In the network industry, CCIE (Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert) certificate is widely regarded as the symbol of successful people, and CCIE experts are very likely to get high-paid jobs. However, as SDN (Software Defined Network) is committed to developing more automated networks, can <a href=””>ccie</a> certification or other traditional network certifications still realize their value in the network industry?  

Cisco is also updating the content of CCIE Data Center and CCNA Security programs to help IT practitioners pay attention to new technologies such as SDN, IoT and Cloud. CCIE Data Center 2.0 will include end-to-end management of data centers, focusing on policy based infrastructure, advanced virtualization, orchestration and automation. CCNA Security certification program will focus on end-to-end security issues.

New Value of CCIE Certification

At Interop, which is mostly composed of CCIE certified network experts in New York, the network expert group have discussed this issue. Some network experts believe that network experts certified by suppliers such as CCIE and CCNP experts still have their value, but with SDN becoming the mainstream, they need expand their network skills.

Lori MacVittie, chief technician of F5 Network Company, said, “port is still port and VLAN is still VLAN. These basic knowledge is still related to it, but the situation has indeed changed, and the understanding of API and tool interface of specific devices has become extremely important.”

Wendell Odom expressed his views on these certifications on his social networking site CertSkills. He believes that learning of traditional relevant certifications is the basis for subsequent understanding of SDN. However, the development needs of the network and the development direction of enterprises require the addition certification of emerging SDN. A typical example is Cisco.

MacVittie said that the value of CCIE certification depends on the job and geographical location of the individual. For example, in the Midwest, CCIE certificate is still very important. She said, “some measures must be taken to let these personnel involved in the certification obtain some knowledge about the network, which is certainly meaningful regardless of what passers-by said. Therefore, the value of CCIE certification is still there.”

Natalie Timms, a former CCIE project manager and independent consultant of Cisco, said that during her consulting work, she would still be asked by her employer about her former work. “For some people, it may just be a check box, but it requires you to learn more,” she said.

Career Planning

Regardless of their attitude towards the value of CCIE certification[<a href=””>spoto dumps ccie</a>], members of the expert group all expressed the need to expand their knowledge to keep up with the development of new technologies. Timms suggests that if you already know these basics, you need to delve into some basic programming, such as Python. 

Odom responded to fans in his blog. His software defined e-learning plan began with traditional network certification and OpenStack Neutron, including learning Open Flow, Mininet command line, SDN controller, etc. He suggested choosing an SDN supplier and looking at the certification project reference he provided to make career planning. He also suggested considering the SDN certification provided by the Open Network Foundation (ONF). Odom said that in any case, SDN is a revolutionary technology that highly affects network builders and their attitude towards the network, which is extremely amazing.