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Comparison Table

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  • No Sign Up Bonus
  • $1-$3/Survey

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  • $0.05/entered searches

  • $10 Sign Up Bonus
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TellSubway Survey Highlights

Subway has been the favorite go-to place for all those who don’t want to compromise of food hygiene. Does anyone? That is in fact the best part about the oh-so-good Subway food, it’s made right there in front of you!

Fun Fact! “Subway hand-picks every single black olive they use in their sandwich, rather than the more damaging but less time-consuming process of machine-picking that other brands use.”

That is just one tactic to keep their customers happy. But Subway is doing more than providing you fresh food. It’s giving you a chance to reach out to them with feedback on their services, food quality, environment and over-all satisfaction.

For this purpose, Subway survey TellSubway.com is here! It’s an opportunity for you to lend a hand to the chain in improving their standards. But every minute you spend here will be full of benefit for you too!


Simply complete the online survey at www.TellSubway.com and enjoy the free cookies, free food & coupon redeemable for 10% discounts or free cookie on your next Subway visit.

Did you know? “In 2014 it was reported that Subway sold a staggering 7.6 million subs per day. That’s not far off from the population of New York!”

In a Nutshell

We don’t want you missing out on any detail before taking the Subway survey at www.TellSubway.com. Here’s everything you need to know about the online survey.

Rewards -Free Cookies, Discount Offers

  • Validity: 7 days
  • Entry Limit: 1
  • Age limit: 18 years or above
  • Language: English or Spanish
  • Entry Method: Online
  • Eligibility: Legal Resident of US, UK, Finland, Malaysia
Did you know? “In 1996, the first U.K. Subway store opened. Subway also launched their main website, subway.com.”

TellSubway – Eligibility Criteria for Subway Survey

Unfortunately, the Subway survey is not open for everyone. There are few terms and conditions you need to watch out for before you start dreaming about free cookies and discount coupons.

  • you must have a good internet connection. Technical glitches can be one of the reasons why your online survey won’t complete.
  • only those above 18 years of age can take the survey.
  • legal residents of US, UK, Finland, and Malaysia can take part.
  • the survey is only available in English and Spanish. Therefore, make sure that you know the basics of at least one of these languages.
  • the survey code provided on the receipt is valid for a month. Don’t let the receipt grow too old, take the survey as soon as possible!
  • each participant is only allowed to fill the survey once.

How to Complete The Online Survey at www.tellsubway.com

First thing first, open their official website www.TellSubway.com/survey on the available browser. There are many fake online surveys on the internet. Therefore, it is recommended you only go for the ones on reliable sites.

Next stop, choose the language in which you want to continue with the survey.

Provide the store number and other basic information such as the date and time of visit, the amount spent etc. Most of these details will be printed on your receipt.

As soon as you are done, click Start. This will take you to the survey page.

The survey questions will be about if you enjoyed the food, speed of the service, staff behavior, store cleanliness, what are your opinions about how to improve their services and much more. They might also ask you to rate Subway as compared to other competitors.

Attention! In case you want to follow Subway to stay up to date with their offers, here is a list of all the official sites you can rely on:




What’s Your Catch?

The survey has served as nice way to encourage connection between the customers and Subways and gather both negative and positive reviews.

As a reward for filling out their surveys, you will get a coupon code redeemable for a free cookie or 10% discounts on any item you buy on your next visit to Subway. Yum!

A good or a bad review does not bleak your chances of winning. With Subway, every participant is a winner!

Frequently Asked Questions About Subway survey TellSubway

1. Can you contact Subway customer support service in case you have any issues with the survey?

Ans. Yes! Feel free to contact their helpline at 1-888-445-9239. You can also leave a mail at privacyofficer@ipcoop.com.

If you want to stick to the traditional ways, write a mail to:

“Value Pay Services LLC
9200 S. Dadeland Blvd. Suite 705 Miami,
Florida 33156″

2. How do I find the Subway store closest to me?

Ans. That is nothing to worry about! Simply open their store locator from official website, provide the zip code and the location of stores closest to you would be sent to you in no time.

3. Is it possible to take the survey through means other than online?

Ans. Unfortunately, the participation in the survey is only possible through online portal yet. However, for customer support and help, you can contact them through written mail or e-mail.

4. Are the coupons offered by Subway redeemable in cash?

Ans. You can redeem the coupons for discounts to save some cash. However, you can not covert the coupons to cash rewards.

Wrap Up

Subway faced the death of its founder in early years of its launch. Nonetheless, it continued on the path of success and improvement. Today, competition among food chains is at its peak. Every business wants to come up with something out of the box to attract the customers.

Subway is the real treat for everyone’s taste buds! So why would you let the chance of enjoying some discounts go by? Help the restaurant improve while getting you some rewards in return!