. This is because the companies conducting these surveys are looking for a very specific demographic and if you’re not a match, you won’t be able to participate.”

We can only wish you the very best in this regard!

A lot of spam!

You need to very careful when using this website. There are different paid offers that will require you to provide email ID or phone number. Most of them will spam your personal ID and that can actually become a headache!

We suggest you thoroughly go through the privacy policies or terms of service before you opt for any service. These will help you decide whether the offer is worth completing or not.

90 days of inactivity? Account terminated!

You have to remain active on your CashCrate account or else it will be terminated after 3 months. Also, only one member/ household is allowed to sign-up. This is a typical precaution taken by a number of get-paid-to sites in order to discourage frauds.

Here’s How Users Review CashCrate

It’s always a good practice to go through the reviews of a website you are thinking of trying out for yourself. For this reason, we have summed up some comments from different sites below. Let’s see what the CashCrate users have to say about this platform.

Elizabeth Morrel rated the site 5/5 and remarked:

“I’ve been a daily user of CashCrate for 6 months. I’m loving it. It’s really useful to me and absolutely a legitimate way to earn extra money. I’ve always been paid correctly and on time, whether by check or PayPal. The interface is nicely laid-out and intuitive to use. There’s a forum if you need to ask any questions and the manager always answers all queries quickly.

You can just tell the whole thing is run properly by people with integrity who care about doing the right thing. There are always plenty of surveys for you to do, actually, there aren’t enough hours in the day to complete them all, so you can earn as little or as much as you have time for. You can also earn from playing their fun little games and just for signing in every day. CashCrate’s awesome for me. I’m just really glad I found it.”

Those are some really encouraging words!

There’s more!

Mouse16 also rated the site 5/5 on trust pilot and commented:

“I encouraged anyone who is interested in earning side income to join CashCrate. Lots of good surveys daily, bonus surveys, monthly competitions where top finishers earn extra cash. Plus there are many other ways to earn cash, watch videos, shops, refer your friends. I have been with Cashcrate since July 2016 and have made a very nice chunk of change, enough to pay for many months of internet, presents and now I am seeing my referral income rise steadily as well. Payments come into my Paypal account on first or second of every month, I am very grateful and glad to be a member of Cashcrate, Why give your opinion for free, get paid to do so, Join Cashcrate. It is easy to sign and they are definitely legit. A happy cashcrate.”

Stacey rated the site 4/5 and left a comment on Trustpilot saying:

“I have been with this company for a while and each time I cash-out, they pay right away on the 1st or 2nd of every month. Though kind of slow getting more surveys; I still love their site.I would recommend them to anyone and everyone..
Thanks, Cashcrate!”

Antika J. leaves a comment on SiteJabber:

“I have been a member of Cash Crate since July 2016 and I must say it is the best survey website that i have come across. They have lots of Survey opportunities, a nice referral program, great offers. I earn about $500- $600 per month just by completing surveys and i get weekly payment without fail. The support staff is are really good, very helpful. I would suggest Cash Crate to everyone who wants a little extra cash each month 🙂 it’s a very good website :)”

Trustpilot: 3.9/5

Workfromhomejourney: 3.7/5

Frequently Asked Questions About CashCrate Review

1. Do you need to reach a minimum pay-out threshold on CashCrate before you can opt for the payment?

Ans. You need to have an accumulation of at least $20 before you can cash out your earnings. This is comparatively high when we think of other get-paid-to sites.

2. I have clicked on a number of check-in links but did not receive the promised 3 cents. Why?

Ans. This a common complaint filed by many users. Unfortunately, the website is experiencing certain technical issues in this regard. We are hopeful it will come around soon.

3. Does CashCrate have a BBB rating?

Ans. Unfortunately, CashCrate has a very low BBB rating. Currently, it is a C although we are hopeful it can improve in future.

4. Is there a restriction on who can join the CashCrate?

Ans. You have to be 13+ to take part in different games, videos or offers given out by CashCrate. Also, more surveys are given out to the legal residents in the US and those participants who can speak English well.

CashCrate Review Final Verdict

Now to sum up the CashCrate review we have to mention the experience of finance blogger who used the website and remarked:

“I discovered that there weren’t too many ways to earn a payout except by taking offers. You pick the ones that you want to do, you complete the action and then wait until CashCrate puts the money into your account. However, the offers have tons of hoops to jump through sometimes.”

All in all, we can safely say that CashCrate is a good survey site where you can generate a healthy number of dollars without getting into any hefty surveys. Your information is completely safe with them. You don’t need to worry that they are involved with a handful of third-parties,

CashCrate also has a reliable customer support service. They will be quick to address your issues and will not shut you out like many other survey sites. The navigation is pretty simple and the sign-up is FREE!

So is the CashCrate legit or scam? We don’t know about that but one thing is for sure: CashCrate is gone.

Did You Know? CashCrate was closed down in March 2019.