For many international students, finding an internship in the USA can sometimes be as difficult as finding a job. Yet, internships are an essential stepping stone for students who want to develop the necessary skills for their future careers. Internship in USA for international students is one of the biggest advantages of studying abroad. As one of the popular study destinations for international students, the US offers numerous internship opportunities in different fields.

If you’re a student outside the USA planning to pursue an internship in the US, it’s important to plan carefully and maintain realistic expectations. The first internship sets the foundation of your resume and future career experience. So, how can one actually get internship in the USA? In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know to land that dream experience.

Perks of Internship for International Students in USA

An internship in the USA can enhance your professional and personal life in many ways. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of getting an internship in the USA.

Developing hard and soft skills

Internship programs in the USA give international students a chance to develop industry-specific skills that are uncommon in their home country. In addition, you develop soft skills such as collaboration, adaptability, and time management. The work experience will make you a well-rounded and valuable employee.

Cross-cultural understanding

Whether you’re a business major or a hospitality student, getting an internship gives you cultural competency that can be a significant advantage in your future job search. Beyond that, you’ll learn how business operations run in different countries, giving you a fresh perspective on how to work effectively. You might even pick up some techniques and tricks that you can bring back home.

Strengthening English language abilities

Companies value employees who can write efficiently and clearly in English. Working as an intern in a US company is a chance to improve your vocabulary, pronunciation, and essay writing skills.

Professional networking

Another benefit of getting internship for international students in USA is the opportunity to build professional and personal networks with peers, industry professionals, and mentors. The connections can give you a wealth of knowledge and experience that can help you succeed in your career. 

Developing self-confidence

Living and working in the USA as an intern can be a life-changing experience. You’ll work with seasoned professionals and get exposure to a range of duties and obligations. In the end, you’ll develop your self-confidence in your field and increase your employability in your future work.

Reliable Ways to Get Internship for International Students in USA That They Will Love

One of the easiest ways to hunt for internships as an international student is through the US university you’re studying. You can also find opportunities through job websites such as LinkedIn,, and Still, getting a free internship in the USA depends on your resume and the type of visa that the student holds. To help you navigate the process, let’s check out some requirements for an internship in the USA.

Strong resume

Creating a strong resume or job application essay that adequately represents your qualifications and personal qualities is critical in landing a dream internship. However, crafting a good resume can be challenging for international students. To maximize your chances of success, contact a paper writing service to write your professional American-style essay or resume for you. CustomWritings, for instance, will consider your educational background and personal abilities and assign a professional to craft a high-quality custom paper from scratch. That way, your internship search is easy, fun, and hassle-free.

Visa requirement

  • J-1 student visa. If you’re not enrolled in a full-time program, you can apply for a J-1 visa and work as a trainee in a related field.
  • F-1 student visa. Full-time students who wish to study in the USA must apply for an F-1 visa. With this type of visa, writing supplementary papers during application is not mandatory. However, you’ll be permitted to work twenty hours weekly on campus, irrespective of courses.
  • CPT. To get an internship under curricular practical training (CPT), you must have completed your first- year of college, and your internship must be related to your program.
  • OPT. After completing a degree program, students in the USA can apply for optional practical training (OPT) that allows them to work full-time for up to 12 months with permission from US citizenship and immigration services. If you have a STEM degree, such as in the medical field, you can apply for up to 2 years.


Networking can also help you secure a summer internship in the USA. To grow your network, keep in touch with instructors, classmates, and acquaintances. Apart from growing your internship prospects, networking helps you connect with people who believe in your skills and want to see you flourish.

Tips to Make the Most of Your International Student Internship

Get feedback from your supervisor

Check in with your supervisor regularly to get feedback on your performance and discuss your goals. For instance, check what they think about your report papers, communication skills, and overall performance. This will help you identify areas of improvement and demonstrate your commitment to the company.  

Reflect on your personal growth

To ensure you are experiencing growth during your internship, take time to think about how you have developed over the internship period. For example, a dental intern can evaluate new techniques learned. That way, you can identify your weaknesses and strengths and get valuable insights that can help you in your future career aspirations and goals.

Provide personal feedback

Apart from seeking feedback, also provide feedback on your internship experience. For example, you can include how the company can improve its internship program and the personal growth made during the internship. You’ll gain easy brownie points for leaving a review.

Build relationships

Whether you’re on a pharmacy internship or advertising, building relationships with colleagues is a chance to build a network of contacts and get valuable insights into the industry and company culture. The personal relationships you establish are also a great excuse to come back and visit after your internship!

Explore the country

Make the effort to explore the local area and immerse yourself in the local culture. As an international student, you’ll gain a deeper appreciation of the country, make it easy to handle assignments outside the office, and present opportunities for personal growth.

Getting an Internship in the USA as an International Student Is Not Rocket Science!

While it’s a lot of work, finding an internship in the USA as an international student is worth it. To make the process easy, use the information provided in this post when preparing for, finding, applying, and landing your dream internship. When you get the role, do your best and always conduct yourself professionally.