The term ‘accountant’ might conjure up images of a desk, books, and records. However, the role of a chartered accountant (CA) is much more than that. A chartered accountant is a person that has received a qualification in financial accounting. 

The professional helps businesses and individuals answer questions about money, track spending and report on financial performance. With over 12 separate sub-disciplines of accounting, these experts can help manage, report and advise across many vertices, including finance, marketing, human resources, or supplies. Read on and see Ascott Blake and similar companies that offer the best-certified accounting services.

Top Services Offered By Chartered Accountants

Tax Management

Taxation is a common requirement for businesses, individual clients, and other organizations, and a chartered accountant typically has the necessary knowledge and expertise. CAs receive in-depth instruction on the various statutory taxes since the clients require the assistance of someone well-versed in the most recent tax facts. Finance management includes tax assessment as a crucial component. Chartered accountants advise on all tax-related issues, assist clients in filing their tax returns, represent clients in communications with income tax authorities, etc.

Auditing and Accountancy 

Accounting is one of the core tasks of a CA, from simple bookkeeping to complex financial analysis. These professionals could also engage in auditing, which is often the most valuable service businesses seek. Accountants examine the accounts in the financial statements that are provided to the clients while conducting an audit. CAs ensure that they reflect the actual situation of the client’s finances which are based on the correct accounting standards. Since auditing calls for specialized education, training, judgment, and financial abilities, CAs are trained to deliver the best.


CAs administer settlements or estates like the executor of a will or trust. Professionals in this position might collaborate closely with a solicitor or attorney. They hire CA to work on trust or estate settlements and help with the job’s accounting portion. 

Management Consultancy

Chartered accountants are frequently asked to work in a consultative capacity, assisting firms in making the most of their resources. Management consultants offer numerous consulting services, including designing, developing, and implementing cost accounting and budgetary control systems and computer programs for accounting and business operations. Along with consulting on complex financial issues like foreign tax legislation, collaborations, and mergers, they play a crucial role in building management and accounting information systems.

While advising management teams on practical organizational skills like delegation tactics and task planning, management consultants also assess the potential of new business ventures, including expansion, project launches, and mergers.

Arbitration Responsibilities

CAs can also serve as an arbitrator in cases involving conflict resolution. For instance, they could assist in creating statements of affairs if a company falters and files for bankruptcy. In a deed of arrangement or the event of bankruptcy, these accountants can also act as the trustee for a firm.

Investigative Duties

Companies looking for a clear picture of their financial position can find the experience of a CA as an effective tool. They may wish to carry out investigative tasks when buying, selling, or discovering new business prospects. They can also employ CAs to improve management efficiency or investigate the rise or fall of profits.


Chartered accountants are the cornerstone of the financial industry and are the most effective at helping businesses monitor their financial matters. You can reach out to professional CAs regarding all your financial legality needs and leverage their years of experience. See Ascott Blake and discover how companies like these can be beneficial in making crucial business decisions!