Are you a student who has to apply for an internship position but are worried that it is difficult to get internships these days?

Since resumes are meant to highlight your work experience and you most probably don’t have enough of it to mention. But worry no more because our guide on how to make a resume for internship is here to save the day.

Usually, a misconception prevails that you can’t make your resume attractive unless you have had a significant amount of work experience. However, this is not true because the harder you work on your resume, the more chances you’ll have of getting your desired internship or job.

As students, we all are aware of how much importance internships hold in professional life. After graduation whenever you apply for jobs, every employer expects you to have at least the minimum experience related to your field and internships are the only means of gaining that experience.

  • Although in student life, most internships you’ll be offered are unpaid, yet they provide a very valuable learning experience.

Resumes being only 1 or 2 pages long require skills and diligence to make. You should be very tactful in adding the details that will captivate the employer’s attention.

Especially when it is for internships because the companies have to select from very few individuals who have the same knowledge and skill-set among the hundreds that apply. However, learning how to make a resume for an internship is not very difficult. All you have to do is focus on these few points:

Guide & Steps To Make Resume For Internship

In this article, we will help you to guide step by step, how to make a professional internship resume in which focuses on your education, skills and hobbies?

Determine What Is Required Of The Interns

It is advisable to make a resume once and then edit it according to the job requirements before sending it out. While making a resume, first you have to determine what qualities the employer is looking for in the candidates.

Research well about the job description and then add your qualities accordingly. Keep in mind that your first goal is to convince the employer how hiring you could be beneficial for their company.

For example, if the internship requires you to work in teams, then writing that you prefer to work alone in your resume might not be a very good idea.

Decide On A Resume Format

The resume format could be in three different forms; you can choose anyone who fits you the best.

However, once you choose one, be sure to stick to it because otherwise, the resume will look unprofessional and haphazardly made.

  • Reverse chronological order i.e. enlisting your most recent academic qualifications or other work experiences first.
  • Functional order mostly focuses on the skills and abilities on the basis of enlisting the most relevant information first. This may be better suited to people who have gaps in their academic career.
  • Hybrid i.e. a mixture of both.

Add a Strong Summary Statement

The summary is the first thing that the person will have a look at, so make it as promising as possible. In your summary, while making a resume for an internship, clearly define your learning objectives and the career goals you are aiming to achieve through that internship.

Always remember that you have to phrase your statements in a way that sound beneficial to the employer. For example, your summary should be about what you can do for the employer and not what the employer can do for you.

Pay Attention to the Rules of Grammar

Grammatical errors albeit small have the tendency to ruin the impression of your resume. They give an unprofessional look to your resume and must be avoided at all costs. Be careful while writing and only use formal language.

Also, do not repeat the same words multiple times because they devalue the document. You can cross-check your document’s grammatical errors using online platforms as well.

Hands-On Experience

While learning how to make a resume for an internship, keep well in mind to include any relevant work experience that you have. Be it some other internship, any contribution to a relevant project or simple lab work- these will impress the employer because he’ll know that you have hands-on experience of the job you are applying to.

Include All Your Achievements And Certificates

Mention any scholarships, certificates, medals, shields, or acknowledgements you have received in your student life. Achievements like these make you stand out among the rest and give an impression that you have the tendency to work harder than others to achieve your goals. Add your achievements and skills in bullet points to highlight them better.

Include Your Extra-Curricular Activities

Never forget to mention any extra-curricular activities or productive hobbies that you have in your resume. Since most students applying for the internship will almost have the same level of education and skillset, extra-curricular activities are what make you stand out from the rest.

These activities show that you are an active person who takes care of his physical and mental health. Such are the qualities of a sound personality. If you do any kind of sports, then mentioning them will give the employer the idea that you are an efficient team player.

Offering References

To back your employment history, ask your previous employer to provide a reference for the job you did under him. This will give the impression that you maintain cordial relations with your colleagues and supervisors. In case you don’t have any previous employment, you can simply provide only personal references for any of your professor.

Note to Self: Never Lie on the Resume!

Lying is not only unethical but could potentially damage your career especially if caught. The first point to keep in mind while learning how to make a resume for internship is that never provide any false information, be it regarding your achievements, or your past work experiences.

Your aim is to market yourself in a charismatic way and that only requires the right use of words and not incorrect information. Thus, while making your resume for an internship or job, always provide information that is true to the best of your knowledge.

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