If you want to improve your photography, entering photo contests can be really helpful. Clicking pictures just for fun is one thing but getting exhibited is something different. Your worth as a photographer increases, and people get to see and appreciate your work of art. Who knows, your clicked photos may also be put up on the wall of winners! But before you reach there, you have to know and follow certain things. The competitions are of varied types. You have local contests in photography clubs, national-level competitions, international contests, and even online assignments. This article will give you a few tips for willing individuals who want to compete in such competitions. 

Knowing and Following The Contest Rules is Crucial

Rules are always elaborate, and often we lose patience in reading them. But the terms and conditions set up by the organizers are important for you to understand because-

  1. You will get to know how the submitted pictures will be used. Some competition organizers might put a condition that they get to use your images (after you have submitted them to be judged) whenever and wherever they like.
  2. You may land up entering the competition the wrong way, and though the presented clicks are good, they fail even to compete.

Adhere to the Contest Theme

Every photo contest has a theme. As a candidate with potential talent, do not present pictures which will leave the judges wondering how they are related to the given theme. Surely, there’s always room for self-interpretation and creativity, but the judges should be in a position to decipher it. 

Prior Research is Necessary

If you are keen enough, you can gain a lot of knowledge through a little bit of research work. It can enhance your chance of winning. If the competition is held once a year, review the works of the previous winners. While you shouldn’t try to imitate their techniques, studying the pictures will give you an idea of the types of photographs that perform well. Also, keep in mind the organization that has announced the contest and the sponsor. It will help you to click the kind of image they are seeking. Lastly, if possible, try to know who will be there as judges, so that you can be familiar with their work. Learn their work style, and if you can, incorporate them into your images to enhance their value. 

Try To Stand Out

It’s a competition, so thousands of images will be submitted and reviewed by the judges. If you do not present something different and stand out among so many entries, you will not stand a chance to impress the reviewers. 

Exhibit Your Technical Brilliance

Do not ever settle for less than your best. If your picture isn’t aptly focused, composed skillfully, or exposed brilliantly – go for another shot. 

Try To Tell a Story

Evoking emotion through pictures connects the viewers with your work. Telling a story filled with emotion and presenting it from your perspective will help you in drawing the attention of the judges.


It may happen that you may not win one competition. But do not stop participating in others. It will tell you how you are improving your photographic skills. You will surely gain success one day.