With internet saying so much about this survey site, its time for Vindale Research reviews for you! So, do you think the Vindale platform is just giving out plain lies when they say they will reward you in cash for filling out surveys or completing offers? If yes, then you are in for a surprise!

Nowadays internet is full of online survey sites. Where most of them seem to be legit enough, we can not ignore the fact that a handful of survey sites are scam and you will just end up giving your information out to third-party even when the survey takers promised you otherwise. Not cool!

What about Vindale Research then? Can you trust the site enough to spend hours here in hope of some extra dollars? Or, this one is a fake hope too?

Attention! Vindale members have so far earned $7,939,326. That’s more than $7 million cash already. Are you ready to make some dollars too?

What We Think About Vindale Research Reviews

We can be pretty upfront about this one, Vindale Research is a LEGIT way to make some money online.

vindale earn cash

Disclaimer! Online survey won’t make you rich so keep your expectations low. However, they can help you earn enough dollars to enjoy a movie night with friends or treat yourself to fancy means after a stressful work day. DO NOT consider them an alternative to your actual job.

Vindale company originated in New York in 2006 and then spread to UK, Canada and Australia.

Did you know? “In 2018, Vindale was acquired by Reimagine Holdings Group for an undisclosed amount.”

So how does Vindale Research works?

The rules are pretty simple and straight-forward. Vindale will ask you to complete some online studies and participate in different surveys. At the end the site will get paid by the advertisers who ultimately needed the data and you will get a fee for your participation.

Did you know? “Over the years, Vindale has shelled out nearly $8 million to its subscribers. That’s a lot of studies!”

A Complete Review Of Features Vindale Research Has To Offer

The first thing you need to do is register an account with Vindale Research. Then using this account you can take surveys and avail other money-making opportunities.

The sign-up button is given on the top-right corner of the website. This will direct you to a page where you need to create your profile by providing name, permanent address, date of birth, and gender. Then simply click on activation link.

Quick Tip! Some times when you sign up, the account activation link does not arrive instantly. Click on Resend Email and you might get it seconds later. Then you will be to access the account.

Here’s what the Vindale platform has in stock for you.

1. Study Panels That Actually Pay

When you have registered the account with Vindale, you can enjoy access to a large number of paid studies and earn cash in exchange of your services on daily basis.

Different surveys have different paying rates. Generally speaking, longer surveys pay better. Surveys that require sharing some personal experience or information pay out even better!

Some surveys are more technical than others. Therefore, it may take you more than just a “couple of minutes” to complete. Typically a survey that takes more than half an hour to finish can pay as much as $10 as compared to others that are just 10 minute long and hardly pay $1. Choose wisely how you spend your time!

2. Related Panels That Can Use Your Opinions

Can’t find a survey of your interest on Vindale? No problem! The survey site will also match you to other survey programs and direct you to their surveys where you can earn cash or reward points. Currently, the Vindale platform is affiliated with Ipsos, PointClub and VIP Voice.

3. On-Going Job Offers

It’s not just a survey site after all! Vindale will also try its best to link you to job centers available that match your description or areas of interest. Obviously, the platform secures some cut for itself but nonetheless, you are also getting an opportunity to find potential jobs.

4. Referral Programs And Reward Codes

Ask your friends or family members to sign up with Vindale Research and enjoy a referral bonus. Currently the site is paying as much $5 for getting more people to join.

There’s more! You can find a number of reward codes on Vindale Research social platforms such as Facebook account, Twitter and their official blog. All you need to do is copy the reward code and paste it in to reward code box in your Vindale account to enjoy an instant cash credit.

How Long Does It Take For Vindale Research To Pay You?

You have to wait till you accumulate $50 in order to receive the cash through PayPal account. Keep in mind that this is ACTUAL cash not just points or rewards without any monetary value.

Here’s How Users Review Vindale Research

In just a couple of years, Vindale Research has won considerable number of committed users. If you still worry whether the survey panel is legit or scam, go through these comments and reviews about Vindale Research to learn more about it legitimacy.

Here’s Leuan Griffith who comments on trustpilot:

“I see a lot of reviews saying Vindale is a scam or it takes like a year to get $50, well i signed up October 2019 and have made over $250 as of feb 2020 already without being on the website constantly. I don’t understand how it can take 4 months to get $9 (based on a review i saw) when there is a daily survey option of 10 per day at anywhere from $0.75 to $1.50 which means you can get nearly $10 everyday.”

Although it does not look like everybody have had a good time here, like Nonya Bizness reviews Vindale on Quora by adding:

“When I first started Vindale, it was easy money. Now I can’t get pass $31.91 because it seems like every survey is a dead end. I took a very long 30-35 minute survey that felt more like a quiz, and after completion, I still got the “aww, man!” error. The first time I completed a survey and got nothing, Vindale did give me a $4.00 inconvenience credit.”

Well, we hope it gets better for you too Nonya.

Another Vindale member who has been committed to taking surveys with this site since 2015 remarks:

“Vindale Paid Me $100 via PayPal! This is the best of the survey sites I have come across. The surveys are fun, interesting and easy to complete. Thanks Vindale!”

Trustpilot: 4/5

Dollarsprout: 4/5

Consumeraffairs: 3/5

Attention! Vindale has A- BBB rating primarily due to the 42 complaints leveraged against the company, but all appear to be resolved. Primary customer complaints include the excessive preliminary information required to take a survey and then not qualifying and surveys closing quickly or while the user is taking them.”

Frequently Asked Questions About Vindale Research

1. Is there a sign up fee for Vindale Research?

Ans. Vindale Research is FREE of cost. There is no membership fee.

2. Is Vindale Research safe to use?

Ans. Contrary to popular belief, you are very safe with Vindale because it uses SSL encryption throughout its platform. Also, the company would not ask you about any personal data or super-sensitive information that you might be reluctant to give out.

You can also cancel or close down you account whenever you wish to.

3. Is the company good with customer service and support?

Ans. You can make use of their customer support service by accessing ZenDesk-powered self-help portal or simple leave a mail at support@vindale.com. The authorities will get back to you within 5 business days.

Wrap Up

That’s all about Vindale Research! We do agree that you can have your hands full with some cons when it comes to taking online surveys with platform but it is definitely worth a try. Although there are a number of alternatives, there is no harm in trying out this one!

If you can stay a little bit patient till you accumulate $50 and control your temper when it comes to annoying follow-up emails asking you to take surveys, you are good to go with Vindale.

All we can say is that this is a very small price to pay for survey site that otherwise has no sign up or membership fee. The survey platform is easy to use and 100% legit when it comes to paying cash. What are you waiting for then?