Let’s be honest,What is the first thing that comes in your mind when someone says “hey, did you know you can earn rewards online?” Well at least 80% of us would reply with “BLUFF!“But here we are giving you a complete Betabound review that might change your opinion about online earning opportunities.

So, what is Betabound? How does it work and more important how legit the site actually is? Continue reading to find all of this out and much more.

Betabound Review Highlights

If you came here thinking “this is another survey site that is going to spam your email ID with survey invites and leave you in a pool of disappointment when you find out it was just another scam.” That view is about to change!

Betabound works a little different than other sites that pay you for your participation and efforts. You might ask HOW?

Betabound won’t ask you to fill out hefty surveys in exchange of a few dimes. Instead, it is an online site where you will have new software and computer products to test and give your opinion about for which you will be heavily rewarded.

‘So, if you are interested in reviewing products and making some money out of it, then THIS IS YOUR PLACE!

Disclaimer! Please don’t be fooled into thinking that such survey sites can serve as a full time income source. They are in no way an alternative to your actual job. You can make enough dollars here to treat yourself to a good meal or buy a movie ticket with your friends. But if you had the thought of skipping job over this, we suggest you don’t miss the Uber to your office.

How Does Betabound Works?

The protocol here is pretty simple! You have to visit their official website my.betabound.com and participate in beta-testing of different applications or products. In exchange of this, you will sometimes be rewarded with gift-cards or you can even get to keep the product for FREE!

However, there is one thing that you must always keep in mind. It never pays in cash. It is either going to be the product you are testing or a gift-card mostly redeemable at Amazon. No cash! Don’t be disheartened though. You can still use those gift cards to buy the stuff you had already planned spending some money on.

During the course of writing this review, we did come across a handful of opportunities on the website that are willing to pay in cash. However, you can only take up those tasks if you have particular skills needed for getting the job done. Nonetheless, it is a good thing to look forward to!

If filling out online surveys bored you then rest assured that product reviewing is fun and you will always get to try out new things as soon as you sign up with this amazing website. Who knows, maybe you will find out something interesting in the next project you try!

Fun Fact! Betabound only gets BETTER with time. Once you have taken a couple of projects and done well on them, you start getting more invites for beta testing. Sweet!

No Cash Here, Keep Moving!

Betabound stands by the saying “too much of a good thing will not be good for long.” Why so?

The authorities believe the real fun of testing out new products relies on how excited you are to do so. They will tell you “It is the personal satisfaction that counts!”

They aim for Beta-community to consist of enthusiasts and people who want to enjoy new technology. Once they get involved just for the sake of money, it will adversely affect the testing quality.

That leads to the biggest questions “Are you here for personal interest or you are here for cash?” To filter out the later, Betabound does not offer cash on most of their projects. This makes sure that users give feedback that reflect their experience with the product and not just bat an eye on the cash incentives.

Take-home message! Beta managers want you to integrate the beta product you’re testing into your daily life. If you are only testing the functionalities of the beta unit that you will get paid for, then the product is not being tested to its fullest potential. Ultimately, cash changes the focus.

The Betabound Platform Offers several Key Features

1) It is optimized for mobile usage, so you can access it from your phone or tablet at any time of day or night.

2) It comes with built-in analytics tools that allow you to track how well your marketing efforts are working over time. This allows you to adjust your strategy as necessary in order to maximize effectiveness.

3) You can create custom landing pages based on keywords or topics that interest potential customers in order to increase conversion rates for specific campaigns or products/services offered by your company.

Why Should YOU Join Betabound Today!

Should you join Betabound? Well! We don’t see any harm in trying. The Betabound review right here will tell you why.

There is no reason why you should doubt the legitimacy of this website. They have given out gift-card and products to a number of users in the past.

Read the review section to find out what people have to say about Betabound. You will be surprised to find nothing but good words!

If you think of it more as a hobby and not less as a serious money-making opportunity then you have started out on the right foot. The website is much different from typical survey sites and will not bore you with long monotonous surveys that don’t seem to have an end.

There are some projects that require more than just basic skills. For examples, some might ask you if you know coding or not. On the basis of this you can also be disqualified. That is nothing to worry about. There are numerous other opportunities you can try your hands on.

Here are other perks you can enjoy by joining the Betabound community:

New Things to Explore

Betabound will not be a disappointment when it comes to new opportunities. You will always have something interesting to try.

