Paystub generator tools can be an invaluable addition to your payroll processing system, supplementing existing payroll software in a way that can make a huge difference to how easily you can pay your employees.

With the right tools and some basic expertise, a payroll creator can become the main way to create a pay stub without having to worry about manually creating each of the payslips. But how important are these tools, and what kind of benefits do they offer?

Here are some key reasons why having a good paystub creator can contribute massively towards your payroll operations, whether you are running a small business or a huge company.

1. Reduced Payroll Costs and Improved Efficiency

Payroll creators can help you speed up the process of producing payslips, keeping efficiency high and costs low in two distinct ways:

Firstly, automating payroll processes: This is a major benefit if you spend a great deal of time creating payslips or can’t afford to dedicate employees to manually creating dozens of payslips every month. Saving time each time you create a paystub might not seem like much, but in larger companies, this could add up to multiple hours in total.

Secondly, you can reduce the costs of processing employee payroll slips. By producing your paystub forms and documents in-house with a partially-automated process, you can do it for a fraction of the price that it would take to hire another employee or specialist. Being able to translate existing payroll data into the paystub format so easily makes a huge difference.

2. Easy Access to Payroll Pay Stubs

A lot of paystub generator tools are designed to be used quite flexibly, meaning that many paystub maker options can be used alongside platforms like Drive or DropBox for easy document access. Alternatively, a shared business server means that these paystubs are ready to use across any department or company computer.

This is a small benefit that is not exclusive to these tools, but it is still a powerful combination worth considering. Being able to create and store pay stubs and payslips so efficiently can open up a lot of new opportunities to simplify the way that your business operates when it comes to paying employees.

3. Easier Integration with Other Systems

Many of the paystub creator tools allow for data integration and connection into payroll software, meaning that if your company already has payroll software, you can easily and simply add a paystub creator as part of your payroll package. 

You do not generally need to change your existing systems – you simply need to connect the new system to your existing payroll software (or, in many cases, find a niche where it can work best alongside other tools), and you are ready to go.

4. Payroll Data Flexibility

Some paystub creator tools are surprisingly flexible, allowing them to take in multiple kinds of data or be adapted to work with your chosen formats. This can be important in situations where multiple types of employees may need vastly different paystub layouts or formats.