Blood clots can increase your chances of getting a stroke. You can use apixaban to prevent such clotting caused by an irregular heartbeat. These clotting’s come after you undergo a hip or knee operation. This anticoagulant is also used to treat a few specific sorts of blood lumps, deep vein thrombosis, and pulmonary embolism and helps prevent them from developing further. Apixaban blocks particular proteins that form blood clotting.

Understanding the use of eliquis

Go through the patient information brochure that the druggist provides to know how you can use apixaban. Read the pamphlet if you should use it for the first time or refill it. If you have any doubt, you can converse with your doctor.

You can take this medicine daily by mouth directly after your meal or without it. The time difference between the doses should be 12 hours. You can either have this medicine or take it with the juice after crushing it. The dose of the medicine dramatically depends on your age, medical condition, weight, and other aspects. 

Consult your doctor if you are taking any other medications along with this. The duration for taking the apixaban depends on your operation category.

If you stop taking this medicine without the consultation of your doctor, serious issues may arise. If you run out of this medicine, you can also order online and find Eliquis generic price to avoid any consequences in the absence of the pills.

Side effects   

If symptoms like nausea or minor bleeding persist, talk to your doctor. Some people who use this medicine show mild symptoms. Know that your physician has prescribed this medicine as he thought that this would benefit you more than the side effects.

Individuals also experience severe side effects as apixaban significantly affects the blood clotting protein, resulting in excessive bleeding. Talk to your physician if you share any irritation, severe headache, dark-colored urine, constant tiredness, or when you have a bloody cough such problems.

This medicine rarely causes severe allergic reactions, but if symptoms like itchiness on the face, weakness on one side of your physique, or inflammation occurs, immediately get medical aid. 

The mentioned side effects are not all, and if you notice anything unusual or any other symptom, talk to the doctor.


The inactive compounds in this medicine can lead to severe allergic reactions. If you need to take apixaban, consult your doctor about the allergies you may have. Also, discuss your medical history with your expert before taking this medicine. 

● If you have any liver or kidney ailments, any clotting bleeding issues, blood disorders, or if you have undergone any surgery, talk to your doctor. Have a word with your doctor if you are going to have any surgery or are taking any other medicine. Discuss with your doctor whenever you start or stop this medication. 

● Limit your intake of alcohol if you are going to use apixaban. A pregnant lady should use this medicine only if required. You shouldn’t breastfeed if you are taking this medicine.

● Immediately get medical help if you or any other individual overdoses on this medicine. It may result in pink urine, difficulty breathing, constant bleeding, and bloody stools.

If you have skipped a dose, take it as quickly as you recollect it. If you have missed a dose and it’s time for another, you should ignore it since there should be a time gap between the doses.