By being part of this community you can get to choose the products that interest you and specifically give your opinion about them only. It can also be a way for you to get a sneak peek into technologies coming up next.

Did you know? Betabound is managed by Centercode which is a reputable company that serves as a bridge between market and different companies. Over the years they partnered with hundreds of companies including EPSON, Intel, Logitech, and many more.

A Community Passionate About New Technologies

The Betabound community currently has more than 100,000 testers and the numbers are only growing. The individuals here are passionate about new technologies and want to lend a hand in changing them for better.

The community also serves as a platform for bringing together different testers that have the same outlook on emerging gadgets and apps. It encourages testers to get into conversation with each other about technologies that excite them and what they are looking forward to.

Developing New Testing Skills

With Betabound you can also learn new skills as a tester. You have a lot of different testing opportunities and you can learn how to provide feedback on them, how to identify bugs and who knows maybe you will have enough knowledge to actually put it out on your professional resume!

Chance To Propose New Feature Ideas

Companies really want to know what more they can do to make their products better. That is why they will send out features requests to you. Here you will have a chance to tell the team what more can be added to the next version of the product in order to improve it. Don’t hesitate to submit your ideas!

Compose Bug Reports

That is one of the major tasks the companies have for you. They want you to find out all the possible bugs in the new apps or software before they are released. You can compose your findings in form of a bug report.

This report will help the developers to fix the issues before the product launch. However, you need to give a detailed description of the problem. In this regard, screenshots can be quite helpful.

Take Part In Tester Calls

Sometimes you will be asked to chat directly with managers or developers to explain your experience with a certain product. This can be scheduled as a group discussion or a one-on-one call via phone.

How To Join Betabound

There is no long and hectic process when it comes to joining the Betabound community. The signing up is easy and FREE! So, what are you waiting for?

Creating a profile with Betabound is just before you start trying out different products. It’s always recommended that your profile stands out so you are more likely to get invites to a range of products.

Keep in mind that qualifying for testing is not a hit and trial. Just because you are going around on the site clicking on every opportunity that pops up does not mean you will have better chances of being selected. Betabound authorities very keep to only select those that meet the specific needs of the project. Therefore, read the requirements carefully before you click on Apply.

Sign-up Process

Visit their official website my.betabound.com. Here you will be able to locate a sign-up button on the top-left corner of the screen.

Clicking on this will direct you to a short registration form. You can also choose to sign up with Google account instead. Whatever suits you better!

In the next step, you will be asked to enter personal details such as gender, the country you are residing in, operating system, mobile platform and also the product categories you are interested in trying out.

In case you opt for hardware product testing, you will further have to complete a section known as Extended Profile. This will ask you for your residential address, permanent phone number and other basic information.

During the sign-up process, you will also be inquired if you want to join their Ambassador program. Refer to the FAQs section to find out how that program works.

Quick Tip! Make sure your profile is updated often with any new technology you own or become familiar with. If a beta test comes out and they don’t think you have the correct technology (i.e.: a specific mobile phone), you won’t get chosen.

Here’s How Users Review Betabound

It’s always a good practice to go through what users have to say about different websites before you try them out yourself. Let’s have a look at how previous participants review Betabound.

Erich from the US rated 5 stars to this “wonderful community” and remarked on Surveypolice:

“I was surprised to see such negative comments on this site so I had to create an account just to set the record straight! I have been a member of the Betabound community for a few years now and I really enjoy being a part of such a diverse community. If you are persistent and patient you will get selected for a beta sooner or later. imagine how many people use this service then assume you are not the only person who is applying for a particular beta test. I absolutely love working with you guys and can’t wait for future opportunities to participate!”

Those are some really encouraging words. It seems like experience with Betabound will not be a waste of time after all. Henk for the US also rated the site 5 stars and further added:

“This site has very high-quality beta tests and the more you show them that you can follow through and meet deadlines the more beta test invites you’ll get. You get paid out in various ways depending on the test, but they always are very gracious and generous with payments.”

Reddit also had a lot to say about the Betabound community. Good or bad? Let’s see!

Benny J leave a comment on Reddit explaining how the site works and how safe it is by saying:

“I’ve tested for a long time on beta bound and they are trustworthy. I’m guessing they are asking you install a dev app using HockeyApp.

