A piece of good news for Northwell employees as the organization introduced Northwell My Experience portal where workers and staff members can enroll for multiple benefits. If you happen to be hired at the company and don’t know what the site offers, stay tuned to find out!

Northwell MyExperience Helps You Enroll in Various Benefits and Direct Deposit

Northwell My Experience is an online portal introduced by Northwell Health. It was made to simplify enrollment of Northwell employees in health benefit programs that the organization offers.

Users are guided through personal emails on how they should employ the Universal ID and given password to create and log in to the portal.

In case you have not received the email so far, below are some ways that can help you retrieve the required information.

  • Check the spam folder.
  • Contact senior manager for assistance.
  • Contact the Service Desk at (516) 470 – 7272.

Northwell Account Online Features and More

The online account for the employees is available to access through Universal ID and a password. There are a number of tasks that this portal makes convenient. For example,

  • you can view schedule and manage appointments here.
  • It also shows your bills.
  • Employees can also manage account preferences as well.
  • Moreover, it hosts pre-visit forms for your ease.

Northwell MyWellness Account Benefits

myWellness is another online portal that Northwell offers to its employees. You can register here online and get access to multiple tools that can help you stay on top of your health game at all times.

  • There are further details to talk about so if you are not impressed just yet, keep reading!
  • Northwell myWellness allows you to enroll into personalized wellness programs.
  • You can further learn about stress management techniques, nutrition tips, sleep, etc.
  • Moreover, it hosts a number of team-based challenges. These help you to get social and improve health side by side.
  • As you use this portal, it will reward you with myRecognition points. These are redeemable for lifestyle gifts.
  • You can also register for Max Buss activity tracker. This device syncs with myWellness mobile app to help you keep track of your daily movement.

About Northwell Health

Northwell has done a lot in the field of personal health and care. It comprises of more than 80,000 employees and has set over 800 hospitals across the US.

Moreover, Northwell stands true to its promise of delivering reliable and commendable service. All its team members are dedicated to helping out patients and consumers in all the ways possible.


If you happen to work at Northwell, you are just one step away from securing a complete health benefit program and a number of tools that can help you stay fit.

You can visit sts.Northwell.edu right now and log in with your Universal ID and the given password to explore range of features that Northwell has in stock for its employees free of cost!