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UrbanChat – Everything You Need To Know!

Many people used to feel strange and embarrassed while meeting new people online, but now apps like Urbanchat are regarded as a regular and an incredibly effective way to meet and chat with new people.

Moreover, Just like cities all around the world have their distinct style and appeal, and despite being an online community, in the same way, is also centered on engaging its users from different walks of life and learning about challenges in their city.

Did You Know?

Recently, changed its name to Urbancliq with over 1 million registered users. 

It is a malware-free website with no age restrictions, so you can visit it with confidence with promising 425 user activities so far.

 Members of urban chat use this platform to express their opinions on various topics or to learn about new issues.

Features of UrbanChat

1.  Shoutouts

Users who created an account would have been able to connect with people from all around the world with similar interests.

People who were from several popular community forums used to interact were known as “ShoutOuts,” They usually discuss their problems and focus on a specific issue.

2.    UrbanElite

One of UrbanChat’s most distinctive features was its exclusive list of celebrities known as the “UrbanElite.”

Rappers, singers, actors, and other well-known figures from the urban community were among those on the list.

3.  Instant Messenger

In addition to its messaging system, UrbanChat included a version of instant messenger that was similar to Skype. This enabled users to communicate through voice or text messaging.

4.  Chat rooms

All the members of this platform can participate in their chat rooms. Moreover, they can know how many members there are, and who is online at a given time

You can also look at other members’ photos and discuss topics like current affairs, music and entertainment, relationships and dating, sports and recreation, and so on.

Why is There a Drop-in at

Unfortunately, Urbanchat is currently unavailable, with no word on when or if it will reopen.

The details of what happened to UrbanChat are unknown, but for years, users were quite happy with, a platform to voice their opinions on crucial subjects.

Though UrbanChat had thousands of users every day, user engagement has dropped dramatically since its peak due to which UrbanChat has been losing money for years, even when it was popular.

When Four African American based online entrepreneurs saw a shortage of community-oriented websites that focused on the urban experience, they simply ran out of funding and were pushed offline.

  • Their scheme failed and was never intended to be long-term.

Rumors have also spread that maybe urban chat drop fall is because the app has some security or hacking issues, while others have stated that it is simply owing to its age.

Unfortunately, data suggests that more social networks have formed in the online world since then, which may have contributed to its decrease.

Wrap Up

Urbanchat was one of the greatest communication apps in the United States, and it was used not only by local members but also by popular musicians and artists. 

It enables people to communicate their difficulties and resolve city disputes. 

Unfortunately, owing to unknown causes, its downfall has disappointed its users; whether or not it will reopen is unclear to all of us.