Pizza Hut is offering you a chance to win $1000 in cash every week! Simply participate in their TellPizzaHut online survey and enter into sweepstakes in order to secure a reward every 7 days.

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Comparison Table

  • $1000 Weekly Cash Sweepstakes

  • No Sign Up Bonus
  • $1-$3/Survey

  • $5 Sign Up Bonus
  • $0.15/29Searches +
  • $0.05/entered searches

  • $10 Sign Up Bonus
  • $2-$3.5/Survey


Why You Should Choose To TellPizzaHut

Any pizza lover who hasn’t heard of Pizza Hut? Impossible! The chain has been serving delicious pizza, garlic bread, and desserts to billion of people around the globe.

The unique taste of pizza hut pops into our minds to satisfy our hunger and satisfaction of our taste.

Leave it to Pizza Hut to satisfy your taste buds!

Fun Fact! Ever wondered how Pizza Hut came into being? Dan and Frank Carney borrowed $600 from their mother in 1958 to open a pizza place at location of a former bar.

Pizza Hut understands well that in order to keep up the good service, it needs to stay in touch with its loyal customers. That is why we have

All you have to do is simply fill out their online survey for rewards. Give feedback regarding their services and get a chance to win $1,000 cash every week.

Did you know? By mere participation, the chances of getting your hands on $1,000 are as high as 1/10! This is a must-try.

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the survey portal is open only for a limited amount of time.

Therefore, you need to keep your eyes open and actively check their page to ensure participation.

TellPizzaHut In a Nutshell

Before you make up your mind to participate in the survey, here’s a summary of everything you need to keep in mind.

Rewards – $1000 Cash Weekly

  • Validity: 7 days
  • Eligibility: Legal Resident In USA
  • Age limit: 21 years or above
  • Language: English or Spanish

3 Things You Need For Participation

Pizza Hut keeps the survey simple and short so that everyone can participate and help the chain improve and maintain its standard. You only need to keep 3 things in mind:

  • a recent, valid receipt from Pizza Hut that you got on the last visit.
  • an age limit of 21+ and legal residency in the US.
  • some spare time on your hands and a good internet connection.

The first of the survey will also ask you if you want to carry out the survey in English or Spanish.

These are only two languages in which the questionnaire is available. Therefore, you need to have basic knowledge of at least one of these languages.

How To Complete The TellPizzaHut Survey

Fun Fact! Nobody had a pizza in the White House before the First Lady Barbara Bush decided to order it as refreshments at children charity event in 1989.

Here’s how you can participate and complete the survey for Pizza Hut.

First of all, make sure that you are using their official website “”.

It can get very hard to choose between fake and legit online surveys. Therefore, stick to taking surveys given on official sites only.

Quick Tip! A number of fake surveys are circulated on social media sites. After internet is a hub for scammers. Don’t worry, keep these tips in mind before taking surveys online and you will be safe!

Before taking the survey, choose between the optional languages (English or Spanish). Next, you will be asked to provide the 4-6 digit code. This will be printed on top of the receipt from your last visit to Pizza Hut.

The initial questions would be about the type of food you ordered and if you had a dine-in or take-away. All the next questions would revolve around overall experience, restaurant hygiene, staff behavior, etc.

  • Keep in mind that you need to answer all the questions truthfully.

There is no point in just giving out random answers unless you only aim at getting the reward. Rushing through the survey can be one of many reasons why the online survey won’t complete.

At the end of the survey, you might be asked to provide some additional information in order to take part in the sweepstakes. This will include a valid e-mail address or contact information.

Is TellPizzaHut a NO For Those Who Don’t Have a Receipt?

Don’t lose hope! You can also take part in the survey via call at 1 800 815 0474.  You will be guided with automated voice notes. Follow them keenly to avoid any issues.

That’s not all. You can also enter the TellPizzaHut survey using a postcard.

Remember to put all the details such as name and address on the card and before posting it to Pizza Hut headquarters.

TellPizzaHut Will Reward You in Cash!

As soon as you complete the survey, the restaurant will offer you $1000 in cash and sometimes a gift card worth the same value.

If you are lucky, you will be notified via SMS or e-mail.

If you are availing of the reward in the form of a gift card, keep in mind that it can not be combined with any other Pizza Hut discount or offer.

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TellPizzaHut: Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does it take for Pizza Hut to announce the lucky winners from the TellPizzaHut survey?

Ans. The winners are announced every week. If you are interested in more rewards, look for surveys that pay on daily basis.

2. Can you contact Pizza Hut customer support in case you have any issues with the survey?

Ans. Absolutely yes! Feel free to call at toll-free number 1-877-440-9091 if you have any queries regarding the survey.

3. Will Pizza Hut actually give out the reward?

Ans. One thing is for sure, this is not a troll! Pizza Hut will deliver the reward as promised. Like other reliable online surveys that pay through a PayPal account, the restaurant also gives out rewards in legit ways.

Did you know? Pizza Hut has a history of staying in good terms with the customers. In 2016, the restaurant gave away GOLD-covered pizzas to a few lucky fans at the 50th anniversary of Super Bowl. Fancy!

In Closing

TellPizzaHut is not just another online survey. This customer satisfaction form can be a key to $1000 in cash every week! So what are you waiting for?

Log in online, by mail, or call Pizza Hut to participate in the survey ASAP and make some quick cash!