On the first outlook, Cashback Research appears to be an authentic paying survey site with free membership. However, unlike the belief, first impressions are last impressions, the online world can be a bit more deceiving.

If you do not wish to fall prey to online scams and frauds, read our Cashback Research review and gauge for yourself.

If you have landed up on this page, then there is one definite question you are searching the answer for, is Cashback Research worth my time and energy as a secondary income source?

We’ll figure that out in our review below so hang in here with us…

Even though this site has its downside which may not make it to the top of the list but let us tell you that Cashback Research is at least not a scam.

It has its drawbacks indeed which makes the credibility a bit questionable but some upsides are definitely worth mentioning. So let’s take a look ahead…

Cashback Research: A Quick Introduction

Cashback Research is basically a survey site that invites users to share their opinions on qualifying surveys and earn money in return.

Did You Know? Cashback is located in South Carolina since it originated in the United States of America and has been around since 2007.

That is all when it comes to introducing this survey panel. However, the most asked question when it comes to any paying service is, what are the opportunities the company has to offer and how much money can be earned.

So without wasting any further time, lets go ahead to the point.

However, before that…

Disclaimer! If you think you can just quit your job and sit at home, complete surveys and you are good to go with life. Then you are cent percent wrong. Yes! The legit paying survey panels will help you make cash but only to assist you enough to afford a night out with your friends. This is not going to pay your bills or run your groceries!

How Can You Earn From Cashback Research?

There are four ways that Cashback offers using which you can earn rewards or cash. Let’s take a look and scrutinize each one of them.

Daily surveys

Completing daily surveys is the major goal offered by Cashback Research to earn money. Each time you open the website, a category of Daily Surveys will be present where all available surveys that users can take part in will appear.

You will find two types of surveys in this category:

  1. Red Surveys: These would be the surveys where the participant is pre-qualified. This means there are higher chances of you being eligible to be a participant in these surveys.
  2. Black Surveys: These will be those surveys for which you will have no idea if you are eligible or not. Instead, you will have to answer a few questions to find out.

Upon doing some personal research, we were not a big fan of the daily survey category. In fact, it was only a collection of third party links to another site for surveys.

Even though survey panels do have third party affiliates but for Cashback Research it was not very impressive to say the least.

A major drawback? The users cannot just take any survey or all of them in the Daily Surveys section. Instead you have to choose and register for the Cashback Research supported survey panels first.

Survey Panels

Another way to earn cash here is through Cashback’s recommended survey panels. When you sign in to your account, you will be able to find the list of survey panels.

Did You Know? These are the recommended survey panels you can join and each time a member joins it, Cashback Research gets commissioned. While the user can earn $10 if they register for all 10 recommended survey panels on the page.

Let’s be real folks… these are a lot of panels that you would have to join not to mention no in detail information is available on any of these panels as such. This is just a bait to get you to sign up and help the site get commissions.

Beware! If you have already registered for the recommended sites, then you will not be able to join all of them and hence will not be able to get the bonus as well.

Bonus Cash Deals

When you access your Cashback account, you will find a Bonus cash offers box in yellow. These are not survey invitations but other online deals where you can register your free trials. In fact, at times some offers here can give you big wins.

Other survey sites also promote the same offer with wider opportunities to grasp. If you are really keen on minting money from here then you must check out all survey panels before setting for one.

Make Sure! You go through all the terms and conditions before applying in any of these offer.

Membership Bonuses

Cashback Research has a unique system where it divides its membership perks into certain levels.

The new users are given the bronze membership. Then subsequently there are silver, gold and platinum memberships available. These levels basically determine the amount of money you can earn by answering surveys daily.

  • Bronze Members get $0.50 / daily survey,
  • Silver Members get $0.55/ daily survey,
  • Gold Members get $0.60/ daily survey,
  • Platinum Members get $0.65/ daily survey,

How to get upgraded? If you wish to jump from bronze level to a silver level member, the you have to register for the 10 of the recommended panels of Cashback Research.

What’s the drawback here? As we have already mentioned above, if you are already a member of the recommended survey panels, you will not only be disqualified from the bonus reward but also will not be able to qualify for a higher level membership.