This is normal and allows them to quickly deploy updates to the app without having to publish updates on the play store. As long as your iOS is up to date, there is literally no way to get a virus.”

There were also few comments we found on top review sites that said:

“Betabound has slow payout and non-responsive customer support. You will also not get chosen for beta when you are clearly qualified for tests.

Also, that when you join Betabound, you will get 5 surveys each week at first and when you do the paid surveys you will not qualify unless you do their dirty wish and if you don’t, then forget it!”

That a lot to say! However, that is not enough to classify the site as a fake or scam. As a user, you can never be sure what the survey takers are actually looking for. You might think that you qualify for a test but not have the demographics or details that they want to reach out for. Nothing personal to be honest!

The aim of this Betabound review is to provide you with all the sides of the story. Where there are many who have used and loved the site, there are also few that might not have had a good experience here. You can sign up and create an account today for free to find out what Betabound has in stock for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How well does the customer support offered by Betabound works?

Ans. There are many who believe that survey sites are scams because you can leave your questions at the customer support desk just to never hear from them again. We wouldn’t blame them!

However, this is not the case with Betabound. Surprisingly, the support they offer to their users is amazing. In most cases, the tend to resolve the issues the participants are facing just withing a few days.

2. What is Betabound Ambassador program?

Ans. Betabound recently launched the Ambassador program where you can help them find more eligible candidates that can review new products. How does that work?

You simply need to opt for the Ambassador program to receive alerts from the website when they are looking for specific candidates for different tests. If somebody you referred signs up and participates then you will also be rewarded with an Amazon gift card.

3. Is there a restriction on who can join the Betabound community?

Ans. There are no proper eligibility criteria set for who can join Betabound. However, there are a few important steps you need to keep in mind. First of all, you have to create a specific profile with personal information such as full name, address, demographics etc.

After this, you also need to list all the tech items that you own or you are interested in trying out. If you don’t get an email inviting you can also visit their homepage and find the ones you find attractive.

Quick Tip! Beta test recruitment are sent to Betabounders from betacallbetabound.com. They can also sometimes be marked as spams. To ensure you make the best out of this website, whitelist Betabound by adding betacall@betabound.com into your email contact list. This is not an issue with Gmail users. However, if you are using some other platform then we suggest you take this extra step.

4. Does it have a downside?

Ans. Most of the people are reluctant to try out Betabound because it does not offer any regular rewards. Since the site clearly says that it will not pay you in cash, what you get out of testing mostly depends on how good you are. If you are only interested in cash rewards, this is not the place for you!

You also need to understand that you are not the only one here. The members of the community are almost unlimited whereas the products set on release or testing are limited in number. Therefore, not everyone will have the chance of participation. Nonetheless, you can try setting up a unique profile and hope for the best!

5. Is the website safe and legit to use?

Ans. Oh, the legitimacy issue!

First of all, let us clarify that Betabound is a subsidiary of Centercode, which a very reliable mediator between markets and different companies. Currently, their portfolio includes ever-famous names such as Logitech and T-mobile which we have all heard of.

If that is not enough, you can further be sure of their legitimacy on the basis of a strong online presence. You can find their official accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter as well. Trust us when we say, the folks don’t have anything to hide!

Betabound also does not charge any fee to its users. This may sound weird but charging fees is a standard practice for many dishonest websites out there who just want to raid users only to disappear from the face of the internet forever some months later.

Final Verdict For Betabound Review

If you like reviewing products then we would say there is NO better place. Start here!

We would all agree on one thing: technologies are developing at a pace faster than any of us would have expected. To keep up with the rapid growth many companies are developing new products and want YOU to test them and see if they are viable or not.

Betabound has emerged as a right platform where people can come and test out different products. If you become a tester here you have a chance to win free products and other incentives.

As the Betabound review would have clarified, the website is for sure not a waste of your time. Although we wouldn’t say that you can make a full-time income here but it is a good online hobby that won’t be an utter disappointment in the long run.

You can find a handful of comments on the internet that will tell you Betabound can get you around $100 worth of incentives. Others will kill all hopes by remarking that you will not get anything more than just $15 worth of incentives. How to be sure? Well, the only way to find out is to read the Betabound review here and maybe try out the website yourself.

If you are looking for other sites that will reward you in cash, there are a number of opportunities you can search for online. We also understand that you might have gone through a lot other scam programs before landing here. But now that you are in the right place, why wait?