DIY is all about learning new skills and having creative freedom. Instead of hiring a specialist or buying something off the shelf, you take the process into your hands. Many people consider it to be their hobby. Others believe it’s a lifestyle. It always existed in some way because people are creative beings.

The concept of DIY is nothing new, indeed. Its history is traced much further than punk or hippie subculture. Yet, we find it most fascinating in stories of young people who rebelled against the system. One of the ways to disagree with the majority was to take everything into your own hands, quite literally.

As a student, you are familiar with the idea of DIY. It saves you money and helps you navigate your daily life while dealing with an avalanche of homework. While sharing half of your workload with services like, you can begin your startup based on a DIY idea. Surprisingly, it is also a way to keep up with the stress of tests and research papers.

It’s especially true for the Gen-Z population. They are taking the art of doing it yourself to another level. But why is it so popular with this demographic?

It’s all about identity 

Without a doubt, DIY projects allow you to express your authentic self. What’s one of the best ways to make a statement and express your identity? Create things that would be unique to you and cater to your interests. Whether it’s about fashion choices, home decor, or eco-friendly practices, you get to do it your way. 

You would be surprised how many times people who DIY their wardrobe or interior design hear the question: “Where did you buy it?” The most gratifying thing about DIY is the sense that your pieces would always be custom and absent from mass market stores. It’s all about having your voice and building a sense of self. 

It’s an artistic outlet

Many people who practice do-it-yourself culture may not be artists in a traditional sense. It is a form of art in the sense that you can bring new meaning to ordinary things. Gen-Z is one of those generations that constantly redefines the boundaries and norms people are accustomed to. 

Whatever you’re doing, you are practicing your artistic and creative imagination. Many people believe you have to be a natural-born da Vinci to practice your artistic aspirations. In reality, everyone has a creative mind, and DIY helps them to find the manner they can use it. It’s beneficial to try starting projects to see what can come out of them.

You don’t have to seek the world’s recognition of your art to feel content. It’s more about a freeing experience you get when you don’t feel the pressure of the industry on your shoulders. DIY is all about taking matters into your hands and creating new music, paintings, or films without having to rely on external feedback.

It boosts confidence

Gen-Z is known to be one of the most independent generations after Millennials. They are motivated by being self-sufficient and not relying on mentorship. Many other generations can take notes on how to deal with old issues the new way. 

Nothing is more rewarding than knowing you can do something without any help. Whether it is cooking, building, or sewing, the finished project provides you with a sense of confidence and higher self-esteem. After all, many people are taught that they shouldn’t bother doing something from scratch because it’s available on the market. Even so, why not try to do a better version of what you had to buy?

It promotes developing new skills

Gen-Z never stops learning new skills and looking for better solutions. It’s a driving force of DIY and younger generations to path a route to know more, not because someone told them to. They enjoy developing new skills and using them accordingly. 

DIY is a more intuitive path to developing a skill set. You can follow a guide or tutorials or start from scratch and see where it will take you. It’s probably one of the best ways to find solutions for issues no one has resolved yet. 

It accommodates different needs

Many people come to do-it-yourself culture as a result of not being represented on the mass market. Even if you can find a specific item, most likely, you would need to ask a specialist to modify it for your needs. Why would you go the extra mile when you can learn how to do it?

You can also use DIY to help your friends and family to improve their quality of life. With all materials and tools available, it’s only a matter of time to finish the project. The results are more than satisfying as you see them having a better day. 

It’s a perfect way to express feelings

Gen-Z is the generation that is in touch with their feelings and ways of expressing them. Whether they want to confess their love or celebrate friendship, they always find a way to make it in a unique way. DIY is the perfect approach to making gifts. Don’t be surprised if you create many new memories with people you care about when presenting them with these gifts. 

It’s beneficial for mental health

Gen-Z is famous for advocating for mental health issues and being vocal about these topics. It’s a beautiful trend that allows people to feel less ashamed to talk about their struggles and look for improvements. What can be more helpful for a person to channel their energy into something constructive? 

Many people report they use crafts and DIY culture to reduce stress and anxiety. It’s true that having a hobby or practicing creative activities can be beneficial in redirecting negative emotions into positive ones. Moreover, it can be used as a grounding technique and promote awareness of your reactions and emotions. 

It saves you money

Many do-it-yourself projects begin with materials you already have. Using old and broken items to upcycle them into a new one? “Sign me up!” At the same time, raw materials will cost you less than the shelf product.  

DIY is all about anti-consumerism. In other words, you don’t have to shop for things if you can easily make them. Gen-Z practice DIY because they want to take a different route to have a cute coffee mug or upcycled T-shirt. It’s a mix of rebelling against the system and saving your money for more important things. 

It brings people together

One astonishing aspect of DIY culture is the sense of community around it. People of all ages, occupations, and interests can join the community and share their experiences. It’s a bit different from traditional clubs or forums. The DIY community is not restricted to one activity, and everyone can contribute their bit of knowledge to the melting pot. 

Of course, not everyone starts their journey in the do-it-yourself realm to find friends. Yet, finding like-minded people is always a big advantage.

Wrapping up

The best thing about DIY is that it welcomes everyone to it. You don’t have to be a genius or master craftsperson to be a part of the community. All you need is motivation and interest in something new. That’s what makes DIY a perfect interest for Gen-Z. They are not creatively restricted and feel encouraged to develop and achieve new heights.