Covid19 has wreaked havoc in the United States for the past three years, causing people to be scared to leave their homes and be tested. During this struggling period, Home Depot took the initiative to launch Depot Heath Check, a health related app.

The Depot Heath Check app main goal is to assess its employee’s health. For this, they must complete the questionnaire, which can be found in the app.

By combining statistical data Home Depot may be able to evaluate how to fit their employees in the event of a Coronavirus pandemic, and if they should be allowed to work or not.

Download Home Depot Health Check App

The Home Depot Check App was created to monitor the health of both associates and non-associates.

By completing the essential form provided by Home Depot HealthCheck management, the app determines if the patient is healthy enough to complete the duty or not using a question form

For IOs, the Home Depot Health Check App is available on Google Play and App Store. The program can be downloaded and installed without any particular requirements.

It’s also available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store for iOS. Make sure you’re using the most recent version of Android or iPhone.

The steps below will walk you through the installation of the official Home Depot Health Check App:

  • Go to the Google Play store and download the app.
  • Look up “Home Depot health check app” on Google Play Store.
  • Download and install the first program that appears.
  • The program just opens after installation.
  • Add the credentials required, then click on the login button.
  • A form will pop out on the screen, kindly fill out the form correctly.
  • After completing the form, you are done.

It is to be noted that, after each shift, you must check your health condition using the Home Depot health check app.

You Can Log In At Portal 

The home depot health check is a web-based tool designed for both colleagues and non-account holders. 

To check the health status, you need to first go to the health check home depot portal  and log in. To access the link, you do not need a specific mobile phone or other equipment with special features. 

Make sure your software is up to date, as outdated software may cause the login procedure to take longer.

Simply click the link below, then follow the steps to log into your prospective account and complete the health check questionnaire.

• Search for in the search bar. You will be directed to the home depot health check web application’s main page URL.

• A home page will appear on the screen. An overview of the health check process will be provided as well as an introduction.

• You will be given the option to pick between Associates and Non- Associates in this section.

Select the proper option, and you’ll be prompted to enter your login information.

• Your user ID, location, and password are required for the associated information.

Non-associated applicants, on the other hand, are simply asked to provide basic information such as their name, badge ID, phone number, and company name.

The login method differs for associates and non-associates. After you’ve decided on an option, you’ll need to complete the rest of the steps to finish the login process.

Home depot Associate Health Check Login Process

If you work as an employee or associate at a store, the procedure of logging in is simple. All you require is:

  • The Store’s Location.
  • Username and Password.

Then you need to click on the Sign In button, you’ll be asked to complete a questionnaire.

Please note that if you forget your password, you can always change it by clicking on the “Forgot Password” link below the Sign inbox, then following the steps. A message will be sent to your mobile or email account, and you will be able to reset your password after entering the code.

Non-Associate Login Process

The approach described above was for associates/employees. If you are a non-associate and would want to access the home depot health check portal then follow the same link above.

The login process then asks for some personal information before allowing you to log in.

A questionnaire form will appear, which you should fill out with the credentials shown below, and then go to the steps below to log in as a non-associate.

  • First and foremost, you must provide your First and Last Names.
  • Your current phone number is in use.
  • You may want to enter The Home Depot Contact Name if you have it. This option, however, is not required for everyone to complete. (This is an optional option.)
  • Your Badge Number.
  • Finally, give your company name.

After you’ve entered these details, click the submit button, and you’ll be prompted to complete the questionnaire in the next step.

 Please note that this non-associate login option is only available to vendors, contractors, and guests who are visiting the Atlanta SSC.

There Are A Few Login Requirements To Consider

To get through the process of successfully logging into your account, keep these login requirement points in mind. 

  • Home Depot Health Check Login Web Address.
  • You must have a Home Depot Health Check login valid User ID and Password.
  • Internet Browser.
  • PC or Laptop Smartphone or Tablet with Reliable internet access.

You Can Also Reset Login Password If Required

If you haven’t signed in to your account in a while and the password has suddenly escaped your mind, you may always change it.

Follow the instructions provided by the official Home Depot Health Check app management if you forget your password and wish to reset it.

You’ll see a ‘Forgot password’ option directly below the Sign-in link if you need to reset your password or if you wish to reset your password. Select “Forgot password” from the drop-down menu.

You must select an appropriate option from the two provided; click on the option that is most relevant for you.

• If you don’t have an RSA token or a mobile phone number listed in your Workday or Beeline profile, or you didn’t receive a text message.

• If you don’t have an RSA token or a mobile phone number listed in your Workday or Beeline profile, or you didn’t receive a text message.

