The Metaverse is a trending aspect in today’s world. Everyone wants to experience virtual reality and is investing in this growing industry too. Decentraland is a Play Earn game that is gaining popularity among enthusiasts. It is an easier platform to use than most of its competitors. Even if you are a beginner, you can use this platform without much hassle. 

Now, this platform will let its users lend the properties to other users. If you are a user of this platform and have a plot of land on this Metaverse, you can lend it to others. Or, you can borrow the lands of other users. Let’s see about this matter in detail. 

More About Decentral and

In Decentraland, you will find a perfect mixture of virtual reality and Blockchain technology. It is powered by a MANA token which is of an ERC-20 nature. In this gaming ecosystem, you will have chances to play and earn.  To know more about trading, you can visit

It started back in 2016, and its interface was to provide a 2D experience. But, now you can have a 3D experience of the game and have NFT collections as well. You can use these unique NFTs and it is easy to trade too! There are around 90,000 plots on this platform and each of them is a unique NFT. 

To increase the value of your plot, you can add activities and artwork. Many influencers and celebrities are acquiring their lands in this Metaverse. They have the hope that it will bring higher returns than the physical lands. 

This platform is quite easy to use and even beginners will not find it tough. And, you can even play it on the browser and you can play it for free. The interesting part is that you can buy a plot of land in this Metaverse and earn higher returns on it. 

Now Renting Virtual Lands Is Possible

This platform is now launching a new update where users can rent out their virtual land. If you own land in this Metaverse outlet, then you are eligible to rent out the same. 

This is a fresh feature of Decentraland, where the users can become landlords of their digital land. And then, you can rent these lands to other users. The period of renting out the land will be predefined. With this, you can earn a decent amount of passive income for the period. 

In this platform, all the owners of lands are classified as digital wallet addresses or accounts. These addresses or accounts will hold the smart contracts for the respective lands. As the owner of LAND, you can make changes in the details of your digital lands and you can set your desired rates. And, if no one rents the plot within the defined period, then it will be removed from the list! 

And it can be anything, an Estate, parcel, or even both. Every rental will get paid with a MANA token and will get the complete upfront. We can understand this with classic examples where Digital Universities rent land for their campuses. Or, a DJ may rent digital space for clubs. 

The rental agreement is pretty similar to that of the physical ones. Being a landlord on this platform, you will not have the capability of selling the land. Also, you cannot receive any bids for selling this land before your rental agreement period is over. 

What Do the Followers Say About This Feature? 

The followers of Decentraland on Twitter are sharing positive responses towards this feature. They also shared that a similar kind of rental facility should be present for wearables too. And the entire community of Decentraland is sharing a positive response in this matter. 

The credit for this goes to the popularity of the Metaverse space. It is even gaining popularity among people outside this industry. The Web 3 version of the Internet is going to be a big change for everyone! 


If you are on Decentraland and hold a plot, then you can rent it out to other users. With it, you can earn a good amount of income from the same. 

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