If your career ladder has led you to your dream management position, this is only half the battle. A true leader knows how to unite a team, enjoys respect and authority, and does not just sign documents.

To become a good manager, you must work on yourself in the first place. After all, success comes with experience, and respect comes with actions. So, here are twelve tips on how to become a good boss for your team.

1. Create an environment of trust

Learn to listen to subordinates, and then they willingly share ideas and vision, which will positively affect the work result. Be more than just a speaker, be a listener to the people who work under your leadership. It doesn’t matter what jobs we are talking about, data analyst freelance jobs or other, it works.

2. Be frank

Don’t be afraid to admit your mistake to your employees. Honesty only cements the path of a true leader. Always share with employees not only successes but also failures, taking part in the failure on yourself.

3. Instead of complaints, give instructions

Remember that only advice and guidance help a person develop as a specialist. If you constantly criticize an employee without explaining why, you will only gain a reputation as a dictator.

4. Investments in the growth of specialists

Always find an opportunity to invest in the development of your subordinates, to raise their professional level. After all, people are the key to the success of any business.

5. Do not humiliate employees

Even if the specialist has made mistakes, tell them about it privately. No one likes to receive comments in public. But if there is a result, praise the whole team. It adds incentive.

6. Surround yourself with professionals

Carefully select people for your team because it is the team that determines success. To do this, think about the criteria for evaluating a future candidate and prepare interview questions (https://anywhere.epam.com/en/blog/data-analyst-interview-questions) that will help you find a truly suitable specialist.

7. Objective attitude

The manager’s mistake is when they start dividing employees in groups based on subjective qualities. This negatively affects the internal microclimate of the team. Treat everyone equally without picking favorites.

8. Trust employees

Give people more freedom, and they will work harder. Do not bother with inspections if you are sure that the specialist will do everything perfectly.

9. Separate emotions from the mind

Only rationalism should guide your decisions. Always analyze the actions you are about to take. Remember that people differ in character, outlook, point of view, etc. Therefore, take into account all the circumstances.

10. Rational economy

Be able to analyze the company’s economic condition and promptly refuse services and projects that bring more costs than income. Permanently eliminate anything that does not work in favor of the company.

11. Distribute responsibilities

The ability to delegate authority is a crucial factor to ultimate success. If specialists in your team perform their tasks, this will help you relax and trust your team, having more time to do your actual managerial work.

12. Be an example

Only by your example can you push the team to activity and effectiveness. As a leader, the manager automatically develops vital specialists in their team.