How to Get an Internship? In the recent world having a degree in your hand is just not enough for good companies to even consider hiring you, you need to have a good experience profile before stepping into the actual professional world.

And that is only possible through internship programs and volunteer work. Internships can be defined as pre-professional work experience that allows you to get hands-on experience in the market and field you have received your degree in.

it provides you with actual insight into the professional world rather than just sticking to the bookish knowledge, this is a very important part of building your career these days and helps you build an attractive profile for actual jobs in the future.

These days, in some degrees even it is compulsory for a student to complete certain hours of internships programs in order to receive college credit.

For students whose degrees are still in progress, these internships provide them with a better insight into the field they are choosing providing them with another opportunity for a career change before making a permanent commitment.

How To Get An InternshipPre Hand Preparations Before You Start Searching

Finding an internship can be as tricky as looking for an actual job and considering the fact that fresh graduates or students don’t have a lot of experience regarding how to look for one makes it actually difficult.

The best thing you can do before starting to search for an internship is to prepare yourself beforehand, do your homework and have all the required documents ready this makes the next part of actual searching and applying much easier.

Following are the few steps that you can follow:

Explore Your Interests

considering this might be a start to a lifelong career, it is very important to consider your interests and what you enjoy doing. Make a list of the fields and areas that interest you and start searching from that direction.

Consider Your Qualification

The biggest mistake fresh graduates do to get an internship is that they apply to every single opportunity that catches their eye which isn’t the right approach, always look for a good fit before applying look if the opportunity matches your qualification and skills.

So before applying, you should evaluate yourself and explore the industry where you are applying as interne.

Prepare Your Application Material

 you need to have your important document that would be required by the companies ready beforehand.

This includes your resume that is a brief document showcasing your skills, education, professional background and accomplishments.

A cover letter that shows your enthusiasm for why you are interested and ideal for this position. And lastly, your online portfolio includes your social media sites and your LinkedIn etc.

Steps To Get An Internship

In order to get an internship successfully, you need to know the right direction to look into. Following are the few steps you can follow to land yourself the perfect internship opportunity:

Online search Engines

the easiest way nowadays to search for amazing opportunities is through online job portals and search engines. These platforms require you to create a profile mostly and afterwards, you can apply to any favourable internship or job opportunity through a single click. Example:

Attend Job Fairs

although this might require a bit of an effort, job fairs do help a lot. Simply visit your local job fairs with your documents and meet with the company representatives directly to get a better chance at possible opportunities.


social networking is a key skill these days if you want to excel in your life. These networks or connections can be your teachers, former class mates or seniors, coaches, friends or even relatives etc. make connections that can possibly connect you to amazing opportunities.

Visit Your Placement Centers

almost every college or community has a placement center which exists to help students and fresh graduates connect with possible opportunities. you can visit them as well in order to get a good internship

Cold Calling

browse the internet for contact details of companies that might interest you for a possible career in the future, call them up and show your interest regarding a possible internship. There is no harm in doing so and might actually lead you to a possible internship vacancy.

Social Media And LinkedIn

in today’s world most of the activities are being performed through social media which is an ideal way to connect and socialize with experienced professionals who can help you land an internship at their workplace.

Few Amazing Tips from Our Experts

Follow these few amazing tips from our experts and you are sure to land yourself a good opportunity.

  • Always triple check your resume and cover letter before sending it to the employer. Proofread and make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors.
  • Make sure to apply early so you have ample time to fulfil all the application requirements
  • Prepare well for the interview, always read about the company you have been called from.
  • If you are successful in getting an internship be flexible and offer to do more than you signed up for.
  • Give your best impression, work hard & smart and keep a lookout for permanent roles being offered.