The Shoprite survey (myshopriteexperience) is giving you a chance to enter sweepstakes contest and be 1/24 lucky winners who get to take home a $500 gift-card! All you need to do is fill the online survey at and obviously pray to the lucky star!

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Comparison Table

  • $500 Gifts

  • No Sign Up Bonus
  • $1-$3/Survey

  • $5 Sign Up Bonus
  • $0.15/29Searches +
  • $0.05/entered searches

  • $10 Sign Up Bonus
  • $2-$3.5/Survey


Shoprite survey (myshopriteexperience) highlights

How does the thought of FREE shopping at Shoprite sounds to you? Interested? Then here’s your chance!

Although Shoprite does not have extensive number of branches throughout the US, if you are from any of the 6 states where is present, there’s only a very thin chance that you wouldn’t have heard of it.

Did you know? “Currently Shoprite is the largest food retailer in New Jersey and New York! In fact, it has been in the New Jersey for as many as 70 years! Shoprite founded 73 years ago.”

The Shoprite is not a franchise therefore its chances of expansion have been slow. The supermarket is owned by 50 members of cooperative. These owners often operate their own grocery stores separately.

For a place that came in to being in 1946, it might come as a shock that it still wants to hear from YOU and use your feedback to introduce all the required improvements.

What’s in it for you? The Shoprite survey is giving you a chance to win $500 gift-card! Keep reading to find out how you can do that.

In a nutshell

It’s important to know all the details before you take part in the survey. If you are not much of a reader, this summary below will deliver all the you need to know about Shoprite survey (myshopriteexperience).

Rewards – $500 Gift-Card

  • Eligibility: Legal Residents in US
  • Entry Limit: 1/Month
  • Age limit: 18 years or above
  • Language: English or Spanish

How to participate in Shoprite survey (myshopriteexperience)

You have to be a legal resident in the US to take part in the survey.

Only 1 Entry/Month is allowed for one person.

If you want to enter the sweepstakes without a purchase, opt for in-mail entry.

In case of online entry, you need a genuine receipt for the Shoprite. It will have all the required details for participation.

Only those who are 18 years or older can participate.

The survey is only available in English or Spanish. Therefore, make sure you know the basics of at least one of these languages before you take the survey.

Employees of the Shoprite or their family members and close relatives are not allowed to participate in the survey.

Attention! The rules and regulations of the survey clearly highlight that you will be disqualified immediately if you try to tamper with the process at all.

How to complete the survey online at

Make sure you have a good internet connection. You can use any device as suited to you. Laptop, smartphone or tablet, everything will work just fine as long as internet is up and running.

Visit their official website There are many fake online surveys all over the internet. So, we suggest you only go for the ones given on reliable sites.

We hope you have landed on the right website. Now, you will have to provide the 3-digit store number, register number, transaction number as well as date and time of visit to start the survey.

On the survey page, make sure you respond to all the questions. Incomplete surveys means you will not be eligible for sweepstakes entry. Also, never rush through the online survey. The authorities are not as dumb as you think. You can be disqualified if they think your responses are not reliable.

The questions will be about your experience with the Shoprite, your order, staff’s nature, administration, and overall services. As soon as you are done, click on Next.


Just because you have completed the survey does not mean you are good to leave. Make sure you also complete the official entry form. This will require your full name, mailing address, phone number, e-mail ID and date of birth. Only on its submission will you then be eligible for the lucky-draw.

Entry by mail

Is online entry the only way in ? Luckily, there are other ways to take part in the survey and take a chance on being the lucky winner.What’s more? You don’t even need a purchase to enter the sweepstakes.

You can do so by using in-mail entry.

Here’s what you need to do for that.

Simply hand print your full name, permanent address, telephone number and age on a 3″ x 5″ postcard. Also write “Please enter me in the Shoprite Sweepstakes for a chance to win a Monthly Prize”

Enclose the card in an envelope and post it to the following address:

Customer Experience” Sweepstakes, PO Box 407, Macedon, NY 14502-0407

Here’s your catch!

Your name will automatically entered into sweepstakes once you complete the submission form.

So what are your chances of winning?

2 lucky winners are selected every month. In total, 24 prizes will be given out each a gift card worth $500. Imagine all the things you can buy at Shoprite supermarket with this card!

Frequently asked questions about Shoprite survey (myshopriteexperience)

1. Is the gift-card redeemable as cash?

Ans. You can use the gift-card to save some cash next time you shop at Shoprite. However, the card itself is not redeemable as cash.

Interested in winning cash prizes? There are a number of online sites that will reward you in case. All you need is a PayPal account and some minutes on your hands.

2. Does entry by mail affect the chances of winning?

Ans. Sweepstakes are a win by chance. It does not matter whether your name got there through online entry or by in-mail entry, your chances of winning are pretty much the same.

The only thing that affects your probability of win is how many people have participated in the survey and sweepstakes. This is one case in which more is NOT merrier.

3. Can we contact their customer support service in case of any queries regarding the survey?

Ans. Absolutely! Feel free to contact them on the number 1-800-746-7748 if you want to ask any questions regarding the survey or survey process.

In closing

Hopefully, all this information was enough to make your experience with the Shoprite survey a smooth and fruitful one. The participation is quite easy and we wish YOU to be the lucky winner who gets to take the reward home. Good luck!