Bonus hunters earn bonuses that casinos spend as part of a loyalty program. The initial goal of such programs is to increase the customer base and encourage customers. However, it cannot be said that hunters are not regular casino customers and, one might say, abuse the conditions for providing bonuses.

The main goal is to receive the bonus as soon as possible and withdraw funds from the system, causing losses to the gambling establishment. This practice of the owners of gambling establishments, such as ZodiacCasino, categorically does not suit them, and they make every effort so that bonus hunters do not work in their playgrounds. In this review, we will talk about how bonus hunters appeared and what the playing grounds are doing to combat them.

How Did Bonus Hunting Come About?

A few years ago, we were not even familiar with virtual gambling – not everyone had a computer or a mobile smartphone, and the industry was at the dawn of its development. Gambling establishments at that time offered incredible bonuses to customers while presenting very low wagering requirements for this money. Bonuses were very beneficial to the players, and this suited all parties before the advent of bonus hunters.

Generally, this movement originated in Denmark – local gamblers realized that bonuses could earn good money. Every day, enterprising customers used loyalty programs – they fulfilled very simple conditions for wagering and withdrawing money from the system.

This has been going on for a long time and could very well turn into a stable business if bonus hunting could be kept completely secret. But over time, the number of bonus hunters increased, and eventually, a story even aired on local television, where such a phenomenon was considered in detail. 

How Do Casinos Deal With Bonus Hunters?

To combat bonus hunters, casinos have begun to apply several steps, both effective and not so good, namely:

  • The first step was preventing players from receiving any bonuses, but this measure did not bring results. Including honest players suffered, and there were more and more hunters around the world;
  • The next step was the massive refusal of the casino from the invitation and no deposit bonuses, as well as the establishment of strict measures for wagering money. The restrictions were very serious – the bonus had to be wagered several dozen times, and bonuses were not provided for all games but for those where the casino had a large advantage;
  • Other casinos generally refused cash bonuses – players were provided with free spins and distributions. Under the ban are bets where the probability of defeat is low – (a vivid example is roulette bets on even and odd).

Summing Up

To summarize this review, it is important to note that bonus hunting is not available to any inexperienced player today – expertise, endurance, the capacity to analyze, and a variety of other talents are required. The chase for bonuses has not vanished; rather, it has been constrained since gaming has always drawn fraudsters and explorers because quick money is too tempting a morsel to pass up.