Home Depot Health Check Offers Beneficial Programs 

Home Depot Health Check provides valuable services for its associates and employees that are tailored not only to individual needs but also to the needs of their families.

With home depot health insurance, you have the choice of selecting packages to fit the needs of their employees.

The benefits and advantages vary depending on the person’s total value.

There are several categories to choose from:

  • Hourly part-time position.
  • Hourly full-time position.
  • Associates who are paid.

Some of the advantages are listed below, along with the various categories.

• They provide several types of health insurance, particularly for associates, as well as auto insurance.

• Associates can also take advantage of financial incentives such as stock purchases and bank enticements.

  • Leaves of Absence, Holidays, and Remembrance Days can all be mentioned by employees.

1.  Financial benefits 

  • Direct Deposit and Bank Incentives.
  • Spending Account.
  • Employee Stock Purchase Plan (ESPP).
  • FutureBuilder 401(k) Plan.

2.  Time-Off Benefits 

  • Vacation
  • Bereavement Days.
  • Leave of Absence.
  • Jury Duty.
  • Holidays.
  • Personal / Sick Days.

3.  Group Benefits

  • Legal Services Plan.
  • Veterinary Insurance.
  • Auto / Homeowner Insurance.

4. Full-Time Hourly and Salaried Associates

  • Vision.
  • Medical.
  • Disability Insurance.
  • Life Insurance.
  • Dental.
  • Spending Accounts.
  • Disability Insurance.
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance.

5.  Part-Time Associates

  • Dental.
  • Short-Term Disability Insurance.
  • Life Insurance.
  • Vision.

6.  Work-Life Benefits

  • METDesk (Special Needs Dependents Assistance).
  • Associate Discounts.
  • Relocation Assistance.
  • Tuition Reimbursement.
  • CARE/Solutions for Life
  • Tobacco Cessation Program
  • Tax Preparation Discount Program
  • Matching Gift Program
  • Team Depot Volunteer Events
  • Back-up Dependent Care
  • Adoption Assistance

Home Depot HealthCheck Contact Details and Information

If you have any questions or require additional information on benefits or login information, the Home Depot Health Check contact information is listed below, and these are what may be able to assist you in resolving all of your troubles and problems as quickly as possible.

  • Call 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (1-800-800-466-3337).
  • You can also go to to see their official website.

Home Depot – Largest Home Improvement Retailer In The US

Home Depot is a major shop in the United States that sells construction and renovation materials as well as other services.

Founded by Bernard Marcus, Arthur Blank, Ron Brill, Pat Farrah, and Kenneth Langone, the company has grown from a hardware store to become one of the largest retailers in the world.

 It now employs millions of people in 2,300 locations across the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

With a sales of 132.11 billion dollars, Home Depot promises to give the highest quality to its customers while also providing the finest perks to its staff.

It is divided into divisions according to the kind of products they sell, such as paint, building supplies, flooring, hardware, timber, and electrical.

Apps for Home Depot employees have been introduced, along with several additional features.

Customers may browse their products and tools from home or in the store, and if they want to learn more about a product’s specs, they can scan the product’s bar code and get a lot of information about it straight away without having to contact an associate.

The web-based solution for Home Depot Health Check also has a variety of features that help employees save time and effort.

It has a search box at the top of the app that allows you to look for any product. If you wish to learn more about a certain product, you can scan it to get a list of its features.

Program Aims To Reduce Back Injury Claims

The Home Depot has voluntarily introduced a new program aimed at preventing back injuries among employees.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, or BLS, back injuries were the second most common cause of workplace injury in 2014.

The Home Depot program requires employees to complete an online course and answer questions about their physical health, symptoms and medication use.

Those who pass will receive a packet of information explaining healthy back activities, lifting techniques and exercises to reduce the risk of workplace injury.

Company officials hope that the program will help reduce the number of workers’ compensation claims related to work-related back injuries.

Employers have a responsibility to protect the safety of their workers and prevent workplace injuries– especially those that have occurred repeatedly in the past.

When these companies fail to do so, injured workers are entitled to seek compensation for losses through the South Carolina workers’ compensation system.

A knowledgeable workers’ compensation attorney can help injured workers understand their rights and build a strong claim for benefits.

Back injury prevention programs have merit, but when they fail, workers should be able to obtain appropriate compensation for their loss.


For both associates and non-associates, the Home Depot Health Check App is a lifesaver. It not only allows you to check your health after completing a task, but it also offers beneficial programs for both its users and their family members.

All of the information about the Home Depot healthcheck is available on their website; however, if you have any more questions, contact their customer service mentioned above.