Does your money shortage make you search for money making techniques online? If yes, then search no more because in this Survey Junkie review I will tell you how this survey panel can solve all your monetary issues!

Don’t get dubious by its eccentric name because it is a legit way to make money online. All you need is a good internet connection, a device, and some spare time to take online surveys which will be your ticket towards earning money while sitting at home.

A complete Survey Junkie review

When you start your journey of making money online, you will be shocked to find out just how many sites are out there promising rewards better than others. In fact all of them claim to be the best.

So, how do you decide which one to go for?

Survey Junkie is an online survey site that allows you to cash your extra time by taking surveys, voice your opinion about products and brands, and earn gift cards and cash in reward.

They go by the mission statement: “connect your voice to big brand companies – helping shape our world.”

Did you know? Survey Junkie was launched in 2005 and currently has more than 3,000,000 members.

Should you sign-up for Survey Junkie?

Before you sign up for any websites claiming to pay you in return of filling out surveys , there are a couple of questions you must ask yourself.

The first question you’ll ask about the site is, Is survey junkie legitimate?

The answer is; YES, it is! Survey Junkie is a perfectly reliable online site for survey-filling, even though there are the odd reports of people who were not compensated for their work and could not get through to the helpline. But those are extremely rare.

Although there have been questions about the legitimacy of the site over the past few years with the most common one being “Is it a scam?”

If your major concern is having your information stolen or just simply wasting your time without getting anything is return, you don’t need to worry. Survey junkie is completely reliable!

The second question you’ll ask is, Is it a good idea?

The Survey Junkie website is pretty straightforward on this one. It asserts you will NOT get rich filling forms. If you want to earn a fortune, this is almost certainly a bad idea.

But if you want to make the most of your free time, and want to pocket some extra cash at the end of each month, Survey junkie a fair enough start!

How does this survey panel work?

The Survey junkie has a very simple set up. You just need to make a profile and answer a couple of questions about yourself. This is a sort of profile survey that helps the surveyor decide which questionnaires you are best qualified for.

After you are done with this, you are good to go! The website will start sending you surveys that you can access either via the account you created or through emails.

How rewarding is the Survey Junkie point system?

survey junkie rewards

Completion of a survey will earn you redeemable points. The points you win depends on the length of the survey you filled. Even if you’re disqualified from the survey after you fill the demographic portion, you’ll get a few points to compensate.

To spice things up in the very start, you will be awarded 25 points immediately after you sign up. Next stop, you can earn additional 50 points by completing profile survey and 25 points for confirming the process via e-mail.

There is also a little treat for those who are patient enough to a “How was it?” tour on the website. This will also get you 5 points. Generous, right?

Finally, when you get to taking surveys, every completed survey will win you 10 points at least. The value can vary depending on the length of the survey.

100 Points is a dollar. As soon as you have more than 1,000 points (at least 100 dollars), you can have them cashed as gift cards, or cash.

At other survey sites, the minimum is $20 or $25, so this is pretty reasonable. If you do request your money, you must cash out all your points, and not leave any remaining.

Survey Junkie pays better than other survey panels? Tried and true!

This has to be the most important part of the entire Survey Junkie review!

So how much can you actually make from taking online surveys with survey Junkie? Not enough for you to consider quitting your job!

Survey Junkie does pay better than many other survey panels but you can’t expect to get rich over-night. The average pay for a survey here can be $1-$3 or maybe a couple of dollars more if you are really lucky.

If you fill your profile survey just right and get invited to a lot of surveys, you can expect to make a little more than average.

Although the Survey Junkie has a reputation of not sending out enough surveys. If the luck is really by your side, may be you will get 2-3 surveys in a week.

When will you get the payment?

Now, this is the second most important question you will ask. Don’t worry this Survey Junkie review will let you know all the details on when you can expect to get the payment from Survey Junkie.

Survey Junkie will not make you wait for than 24 hours to transfer the points to your account. If you have any issues, you can easily contact their customer support. They are extremely helpful and will respond to you in less than an hour.

The points you earn here can be redeemed in form of gift cards or cash through PayPal account. You have to accumulate a minimum threshold of 1000 points to receive the pay out. This is equal to $10.

To make sure that your points don’t expire, keep your Survey Junkie account open and active. Your points will not expire as long as you fill out at least one survey/year.

Make the best of Survey Junkie: Quick tips!

Here are some tips you can keep in mind if you want to improve your earnings with Survey Junkie.

  • Survey Junkie offers a browser extension which you can use to earn passive points. However, keep in mind that the browser does keep a check on your internet activity.
  • You can also make use of Survey Junkie referral program. This means you will be awarded points every time you bring in a new user to Survey Junkie.
  • Get a separate e-mail account for taking surveys. This way you will be able to organize the mails better and will not have to deal with spamming in your personal ID. This will also improve your chances of not missing out on a survey.

The other side of Survey Junkie review: Why not?

Survey Junkies receives periodic procedural complaints; when people are upset they didn’t get paid, or their account was suddenly and mysteriously removed.

They don’t, like other websites, receive complaints for other services, such as reading email, surfing web, or paid subscriptions that people forgot to unsubscribe from and got charged for.

Like most other such services, Survey Junkie does not have too many surveys for its users to fill out. You can expect almost one survey a week, on average.

This can be then be a frustratingly slow process. Its best for you to sign up at several sites, to receive frequent survey options.

One very important limitation is that only users residing in Canada, Australia and the US, are eligible to sign up. Even though everyone can register using their email address.

Some of the survey options may be pretty lousy, for instance 40 points for a 20 minute survey. But its useful to know the length of the survey before you begin filling it.

Another problem is the very frequent emails. Survey Junkie often mails you with a survey option you are not even eligible for. It is mostly a reminder to log back in and check your activity.

Final verdict

So now do you think the Survey Junkie is worth your time? I think YES!

Survey Junkie is one of the several good options for survey-fillers looking for easy money. It has a relatively easy sign-up process, a low threshold for redemption, pays you for completing your profile, and even compensates for the surveys you’re disqualified from.

It’s an option for people who’d agree to spend their free time doing the chore of filling surveys to earn a few extra bucks each month.