A regenerative medical solution is an attractive option for many people with serious physical or pain-related issues. These treatments usually use restorative therapies that allow you to overcome long pain-related issues. For example, whether you have long knee pain or hip pain, you can now overcome it with therapies without undergoing any major surgeries. 

These therapies are effective in a different types of pain. Additionally, they reduce time and cost dramatically. Take a look at some common pain-related issues, which you can overcome with expert restorative therapies.

  • Hip Pain

If your hip pain has been bothering you for a long, and you are unable to walk or perform daily activities, then now is the time to use restorative therapies to overcome the issue. Restorative therapies like stem cell therapy can remove damaged tissue from your hip. You can visit QC Kinetix (Harrodsburg Road) of Lexington to get an effective resolution against any type of pain.

With this procedure, a specialist removes your damaged tissue and injects stem cells into six areas of your damaged bone. This allows rebuilding of bone within a short period without any surgery. Additionally, it is used to replace damaged tissue with high-quality tissue, which allows you to fight your pain easily.

  • Low Back Pain

If you want to get over low back pain with the help of therapies, then you can trust regenerative medical solutions to deliver effective results. People suffering from low back pain can now overcome it by using Regenerative Medical Solution’s low back stem cell therapy. 

This therapy involves taking stem cells from your fatty tissue and nourishing them in a culture system before injecting them into an area that needs repair. This process allows producing new cells that will heal your damaged spine and eliminate the pain-related issue.

  • Knee Pain

There are many reasons for knee pain, including osteoarthritis, injury, or rheumatism. These stem cell-based therapies can eliminate these issues within a short period. Regenerative Medical Solution also offers effective treatments for people who have been suffering from knee pain for a long period.

  • Shoulder Pain

If you have shoulder pain, you can get rid of it by using regenerative medical solutions’ stem cell therapy in Houston. This treatment involves taking adult stem cells from the body and growing them using the culture system. When they are grown, they are injected into your shoulder joint to replace damaged tissues in your shoulder joint with new tissues, which eliminates pain within a short period.

  • Tendon, Ligament, and Muscle Pain

If you seek regenerative medical treatment to overcome painful problems like tendon, ligament, and muscle pain, you can choose Regenerative Medical Solution’s treatment. These therapies provide effective treatments by using adult stem cells which allow growing new blood vessels in the injured area. Additionally, it will produce new tissue in these areas for a healthy body.

In sum, these therapies can eliminate pain-related issues in a short period. They can also be used to overcome the different types of problems without having any major surgeries. Such therapies are safe but effective and make you healthier within a short time frame.