While films of all genres are worthy of praise, musical movies stand out as particularly entertaining and artistic. Musical movies have a separate fan base, and there are several such movies with lovely plots and art direction. When sound technology was originally developed, these movies were immensely popular, and in more recent years, musical movies have had a resurgence in popularity. The four movies we will discuss here span a range of genres, and each one belongs to a separate genre.

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Here are the four musical movies that will melt your heart. 

Happy Feet

Happy Feet is an animated musical film about penguins living in Antarctica. Among all the penguins, Mumble is the odd one out. While every penguin is required to sing a heart song to find a soul partner, the main character Mumble is not a vocalist and is widely regarded as the worst singer ever. Nonetheless, Mumble excels at tap dancing. Mumble encounters Amigos and befriends him after his elders chastise and banish him. Amigos becomes Mumble’s best friend and aids in his self-discovery.

Despite its many other themes and morals, Happy Feet’s most important message is to protect the environment and all living things. Everyone should watch Happy Feet at least once since it is a lovely movie, especially with all the music and dancing and the compelling plot.

Mamma Mia 

The movie Mamma Mia is about a mother-daughter relationship and a soon-to-be bride who wants to enter the church with her father walking her down the aisle. With the aid of her two old friends, Donna, a self-employed hotelier on the Greek Islands, starts preparing for her daughter Sophie’s wedding. 

Sophie, however, has other ideas and wants her father by her side at her wedding, even though she doesn’t know who her father is. She invites three guys from her mother’s past to help discover who her real father is.

The movie is primarily a romantic comedy with some drama and lots of music. There are many things in the movie that we may learn, and the art direction is lovely. Thus, watch Mamma Mia and enjoy it if you like musical movies that are also romantic and have a nice plot.

A Star Is Born

A Star Is Born is a romantic musical movie starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga that centers on the drunken musician, Jackson Maine and struggling singer, Ally. Jackson encourages Ally to pursue her aspirations after falling in love with her. Everything goes well as Ally grows in fame and pursues her goals, but their relationship is a problem. Jackson’s relationship with Ally is deteriorating as he struggles with drinking and his inner demons.

The movie depicts two negative effects of excessive popularity, and Ally learns a valuable lesson from Jackson’s illness. You’ll cry listening to Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s songs, which are among the best in the movie’s soundtrack. In addition to romance, the movie also addresses important subjects including drug abuse, suicide, and excessive popularity.

Les Miserable 

Les Miserable is a groundbreaking movie based on Victor Hugo’s classic about the 1832 June Rebellion, The story follows the life of prisoner Jean Valjean after he is released from jail after 19 years. With the stolen silver he has, Jean starts again and eventually becomes a mayor and factory owner. 

When a young woman from Jean’s factory perishes as a result of the cholera pandemic, Jean locates and adopts her daughter. While his past captor is on the hunt for him as he relives his life with his lovely daughter Cosette, he is being sought to be imprisoned once more. 

The musical film effectively captures the emotions in its songs. Besides, Hugh Jackman, Amanda Seyfried, Russell Crowe, and Anne Hathaway have all performed well in portraying emotions. The movie provides a realistic portrayal of how authority is abused, but it also shows how God is by your side at all times. You shouldn’t miss this movie if you enjoy movies with compelling plots, excellent art direction, engaging dialogue, and a musical score.

Final Thoughts

So, if you also like musical movies in different genres that have good music, amazing art direction, great setting, and compelling plots, you will love the suggestions listed above. So, watch them now and enjoy.