Selling a product may lead to profits, but it’s building relationships that create successful businesses. The latter is a long-term approach that highlights the importance of human connection when dealing with clients, customers, partners, and employees. If you want these people to be on your side through thick and thin, then make them feel important. Praise them when they do good and encourage them when they face challenges. You may even send them gifts to boost their spirits or underscore your gratitude for their help. If you’re not sure what to send, then here are wonderful solutions for corporate gifts:

1. Gift Hampers 

These offer the greatest level of flexibility and versatility among all your options. You can never go wrong with gift hampers because you can find one for any occasion, intent, or personality type. Whatever your purpose for gift-giving, there are packages that are ready to go at a moment’s notice. You can even order in bulk as giveaways for employees. You may also look for VIP hampers for your most prized clients. They will surely love the premium contents.  

2. Digital Photo Frame

Some clients and partners become part of the business for several years. Over this period, you might launch multiple projects together with many memorable moments. You could look back on these by collating the best pictures and placing them on a digital photo frame. Send this instead of a printed version so you can always expand the photo gallery with more unforgettable snaps from your next joint ventures. These digital frames can also play videos, so you can include greetings, interviews, and highlights to make the content more interesting. 

3. Luxury Travel Set

Think carefully about the needs and wants of the recipient. If you are giving gifts to someone who is constantly traveling for business, then it would be thoughtful to include a luxury travel set that could make each trip more comfortable. Find a package with compact yet high quality items such as towels and other bath essentials. This will lighten their load and make it easier to move around. You might even send travel bags and organizers to keep things tidy on the road. They are sure to appreciate the care and thoughtfulness that went into the gift selection.  

4. Smart Coffee Mug

Coffee mugs have always been a popular promotional item. You can find these in a wide array of colors, designs, and prints. If you think that these are too plain for special business associates, then you probably never heard of smart coffee mugs. These are battery-powered beverage containers that can keep the coffee at your desired temperature, along with other nifty features. They come with their own charging pods that double as saucers. Every morning, they can use this to make a perfect cup to wake themselves up. 

5. Wireless Headset

Cables are out, wireless is in. A lot of devices are removing the 3mm headphone port in favor of Bluetooth connection. Many welcome this development since wireless earphone and headsets provide greater freedom of movement anyway. No cords also mean less clutter. Consider giving out wireless headsets to your best employees. Look for models that offer noise cancellation to eliminate distractions and help them focus on their tasks. Think of it as an investment on employee productivity — definitely worth every penny! 

6. Classic Desk Clock

Speaking of productivity, it is common for workers to waste time on unproductive pursuits such as social media, workplace gossip, and the like. They might not even realize it. Someone taps their back and starts small talk, leading to an extended conversation until break time. The presence of a clock on their desk might help them stay aware of the time and avoid such disturbances. You can find these in various designs, so just find one that suits the office interiors or the recipient’s preferences. 

7. Fitness Band

A lot of people think that productivity means dedicating 100% of your waking hours to your work. The truth is that this leads to burnout and dissatisfaction. It is more prudent to enforce work boundaries, take frequent breaks, stay active, get ample sleep, and care for your health. A fitness band can help employees do this by monitoring vital health markers 24/7, producing regular reports, and offering suggestions. These are particularly welcome at the start of the year when people are motivated to make healthy changes to their lifestyle. 

Giving out corporate gifts is another way to push the business forward. Be strategic in the selection of your gifts to maximize the results. Look for things that will benefit both the recipient and your company whenever possible. Make sure to check the quality of the items and get them only from trusted sources. Remember that whatever you send out will reflect on you and the business, so do everything to make a good impression.