Choosing the correct shoes to complement an outfit might seem challenging, especially if you’re a woman. Finding the right shoes may be a nightmare since many designs, colors, and heel height options exist. The perfect shoes may change the appearance and even carry an ensemble from good to great.

Finding Your Perfect Look: What to Consider

Shoes are just as important as the rest of an appearance when it comes to putting together an ensemble for a formal, corporate, or semi-formal event for ladies. The reality is that a great pair of shoes can transform an average look into something extraordinary.

Put the Purchase’s Motivation Front and Center

Consider your motivations for wanting new shoes as a jumping-off point. Many diverse explanations exist, each of which has its merits. Maybe you’re in the market for some new women’s footwear because:

  • It would help if you had an ideal outfit for an upcoming function, but none of your existing options will do.
  • You’ve decided to switch up your look a little and are looking into purchasing a new pair of shoes to go with your new style.
  • It’s time to retire some of your worn-out pairs.
  • You feel the need to upgrade your footwear to the latest fashion trends.

When you know why you’re doing something, it’s much simpler to determine whether there are any caveats you need to address when evaluating potential approaches. Hello Molly can help you and recommend a women’s shoe style guide specific to the kind of fashionable footwear you want to purchase.

What You Consider to Be “Personal Fashion”

When shopping for women’s footwear, one must remember the significance of one’s sense of style. Your footwear would complement the rest of your ensemble in a perfect world. That’s not to say they have to match in color, but it’s certainly possible. More crucial is that they serve their intended purpose and complement the cut and style of your daily wardrobe.

You probably have a set of work clothes you always wear to provide just one example. Choose shoes that complement those garments. The shoes you wear to work should match the jacket, pants, or dress you wear to the workplace and be devoid of decoration if the company has a strict dress code.

Consider what currently exists in your closet when looking for a new pair of dress shoes to go to more formal occasions. To quickly and easily accept last-minute invites to the opera, the launch of a new club, or any formal event that requires attire other than jeans and a t-shirt, you need an accessory that goes with at least two of those ensembles.

Is This Color Trendy or Classic?

There’s something more to think about while choosing a shoe color. Some colors reign supreme each season. Some have remained perennially popular throughout the season. Others could do good for a little period before falling into oblivion.

It would help if you asked yourself a question before visiting any women’s shoe retailers. Do you want to purchase something that is hot right now but may not be next year? Are shoes being purchased with the expectation that they would continue to serve their purpose this year and the year after?

It doesn’t matter how you respond to the two questions above. Purchasing a pair of shoes in a color that is now trending but may fade from favor is entirely acceptable. For the time being, you may use them to update some of your existing wardrobe staples. This is particularly true if you invest in a few complementary accent pieces.


It is also wise to get iconic shoes. Shoes are a perfect addition that, if selected properly, may serve as the icing on the fashion cake. Experiment with a wide range of silhouettes, fabrics, and hues to see how many chic combinations you can come up with.