During the warmer parts of the year (and even the colder ones, for the more adventurous of us), a lot of us are looking for ways to be more adventurous. We want to explore the world and see what it has to offer! What better way to do that than to go on an ATV off-roading adventure, then?

That is where something like an ATV, or all-terrain vehicle can come into play. Because of their special tires and the like, these vehicles are able to go off of roads and onto pretty much any terrain – as you can probably guess from their name! The thing is, though, they can get rather expensive.

A lot of us probably cannot just drop a lot of money on a vehicle like this, even if we really want to. Thankfully, there are ways that we can get an ATV without having to pay the full price out of pocket! It is very similar to a traditional auto loan, but there are a few different ways to do it. If you would like to know more about how this works, then be sure to stick around!

What is an ATV?

First, let us go ahead and establish what an ATV is. If you have not heard that particular term before, they have a few other common names. Those are “quad,” “quad bike,” or “light utility vehicle (LUV).”  They are fairly popular in many parts of the world, including the United States and Norway. 

What makes them so appealing, though? Well, the whole off-roading thing is certainly one of the main things that has allowed them to explode into popularity. That is especially true in a beautiful country like Norway.

Many vehicles simply are not able to handle driving on a bunch of rocky terrain or mud. Honestly, it is not likely that we would want to get our cars dirty that way anyhow. There is a good chance that they would end up damaged as well – especially the tires. d the underside of the car.

In contrast, ATVs certainly are able to traverse even the most difficult of terrain. They are perfectly equipped to do so, which is probably their main appeal. Next time that you are considering a trip out into the countryside of Norway, remember that this is an option. 

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How to Purchase An ATV One with a Loan

Thankfully, we have plenty of options when it comes to purchasing an ATV or a quad bike. Of course, if you have a lot of cash set aside and saved up, you can buy one outright. However, this just is not feasible for most people. 

Instead, you could visit billigeforbrukslån.no/atv-lån/ or a similar website to it to get an idea of what sorts of loans you can apply for.  You see, you can utilize these credit agreements to help pay for an ATV. The thing is, though, there are two different ways to do so. 

The first is to go for a secured loan. Essentially, the loan ends up secured against the vehicle itself. When you go for this option, though, you need to have at least twenty percent of the total cost ready as a down payment. Most lenders would like you to have equity in your accounts as well, with that same twenty-percent figure. 

When you are accepted for that sort of credit agreement, they will also want to take a sales lien on the ATV.  That is a trade-off, though, considering that you will likely end up with a lower interest rate than the other. e of loan we’ll be discussing.  It will be up to you to decide which will suit your needs better.

The other sort of credit agreement that can be used to purchase an ATV is an unsecured loan. It is a type of consumer loan that is a lot less specific than the previous one that we mentioned, but they are still worth checking out. Typically, those who do not have the equity to get an ATV-specific loan will opt for these ones.

Just remember that although you will not need to have a down payment or demonstrate that you can afford the ATV in the same way as the secured ones, there will still be an application process.  Additionally, you will end up paying more interest this way. You can consult with your financial advisor or with your lender to help determine which will be the best option for you.

Are they Worth the Price?

So – we have covered how you can purchase them with loans. However, the next question to ask is, are quad bikes really going to be worth the price? Some folks worry about potential injuries, as you can see in this article:  https://injuryprevention.bmj.com/content/15/1/3.short.  That said, there are plenty of precautions that we can take.

That is not to say that we should allow children to drive them. Safety is paramount no matter what when operating any vehicle, and this includes ATVs. Always be sure to wear a helmet and other protective gear when necessary, and do not allow young ones to operate them without supervision at least. 

With that noted, let us turn our attention to a much more fun topic. Are these quad bikes worth your cash? And, importantly, are they worth being in debt because of? Honestly, this is going to be something that you will have to figure out for yourself.

There are a ton of activities that you can do with them, though. Norway is filled with amazing sights to explore, and a lot of them are in the so-called “middle of nowhere.”  Taxis are highly unlikely to be willing to drive you to them, even if you are a tourist. Most rental cars also have a strict “stay on roads” policy.

All-terrain vehicles have been rising in popularity for the past several decades. As people get more adventurous, there are more reasons to want to have one around! If you do not intend to explore much, though, it may not be worth it for you.

Plan Ahead if You Want One

Just like most other types of credit agreements, if you do end up wanting a loan to purchase your ATV, it is going to be a bit of a lengthy process. You will have to fill out an application. Ideally, that will not take too long, but there could be some hiccups along the way.

Since it is like the rest. the loans that you can apply for, you’ll have to have a credit score that’s high enough to be accepted.  Unfortunately, that can be difficult sometimes, so bear that in mind. If you are struggling, though, you can always ask a loved one or close friend to be your co-signer. 

Again, just know that you probably will not be getting your ATV on the same night that you apply for a loan. It could take weeks to get the funds and then you will have to work with the retailer to make your purchase. For many of us, though, the wait is well worth it thanks to the quality of the vehicle we get in return.

With one of these quad bikes, you can explore so much more of nature. You can even travel with them throughout the rest of Europe to go off-roading wherever it is permitted. In that sense, it is hard to argue that they are not worth it, right?

Hopefully, this article has helped you figure out whether or not you want to purchase an LUV. Although it can be a bit of a hassle to apply for a loan, and it is not exactly fun to have to keep making payments each month, the end result that you end up will be worth all that trouble. They are a fun way to spend more time in the outdoors and fulfill any thrill-seeking that is still in your heart – getting older certainly does not mean you have to stop all of that, after all.