A lot of people spend their spare time earning quick cash online through filling surveys. The most common hassle they face initially in this routine is being able to collect online money until they are introduced to PayPal.

Even though it has been up and running since 1998, there is hardly any business who has given PayPal a run for its money.

Hence collecting quick online cash is as simple as creating a free account on PayPal. Then just with simple clicks you can either transfer the balance to your linked bank account or simply spend it on online shopping.

How To Receive Money In Foreign Currency?

At times many survey platforms pay you in a common currency, usually US dollars regardless of the candidate’s country of residence. So you will not have to face any trouble getting money on your PayPal in a currency different to your local one.

Even if you already have a local currency based balance on your PayPal account, Pay Pal has the ability to show you balances both in your local as well as foreign (received) currencies.

  • You can also play around your account settings enabling PayPal to convert all your payments to your local currency.

Once your currencies are sorted out, you can spend this balance on online shopping, withdraw your money or simply transfer the balance to your linked bank account. While balance transfer PayPal will convert the money to your local currency.

How To Escape The PayPal Withdrawal Fee?

Some survey sites are clever enough to add a withdrawal fee along with their PayPal payments. They do this to cut down their own costs since PayPal charges these survey sites a fee for sending out payments.

The withdrawal fee is usually 2% worth of your payment which is deducted and then the remaining balance is transferred to your account.

You can bypass the trouble of withdrawal fee by opting for those survey platforms with no withdrawal fee on PayPal payment.

Which Survey Sites Pay Through PayPal?

If you are firm on your decision of receiving payments via PayPal all you need to do is opt for survey sites who have listed PayPal for their payments.

Then finish their survey and place a request for your payment once you have acquired the minimum balance for cash out.

Here is a quick list of survey platforms that pay via PayPal. Also take a quick glance at their respective minimum cash outs:

Branded Surveys

Pinecone Research

Opinion Outpost

Univox Community


EPoll Surveys

Ipsos i-Say