MyBKExperience is a Burger King survey that aims to collect your much valuable opinion by giving you a chance to save up to $5 on your next visit to Burger King.

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Comparison Table

  • FREE Burger

  • No Sign Up Bonus
  • $1-$3/Survey

  • $5 Sign Up Bonus
  • $0.15/29Searches +
  • $0.05/entered searches

  • $10 Sign Up Bonus
  • $2-$3.5/Survey


Sounds too good? It’s tried and it’s TRUE!

Not everything online is a scam. Brands are highly conscious when it comes to overall customer satisfaction and their feedback regarding their services. Therefore, you can find a number of online survey that will deliver what they promise!

The Burger King survey, MyBKExperience, like other legit online surveys, is also making you an offer that you just can’t refuse. Can you really say no to the mouth-watering Whopper or the juicy chicken sandwich?

Did you know? “Burger King has a history with Hollywood. It is often held as the first fast food outlet to make deals with big budget films to promote their products, in 1977 Burger King teamed up with Star Wars to sell character glasses.”

Burger King invites you to take part in a survey that will only take a couple of minutes to fill. In exchange, you will get a redeemable voucher that can be used on your next visit to get a FREE Whopper sandwich or an Original chicken sandwich.

Did you know? Burger King was launched in 1954 and right now it is one of the most prominent burger food chains. Currently, it has more than 11,000 outlets around the world and is known to serve 11 million people EVERYDAY!

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MyBKExperience: A quick overview

There will definitely be no out-of-syllabus questions here! The survey is quick, short and extremely easy to fill out.

To participate in the survey, you will have to provide some basic information including date and time of visit, store number, phone number and permanent address.

The survey will be a sort of questionnaire asking you to shed light on the food quality, store hygiene, how frequently you visit the restaurant, comments on delivery time, staff behavior, food prices and how satisfied you are with overall services.

The MyBKExperience might ask you a couple of questions to decide if you are eligible for the survey. This might also end in disqualification. Like many other websites, there are a number of reasons why online surveys will not complete. Read further to find out how you can ensure participation in the survey.

How to take part in MyBKExperience?

You can access the MyBKExperience by visiting their official website “”. Make sure you are using the right address. It is very important to stay safe while taking online surveys.

Rewards – Free Whopper or Chicken Sandwich

  • Validity: 30 days
  • Limited time offer:7 days
  • Age limit: 18 years or above
  • Language: English or Spanish or French

Here’s everything you need before you participate in Burger King MyBKExperience survey!

  • Some time on your hands and obviously an internet connection!
  • a laptop or a smartphone on which you can access the internet.
  • a valid receipt from your last visit to Burger King.
  • you need to be a legal US resident and 18+ to carry out the survey.
TIP! We suggest you also grab a pen to write down the reward code on the receipt to make sure you don’t lose track of it later.

That’s all you need to be eligible for survey process.

MyBKExperience survey process

First of all make sure that you are on their official website. There have been reports of many fake surveys. So, it is always recommended you learn to differentiate between legit sites and scams for online surveys.

As you start the survey, select the language that you are most comfortable with. You will be given the option to choose between English, Spanish and French.

You can either go through or choose to skip the Term of Services and the Privacy Policy.

Next, provide the store number in the required field. This will be located in front of your receipt. Simply enter the number and click on “Next”.

This will take you to the survey. In response to every question you can choose between different degrees of strong satisfaction and strong dissatisfaction.

Attention! You need to be honest while providing opinions. It does not matter whether you are giving a positive or a negative feedback. A bad review will not bleak your chances of getting the redeemable voucher.

After you are done filling out the questionnaire, the website will provide you with an option to collect the voucher code. With this code, you can enjoy a FREE Whopper or an Original chicken sandwich on your next visit to Burger King.

Survey limitations

You need to keep in mind that coupon offered to you is valid for 30 days only. Also, you can only take the survey once in a month.

Quick tip! If you want to find out other reliable ways to make money online, look for surveys that give out prizes on daily basis.

With MyBKExperience, you can only redeem “one voucher at a time”. The survey portal is also opened in selective months only. If you want to explore more options, look for surveys that are legit and open throughout the year.

Frequently asked questions about MyBKExperience

1. How reliable is the customer service provided by the Burger King?

If you have any issues with the store services, you can easily contact MyBKExperience customer portal for help. Feel free to call on their toll-free number 1866-394-2493. You can also send a written note on the following address.

Mailing Address for Burger King: “Burger King, 1737 McGee Street, Kansas City, MO 64108, USA.”

2. Do you need to visit Burger King outlet in order to redeem the voucher?

Not really! The coupon is applicable on online purchases as well as orders placed using Burger King mobile app.

3. Can the rewards be redeemed as cash prize?

Unfortunately, the voucher from Burger King survey is not redeemable in cash. You can only use it to save the money on specific food items purchased from Burger King. If you are interested in making some extra dollars, try taking surveys that pay in cash via PayPal account.

4. How can you find the nearest Burger King store?

You can easily locate the Burger King restaurant closest to you by visiting their official website and using the “Locator” feature. Provide the state, and zip code to find out the exact address, contact information and working hours of a specific outlet.

In closing

Hopefully, we have covered all the rules and regulations related to MyBKExperience customer satisfaction survey and prepared YOU well for participation.

Keep in mind that the survey will not only let you enjoy delicious meals but also be extremely helpful in improving the quality of food and services at Burger King. Each and every honest comment from you MATTERS!