You don’t always have to wait for months before cashing out rewards. Here is a list of 7 online surveys’ sites that carry out sweepstakes/ contests on daily, weekly and monthly basis so you never stop winning!

1. PointClub Daily Points Giveaway

The PointClub has kept the rewarding system simple yet generous! Open their Facebook page and look for posts that mention daily points giveaway.

Found them? Next, like the post and copy the code into your SuperCode box. This will be present in the PointClub’s account dashboard. You are good to go!

  • Type: Daily points giveaways in form of points on Facebook
  • Duration:Daily
  • Prize: 1,000 points

2. NCP Pick N’ Win Sweepstakes

NCP Pick N' Win Sweepstakes

All you have to do here is log into your NCP account and view the prizes available for the month. If you have done enough online surveys here, redeem the earned points for sweepstakes entries for the prizes you are interested in.

The number of prize draws you can enter depends on the how many points you have accumulated. Nobody said you have to stop at a single purchase!

A random draw is then held monthly followed by prizes giveaway. The names of the lucky winners are published on the website to encourage transparency.

  • Type: Monthly giveaway
  • Duration:Monthly
  • Prize:small appliances and electronics

3. Tellwut Weekly Draw


With Tellwut, you don’t even have to apply for the giveaway yourself. Every survey you fill out completely will automatically nominate you as a participant in the giveaway.

The best part is you receive the entry even if you are disqualified from the survey. This means you can win something without having to fill out any survey at all!

The name of the winners in Tellwut Weekly Draw are posted on their social sites on weekly basis.

  • Type: Monthly giveaway
  • Duration:Monthly
  • Prize:small appliances and electronics

4. Univox Christmas Contest


The Univox Christmas Contest is open between the start of October and end of December every year.

You can always improve your chances of winning by participating in larger number of surveys.

To enter the contest, you just have to maximize the number of surveys you attempt.

If you are ranked as the top 100 survey takers, you can win an award of $30. The rest of the prizes are given below.

  • Type:Sweepstakes
  • Duration:Limited time
  • Prize:$5 for 200 participants, $10 for 100 participants, $30 for 100 participants

5. Smart App Monthly Giveaway

All you have to do to enter for monthly giveaway by the Smart App is to remain an active member. All the member frequently using the app are automatically nominated for random awards and cash prizes.

The list of the winners is published on the App’s website as soon as the names are announced.

  • Type:Monthly Giveaways
  • Duration: Monthly
  • Prize:$100 for top 3 members

6. Nicequest #NicePhoto Contest

Are you a selfie poser? Here’s your chance to win rewards just by taking a picture.

All you have to do is click a snap with Nicequest prize redemption and the green card from their website and share it on the site’s Facebook page. Don’t forget to put in the hashtag #nicePhoto!

A lucky winner is then selected every month and awarded 50 Shells in their account.

  • Type:Monthly Sweepstakes
  • Duration: Monthly
  • Prize:50 Shells

7. LEO monthly Sweepstakes

The LEO will email you surveys along with the details of rewards and contest entries you will receive for completion.

If you are interested in monthly sweepstakes, keep a keen eye on the list under “Chances”. This will show the worth of the survey in terms of contest entries. You can further increase the chances by answering Question of The Day.

  • Type:Monthly Draws
  • Duration: Monthly
  • Prize:$250, $1,000 and maybe an iPad!

What’s your pick?

Most of the sweepstakes and contests mentioned here require minimal effort to enter and provide countless opportunities to win just by going through a handful of online surveys. I suggest you give your favorite one a try!