Dubai is a city in the UAE, visiting which it is impossible not to think about buying a home in it: you remain fascinated by the beauty of the Persian Gulf, skyscrapers, and ideal roads that blend harmoniously with mosques and palm groves planted in the middle of the former desert. If you are searching for flats by the sea in Dubai, check rational arguments convincing investors to buy property in Dubai.

Argument 1. Housing in Dubai is a year-round summer pass

The Dubai beach season lasts 365 days a year, 24/7, and the chances of getting wet in the pouring rain for property owners are about the same as going as a space tourist to Mars.

In the coldest month of the year, January, the temperature does not drop below 19 degrees Celsius.

Wide beaches with golden sand are at the disposal of housing and commercial real estate owners in Dubai.

Argument 2. Property in UAE is often cheaper than similar offers in America, Asia, and Europe

The average price of 1 sq.m. residential “real estate” in Dubai – is USD 3,000 US dollars. Dubai is actively deteriorating as the largest and most promising city in the UAE. How much is the property worth? You can find apartments in Dubai from leading developers with an area of 60 sq.m. for 381.5 thousand euros (with delivery in 2027).

Thus, you can buy real estate in Dubai even cheaper – at the construction stage on the seashore.

Argument 3. Housing in Dubai is in stable demand

Dubai is the world’s fourth most visited tourist destination, and accordingly, the demand for rental housing is constantly growing. Profitability – 5-8% per annum, depending on its type.

The number of people wishing to buy real estate in Dubai also grows by 2-3% annually. Investments in the acquisition of housing in Dubai at the stage of excavation or construction can bring up to 40% profit.

Argument 4. Investment in the Dubai real estate market qualifies for a resident visa

Buying a home in Dubai worth more than 1 million dirhams (about $280,000) is the basis for obtaining a five-year residence visa in the UAE – a country with almost unlimited potential for running your own business, investing, and working for hire.

Argument 5. There are no rental or resale taxes in UAE

This means that the costs of maintaining overseas real estate in Dubai are minimal. The investor is not threatened with fines for non-payment of any mandatory payments to the UAE budget.

Argument 6. Panoramic views of the Persian Gulf, rivers, and a large area of housing are what is typical for most new buildings in Dubai

Apparently, the sea and desert expanses of Dubai are the main sources of inspiration for local developers. The owner of real estate in Dubai can be sure that there will be enough space for all family members, and spending the day admiring the sea sunset will become a good tradition for them.

Argument 7. Well-developed infrastructure is one of the main trump cards of Dubai

There are dozens of huge shopping and entertainment centers in Dubai, hundreds of shops and boutiques waiting for shopping lovers. In numerous restaurants and cafes in Dubai, everyone will find a dish to their liking.

And perhaps no such sport could not be practiced in Dubai. Here, despite the hot climate, there is even a ski resort with artificial snow!

The quality of roads and public transport in Dubai are impeccable, and the cleanliness of the beaches does not cause any complaints, even among discerning residents and guests of Dubai.

Argument 8. Dubai has a lot of attractions

It seems that in Dubai, they have a special love for iconic places with the prefix “the most”: what is worth only the tallest building in the world – the Burj Khalifa skyscraper with a height of 828 m – or the largest aquarium in Dubai Mall, which has about 30 thousand aquatic inhabitants.

The musical fountain is ready to delight with nightly shows in the center of Dubai, and artificial palm islands will turn the idea of the modern structure of cities upside down. And this list of must-see places for property owners in Dubai is far from complete!

Argument 9. Real estate in Dubai is an ideal option for those who want to combine a relaxing holiday by the sea with the bustling entertainment of a big city

Spacious beaches allow you to fully enjoy the coast of Dubai – without annoying neighbors in a sunbed and loud music. And after sunbathing, it is so nice to relax in the coolness of your own home.

Argument 10. The democratic atmosphere of UAE

Even though the Emirates is a Muslim state, tourist Dubai does not require closed clothes from guests and residents of the city or a complete rejection of alcohol and cigarettes.

On the contrary: thanks to the multinational community of Dubai, the city gives the impression of being friendly and open to everything new.

Property in UAE

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