The POC CNA login at website is a platform that lets patients connect to health care providers and relevant organizations seamlessly. It manages account details, medication history, payment records, etc. Care to find out more? Keep reading!

Online Billing and Scheduling Tool For Health Care Providers:

The portal has brought transformation in the field of individualized treatment of patients. Nurses, doctors, and employees at partner healthcare institutes can use the platform to keep track of any changes in patient records, treatment details, etc as soon as they happen.

It also largely helps in dealing with medical emergencies, keeping patient informed of their medications and test results,

Steps To Create POC CNA Account

You can register at the portal and then log in using the password and user ID. If you are new to this, simply follow the guideline below.

  • Open your internet browser and search for .
  • Once the link opens, tap on “create a new account” option on the page.
  • Find the box labelled “org code” and type in your organization code here.
  • Then enter details like your full name, contact address, etc.
  • After that, tap on the “register” option and this will complete the process of creating an account on PointClickCare CNA login portal.

The account gives agencies and nurses access to online billing and other tools. Patients can use it to keep in touch with necessary information related to their past medical record at all times.

Anyone with an account on this portal can log in anywhere, anytime using the password and organization code.

  • Simply use any internet browser available to log in. Chrome, Firefox and Safari support this portal.
  • Make sure you enter organization’s prefix and your name without any space or spelling errors.
  • The website follows care-sensitive order of password insertion. You will not be able to log in without it so watch out.

If you check all the boxes, tap on the login button and it will take you to the PointClickCare CNA home page. Moreover, you can save the organization information by clicking on “remember my organization” option at the time of the login

Updating Password of Your Point Click Care CNA Account

Security administration is responsible for providing the required data to users so they can access their Point Click care accounts.

If the administration provides you access, you can update the password from within the portal. Otherwise, it is not possible to reset password or create a new one.

Therefore, if you need to update the password, the only way to do so is by contact the system administrator through computer or any other device located outside the institutions. Following is a complete guideline on how to do that.

  • Tap on your name in the upper right corner of the portal login page.
  • Then click on “edit profile” option. Choose to change the password from “my profile” section.
  • You will soon see a password change pop-up option. Here enter the old password and then type in the new password.
  • Use the Alternate Password or PIN box to reset the password on PointClickCare CNA program.
  • Then follow the password rules that Security Administrator shares with you. It will also determine the frequency of allowed password updates before giving you the permission to change password.
  • You can then save the file and make additional changes as per your need through the “my profile” section.

Point Click Care CNA Login Portal Benefits and Perks

There are several benefits that one can avail through this platform. Some of these are listed below.

  • Keeps update of financial reports on daily basis.
  • Patients, nurses and health care providers can stay on top of billing and collections at all times.
  • Users can view billing statements in real time.
  • The portal helps partner institutes provide better care to the patients, streamline their medications and procedures as well as increase patient engagement.
  • They can also view patient information, schedule appointments and keep a check on their prescriptions all the time.

PointClickCare CNA Apps and Features

The account offers a long list of benefits that patients can avail. Some of these are listed below.

1. PointClickCare Point of Care

The app is integrated with POC EHR. It offers the benefit of overviewing and managing time, tasks, and documents with just a few clicks instead of spending hours to write down details of everyday responsibilities.

  • The app can be easily downloaded from the App store.
  • The staff has access to list of tasks, patient documents, alerts and messages anywhere, anytime.
  • It also simplifies taking quick actions when needed from a resident within close proximity.

2. PointClickCare Care at Home

This is a home mobile app that allows home care providers plan their tasks, view schedules and even integrate with cloud-based pointclickcare platform for assistance.

  • They can stay up to date by synching tasks and appointment details to their mobile device.
  • They can record, edit, manage time, complete documentation, etc while sitting at patient’s home.
  • It also tracks employees visits which helps agencies keep a check on their patient’s security and manage fraudulent activities.
  • The app also does not rely on cellular connection so there is no need to worry about falling off network radar and not being able to use the service.

3. PointClickCare Companion

The app allows care providers to manage the delivery and documentation of medical services efficiently. It can be integrated with POC and eMAR (electronic medication administration records) to increase the number of benefits that one can avail. Some of the most prominent features are discussed below.

  • It can help users quickly identify critical action items, manage tasks and keep a check on shift timings.
  • End users can document their responsibilities and update once they have completed the tasks.
  • With the help of this, a patient’s vital signs, medication, and treatment procedure can be easily documented and saved.
  • They can also view resident information, unschedule or schedule services as per the requirements.
  • The biggest advantage of this platform is that it saves time. So instead of spending hours documenting information, workers can look after patients and do more productive tasks.
  • It also cuts down unnecessary paperwork.

All in all, Point Click Care Companion is a tool that make an employee’s work simpler and easier. This increases job satisfaction levels and worker can focus on their tasks more efficiently.

Reasons To Choose Point Click Care CNA

Poc cna login portal has transformed healthcare system in the United States. The benefits that it offers largely enhanced the quality of care that nurses and doctors could provide. If you have not signed up yet and you are wondering if you should or not, here are the reasons to do so!

  • It provides real-time access to health care providers so they can access patient’s medical history at all times and work accordingly.
  • It has more than 5,000 technology partners that it can link to its customers right aways.
  • Furthermore, the portal allows customers to communicate with one another as well. They can talk about best practices, make suggested and advises.

PointClickCare Facts and Information

PointClickCare has its headquarters established in Mississauga, Canada. This cloud-based healthcare software is currently working in collaboration with more than 15,000 practices in the United States.

The platform was launched to help with smooth communication between patients, care providers, and the organization. It was designed with easy-to-use interface and highly-responsive tools so patients would experience no trouble keeping a check on their medical history, medicine intake, schedules, etc.


Poc cna login at is a healthcare technology platform that has made cooperation and communication amongst health care providers, customers and institutions possible.

Currently, it is working with over 27,000 long-term care providers and more than 2700 hospitals to provide various benefits and supporting tools. Simply follow the steps above to complete your point care click login.