Harbor Freight employees can use the Ultipro portal at MyHFT to access their work-related information at all times. In fact, the company has revamped the UKG Pro online portal to include the latest tools, features, and increase the number of benefits that it hosts.

MyHFT Employee Portal For Their On-Site and Off-Site Information:

The portal has been designed to ensure that all employees have access to crucial information at all times. This includes viewing work schedules, profile information, checking out career growth, and analyzing associate status.

Employees are giving user ID and password to access their accounts at Ultipro employee portal, now known as UKG Pro Portal.

The aim of this platform has been to bring employees and Human Resource administrator together by improving coordination and communication between them. It also helps by allowing immediate access to information by the workers as approved by the HR members.

MyHFT Employee Portal Login Requirements

The first and the foremost requirement for logging in at this portal is that you must be an employee at the company. However, there is a complete criteria that you must abide to when creating an account here. This requirements are listed below.

  • You must have a laptop, smartphone, or desktop computer that you can use to open the account online.
  • Then you also need a stable internet connection. Make sure that the network runs smoothly and there is no issue in logging in to your MyHFT account.
  • You must use supported browsers only to access the portal. These include Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.
  • The service can only be used by the active Harbor Freight employees. If your contract or job position has expired, the credentials you have will not be able to open the account here.

User ID and Password Details For Ultipro Login www.myhft.com

If you are an employee at Harbor Freight and happen to be accessing the account for the first time, you have to follow an appropriate guideline. Moreover, you need to have a user ID which is typically the first initial of your first name and the first initial of your last name coupled with employee number and followed by last 4 social security number.

Keep in mind that your employee number if printed on the paystub if you do not remember it.

The first password when the account is given to you is the last 4 digits of the social security number. You can open the account and change the password to your liking later on.

Log In At Your MyHFT Account on UKG Pro

There is no complication when it comes to logging in at the UKG Pro website. The instructions are quite simple for both, first time users and those employees who have been using the portal for long.

  • Open your internet browser and type in https://myhft.com in the search bar. Then press enter.
  • Open the UKG Pro homepage and reach the login section. Here you have to enter your username ID and password.
  • Keep in mind that the username is the first alphabet of your first name, first alphabet of your last name, employee ID and then the last 4 digits of your social security number.
  • The password is usually the last 4 digits of the social security number for those who are accessing the portal for the first time. Users can open the account and then change the password to their liking.
  • After you enter the login credentials, click on “sign in” button to open the MyHFT employee account.

Forgot Password Login At MyHFT Account

It is obvious that the employees can not access the portal without the login credentials. If you don’t have them or you have forgotten the password, myHFT does allow you to retrieve or rest the passcode online.

  • Open the UKG Pro employee login portal on your web browser.
  • Then select the “forgot your password” option given on the homepage.
  • Here you can reset the password by clicking on “let’s get started” column.
  • Employees with the access code can simply enter their username and the code to retrieve the password. They have to click on “received an access code or reset link?” option.
  • Follow the guidelines that pop up on the screen to complete the process and set a new password for your account.

Once you are able to access the account again, ensure that you do not share the password with anyone else. It is utterly important to safeguard the privacy at all times.

Issues With Logging In Account

Users have shared certain issues that they have experienced when trying to access this portal. Luckily, most of these can be sorted out easily. They are concisely discussed below.

  • Some say that they can not access the UKG pro portal. If that is the case, it is recommended that you use another supported browser such as Microsoft Edge, Safari or, most preferably, Google Chrome.
  • Another solution is to clear the browser’s cookie and cache altogether. Then try to open the portal again. It will probably work this time.
  • The last solution on the table is to access the UKG Pro Portal through browser’s private/incognito version. Somehow, this hack always seems to work!

Perks Of UKG Ultipro Employee Login

You can access a number of features, tools, and benefits as you log in at the Harbor Freight employee login at www.myhft.com. Not only does it let employees manage their own account information online, but also let them make personal changes without visiting HR/Payroll departments themselves. Some of the prominent perks are discussed below. Or if you are interested in surveys check it here.

  • It offers access to employee benefit information anytime, anywhere.
  • Employee can get open enrollment, check their work schedule, overview payroll, paystub and keep a check on their company news in real time.

Contact Information For Harbor Freight Employee Login

The headquarters for the company is located at 26541 Agoura Road Calabasas, CA 91302. Furthermore, you can contact them via fax.

  • Fax 805-384-2866.

Other than that, the call service center is available (toll free 1888-328-3186) as well from Monday to Friday between the timings mentioned below.

  • 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST
  • 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. CST
  • 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. PST


Undoubtedly, the portal offers a number of advantages to the Harbor Freight employees. It simplifies accessing work-related information regardless of where the employee is at the moment.

Moreover, workers can update personal information, manage schedules, view job opportunities and much more with the help of this platform.