So some of you may just remain at bronze level and there is that. However, for those who can reach the gold level, they have to register for 15 panels and complete 5 payouts. While for the platinum level, you need to make 10 successful payouts.

So, it is right to conclude that these memberships levels are assigned according to the number of survey panels one signs up for. Hence, it is also right to conclude that Cashback Research is all about making you sign up to survey panels because that is where they get their commissions from.

The Payment Methods

Now that we have settled that on Cashback Research you earn via surveys and signing up for panels. After which your payment gets deposited in your account.

When your account reaches a minimum threshold value, you can place a request to cash it out through PayPal or avail a gift card from Amazon.

So, what is the minimum payout threshold? You need to make at least $30 before you can cash it out. It is imperative that we mention here that this is a very high amount of a threshold.

Other competitive sites have set their minimum payout of $5 to $15, which is realistic and manageable. In fact, there are sites which offer a payout on as low as $1.

Keeping all this in perspective, it is right to say that $30 cash out threshold is extremely high and would take a longer stretch of time to gather into the account.

Hear It In The Actual Words

Eric Yoder shared his experience with Cashback Research in these words,

Pricks offered a $12 challenge. They claimed I had to go thru so many steps to get $12. Upon completion I only received one dollar and now have tons of their sponsors loading my email with junk mail. Beware this is a scam!

While Juanita Surrency said,

It is a good survey program. One that I have received money from. Wished I could qualify for more but understand at my age and limited resources I don`t do or own things to qualify me for more. At least they don`t try to sell you stuff and they really pay you for surveys.

Let’s hear it from Cristian Soto,

I would have rated a bit more if they more variety of surveys and if some bonus surveys would actually pay because some havent rewarded me after completion. Some daily surveys dont credit either after completion. But I managed to gain atleast $27 dollars so far since i joined about 5 days ago. I havent request a pay yet till 30 so so far i rate 3 stars.

…and from Swchandler,

Cashback Research has many surveys to take. I however always seem to be too late in responding because either at the beginning or halfway through the surveys the survey ends saying they have already reached their target figure. I usually get on the site once in the morning and once in the evening. Haven’t gotten anywhere very fast.

How Much Money Earning Can You Make Here?

We have already warned you that earning from survey sites, in general, is not going to make a millionaire over night but it is a good side income to help you maintain a lifestyle in the growing world.

Cashback Research is a good option but there are other survey sites that are far better in providing the earning opportunities.

On The Upside

Not everything about Cashback Research is negative, there are certain upsides as well.

It is Legit: Firstly, like million others flooding the internet, Cashback Research is at least not a fraud or a scam minting your information or money. The site indeed pays despite of the limited opportunities it has to offer.

Support and Help: The site has a contact number where users can get in touch for their queries and questions. This is not available on big giant sites as well. So we should give Cashback brownie points for investing in customer care. Usually when you place a query you get a reply within 24 hours.

They even have a Facebook page which remains active so you can also use that to get answers or report something.

Also this endorses the fact that site is not a scam. No scam site offers contact support or help. Furthermore, Cashback never throws fake claims of making you rich overnight, further emphasizing on its legitimacy.

Hence, even though Cashback Research may not be the best fish in the sea but there are things that should be commended. Then it is up to you if you wish to become a part of their community or not.

Who Is Eligible?

The services are accessible to the residents of the following countries who are at least 18 years of age:

  1. United States,
  2. Canada,
  3. United Kingdom,
  4. Australia,

Residents from other countries can also register here but they will have even lesser opportunities to earn. So really, what is the point?

In The End

Cashback Research is not one of those paying survey sites that we would recommend. Having said that it is only right that we mention that the site is not a scam but is legit.

As far as the pros are concerned, the site has legit earning arenas and offers the option to get funds via PayPal. While on the other side for the cons, it has a really high minimum payout limit, floods your inbox with emails with poor links, offer really low rewards for surveys and forces you to sign up to their recommended panels.

So all in all, it is irritating that the site is basically providing a bait to get you to sign up to panels for their own commissions.

It can be used for side earnings but our recommendation is that here are many other far better sites that you can opt for instead with higher payouts and rewards.